(It's a completely dark day in Snorkland)

Fish: Ooh, a tainted night out for fish or *a snork bumps into him* or a snork!

Snork: *takes out pocketwatch* 9:00 in the morning - daytime! And it's black as night! This is really scary!

(Allstar and his friends are trying to find their way to school)

Allstar: I think we're heading in the right direction.

Casey: We should be getting closer to schoolhouse soon.

Daffney: I hope so - this is icky poo! *all bump into a building and fall down*

Tooter: *points towards light*

Allstar: Look, here comes a bus! We can get a ride home! 

Casey: Oh dear, I hope so.

Daffney: *gasps* Do you see what I see?

Allstar: I do, and I'd rather not see it!

(Junior.. and Occy, for some reason... are selling candles)

Junior: Get your high tech candles, only two clams each! Get 'em now! It's a close-out sale!

Allstar: Friends don't sell candles to friends!

Casey: They certainly don't - they give candles to them!

Junior: Get them?! These are for sale! If you want candles, meet me at my treehouse, and you can melt your own!

(all go over there to light some candles)

Junior: Too bad this is my last wick - I could've made a fortune.

Allstar: Junior, forget it! Candles won't bring back our daylight!

Casey: No way! In fact, if I can find my way, I'm going to Gallio's house! *all swim out with her*

Allstar: Yeah, me too!

Daffney: I'm coming, wait up! 

(The Council of Elders visit the governor about the darkness)

Governor Wetworth: Ooh, this is terrible! We face the worst calamity Snorkland has ever encountered! 

Council of Elders: *mumble in agreement*

Governor Wetworth: Gentlemen, we must use our emergency fund. We must call Gallio now. *dials his number on the phone* Hello Gallio, the governor here?

Gallio: *on the other line in his lab* You're calling about our power problem? 

Governor Wetworth: Right, can you help us?

Gallio: Governor, I've already tried several experiments - lightning bugs and glow-worms, but I, I'm, I'm sorry, I've failed. There's nothing I can, I can, well, well perhaps, let me think. *hangs up*

(The snorks are in mroe darkness)

Jojo: I think we're going in the wrong direction. *turns another way*

Casey: Jojo, Tooter, come back here! You'll get lost!

Allstar: Oh, who are you kidding, Casey, we're lost now.

Daffney: Yes, but at least we're all lost together. *all go after them*

Allstar: Where's Junior with his candle light?

Junior: *with a candle in his snork* Did someone call?

(all look down at sign saying "Welcome to Snork Alley")

Allstar: Do you see what I see? 

Daffney: Uh, I see, it looks like, yikes! It is!

Casey: We're inside a snorkeater!

(all leave and head over to see Gallio, who's looking out through his telescope)

Allstar: Gallio, you've got to do something! There's no school, no baseball!

Gallio: Yes, I know! There's nothing more I can do, but, I guess it's up to you youngsters! Go up there, go up and look around! Maybe you'll find the cause of our trouble.

(a candle ends up burning out)

All: Uh oh.

Junior: *but Junior returns with his still in his snork* 

Gallio: You're just in time, Junior.

Casey: We're going up - up there, Junior.

Allstar: Right, and so are you, Junior. You and your snorklight.

(they all go up there together)

Casey: Where's Jojo?

Tooter: *toots*

Daffney: Tooter, you come back here!

Tooter: *toots again* 

(then they all hear a loud noise)

Allstar: Uh oh, uh, what's that?

Casey: That squishy sound!

Junior: Hey, anybody up here? *it echos*

Allstar: Did you hear that?

Daffney: It sounds like Junior.

(a loud laugh is heard, and so Daffney, Allstar, and Casey cuddle together)

All: That's not Junior!

Great Snork Nork: Day will be night, and night will be day! So black that, WOW! You ain't seen nothing yet! Day will be night, until Snorkland belongs to me! I'm the Great Snork Nork, future ruler of all snorkdum! 

(the minions pump ink out of some squid and they literally get inked as the Greak Snork Nork laughs in response)

All: *as they fall back into town* Oh no, we've got to do something, or we're doomed!


Gallio: *searching through documents* I know I'll find it. It's got to be here someplace. *finds it* oh, let me see. *tosses it aside* oh, that's not it. *jumps in the pile* oh, I know it's here.

(the snorks follow suit)

Gallio: I found it! Here it is! *reads it* Aha, our only real hope! It could work - yes, it could!

Allstar: Good! Whatever it is, because we found terrible trouble up there! It's a monster, and he calls himself Snork Nork, and he's popping all those black clouds, and he wants to rule Snorkland! *breathes heavily* And he has these two dumb little minni-norks and it's awful! You oughta see it, Gallio! Ooh wow! It's really --

Gallio: *closes his mouth with his hand* Alright, hold it Allstar, stop! I get it! In fact, I've got it! Now, here this - I, I mean I've seen this - there is hope! A real hope for you and all of Snorkland! It's - in just a few minutes, at the stroke of midnight, a wonderful happening will occur over Snorkland. It will exactly be 100 years up to the minute that Snorkland will be blessed with the light, and joy, and love by the return of the little Mor-Glows.

All: But what's a Mor-Glow?

Gallio: *reads map* A Mor-Glow is a rolly-polly beam from above the Seventh Level - levels that are way above the sky. You see, many centuries ago, there were hundreds of little Mor-Glows and they visited Snorkland every 100 years, bringing with them light, love, friendship, and the warm glow of happiness. But, as time passed, snorks took them for granted. We didn't appreciate them. We ignored them. *all the snork cry* And their glow weakened until only a few returned. And now, only one little Mor-Glow is left. *Gallio cries too* And it's returning to Snorkland, perhaps, *sniffs* for the last time.

Allstar: But how can one little Mor-Glow help us?

Casey: Yes, one little thing - all by itself?

Junior: That Snork Nork's a monster. He controls the skies!

Daffney: And he's icky poo, with one big eye!

Tooter: *toots in agreement*

Gallio: Well, the Mor-Glow's light brightens the darkest clouds. And they gain strength through friendship - you'd be amazed! But, you must protect the little Mor-Glow. *points to map* It will come through this vortex by way of the seventh level.

Allstar: How much time do we have?

Gallio: Only minutes. If you're going back up there, go now. 

Casey: *leaves with them* Come on, let's go.

Tooter: *toots*

Gallio: Good luck! Take care!

(the minions overhear this and return the news to the Snork Nork)

Minions: So you see, boss. That little Mor-Glow is big trouble. Big trouble!

Greak Snork Nork: No way! I'll be big trouble for them! I'm Snork Nork!

(the snorks near the Seventh Level when the Mor-Glow comes out of the vortex - however, the Snork Nork catches him right in front of Allstar's eyes)

Casey: The Mor-Glow!

Allstar: He's got the --

(all get trapped in a small whirpool, and back down onto the ground, where they visit the Governor)

Governor Wetworth: I want to thank you young snorks for your wonderful effort.

(but they only cry in despair)

Gallio: No one can say you didn't try.

(then a strange wind blows, and the Great Snork Nork has trapped the little Mor-Glow in a bottle)

Casey: We've got to do something, we've jsut got to!

Junior: Well, I could always make more candles.

Allstar: No! We've got to do more than that! 

Daffney: Oh dear, look! Look at that! *Mor-Glow struggles to be free* 

Great Snork Nork: *laughs* Now hear this! Make me your ruler, and I'll really make your day - daylight, that is! And when I rule Snorkland, I will release your silly little Mor-Glow! 

Jojo: *wails while swinging a rope towards the monster*

All: Look! Look, it's Jojo!

Jojo: Have no fear! Jojo's here! It's a jungle up there, but I'll be back in a flash! *grabs minions* Yo're double-norked! *throw them to the monster, and Allstar catches the bottled up Mor-Glow*

Casey: Oh, you poor little thing! 

Tooter: *toots*

Allstar: Yes, Tooter, we do love the little Mor-Glow. *it's glowing in happiness*

Daffney: We'll get you out!

Casey: You can do it!

Allstar: You bet! *all budge to free him*

Jojo: Let me help, you little Mor-Glow!

Allstar: No, look! Look! *they see it trying to bounce itself out of there and glowing* Aim the bottle!

All: Come on, Mor-Glow! 

Junior: Do it now!

Daffney: Cork his snork! 

Casey: Now!

(it pops out of the bottle)

Allstar: Fire!

(the cap causes the Great Snork Nork's outfit to explode, revealing his true identity as a vampire, with the Mor-Glow shining its light on him)

Great Snork Nork: No! NO! *closes eyes with cape* Take it away, not that! No! Not the light! *walks away* No! No, take it away! 

Gallio: No, Snork Nork, our daylight is here to stay! 

Great Snork Nork: *groans* You wait! I'll be back! *flies away* I'll be back!

All: *laugh then see more Mor-Glows form* Look!

Gallio: There's the surprise I mentioned before. *all Mor-Glows get into their arms* When a Mor-Glow finds real friendship, it makes more Mor-Glows, and as more Mor-Glows grow, they glow more and more, until more Mor-Glows glow, and -- *laughs as one falls into his arms as well* well, you get the idea. 

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