It's Always Darkest Before the Snork
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Written by:

Berny Wolf

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Premiere: October 10, 1987

Paired With

The Sand Witch

It's Always Darkest Before the Snork is the 9th episode of Season 3.

Snorkland is experienceing total darkness, and they find that the cause is due to lack of a special light source - a Mor-Glow.

Plot Summary

It is so dark outside that no one in the ocean can see, and it's only 9 AM! Allstar and his friends try finding their way to school through the complete darkness when they run into Junior. He's trying to sell them candles, but they refuse to buy some, as they only want him to make then for free. They soon decide candles weren't going to work, so they head over to Gallio's instead. Governor Wetworth also contacts him, and he keeps trying to bring light into Snorkland, but all his techniques have failed so far. On their way to Gallio's, the snorks get lost again, even ending up inside a snorkeater for a brief moment. 

They finally go up to the sky to find the root of the problem, and it turns out the Great Snork Nork (revealed as a giant with two small minions) is wanting to make all the ocean dark forever. They finally arrive at Gallio's to warn him of the situation. However, there was no need to because Gallio found the best solution to get rid of the darkness. He then tells the teenage snorks of how the Mor-Glows will return to Snorkland to bring light after 100 years. The Mor-Glows were once a set of beams that used to visit and bring off warmth and happiness, but the snorks would take them for granted and now there's only one Mor-Glow left. A Mor-Glow can light the darkest clouds and grow through strong friendship as well. 

All the snorks go up to the sky to find it enter through the Seventh Vortex as the minions warn the Great Snork Nork of what's about to happen. He grabs the Mor-Glow, and the snorks cry in despair over not getting it in time. However, it falls back onto the ground in a jar, struggling to be set free. Jojo comes over to fight the villains, but the little Mor-Glow frees itself. At the same time, the Great Snork Nork reveals himself to be a vampire, blinded by the light the Mor-Glow gives off. As soon as he leaves, more Mor-Glows grow and fall into their arms becuase they have found real friends.

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The light source

Background Info

  • This episode marks the first time the Council of Elders make an appearance since Season 1 - also, their actual faces are revealed
  • This is also the first time in a while that Junior is seen crying not out of fear, but of sadness and sorrow (Junior's Secret)
  • First appearance of the Great Snork Nork as well

Memorable Quotes

Casey: We've got to do something, we've just got to!

Junior: Well, I could always make more candles.

Allstar: No! We've got to do more than that!

Gallio: *as Mor-Glows pop out* There's the surprise I mentioned before. *they land into the snorks' arms* When a Mor-Glow finds real friendship, it makes more Mor-Glows, and as more Mor-Glows grow, they grow more and more until more Mor-Glows grow, and *laughs as one lands in his arms* well, you get the idea.


  • Occy has a non-speaking cameo in this episode, although he is seen helping Junior sell candles despite the fact that the two don't get along very well
  • When Daffney says "We're inside a snorkeater!" she's speaking in Casey's voice
  • Some scenes near the end are recycled
  • When Junior suggest they try to light more candles, Allstar's sleeves are red instead of blue
  • When they tried getting the Mor-Glow back, they were first at the Council of Elders, then suddenly back outside


  • Title references old phrase "it's always darkest before the dawn"
  • Gallio's reference to the Seventh Level might correlate with the Seventh Level of Heaven according to Christianity studies - although it is something that is still being questioned to this day, and several religions view the "seventh level of the sky" in a different sort of manner



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