It's Just a Matter of Slime



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Written by:

Glenn Leopold and Chris Otsuki

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

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NBC Premiere: October 12, 1985

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Water Friends For?

It's Just a Matter of Slime is the 9th episode of Season 2. Allstar meets the Kelp-Helpers, but Junior drives them out of town with his snide comments. Because of this, kelp floods Snorkland and causes a mess.

Plot Summary

Snorks 209 2

Allstar and a kelp-helper

Allstar visits Clarence at the local ice stream shop one afternoon. A kelp-helper named Fuzzy Muzzle tries ordering one, but Clarence won't let him because the owner has forbidden kelp-helpers. Allstar feels bad, so he gives Fuzzy Muzzle his scoop. Grandpa (the eldest kelp-helper there) hates how a snork is helping a kelp-helper, but he assures not all snorks are bad. Allstar tries showing Fuzzy Muzzle and the others around town while they help clean the algae out of the Wetworth house when Junior goes over to insult them. An upset Fuzzy Muzzle cries, and soon the kelp helpers leave Snorkland for good.

School ends up getting closed until further notice becuase the kelp-helpers are gone and everyone has to clean up all the algae off the streets of Snorkland. Junior is also making the others clean the Wetworth mansion. The Snorklanders get angry with Governor Wetworth because of Junior's insults to the kelp-helpers in the first place, and so they throw algae at him in response. Even with seafood surprise covered in algae, Governor Wetworth still refuses to apologize to the kelp-helpers, even if the snorkeaters are after them because of the heavy algae.

Allstar finds the kelp-helpers, and he tells them the governor's willing to double their pay if they come back. However, they want an apology from him in person. The snorkeaters arrive, and the snorks distract themselves by disguising as snorkeaters. However this fails, and just as they're about to be eaten, Nuzzle gets out a snorkeater-eater which scares the snorkeaters away. Once Governor Wetworth and Junior apologize, they are welcomed back into town.

Background Info

Snorks 209 1

Cleaning up the icky mess

  • The Rich lady from Learn to Love Your Snork appears again, but this time with a different voice and possibly her niece or daughter
  • We learn that Mrs. Wetworth's first name is Elaine
  • This episode marks the first time Governor Wetworth can be seen without his cape
  • Junior's allergic to algae
  • All kelp helpers carry snorkeater-eaters in heavily algae areas

Memorable Quotes

Junior: *as the kelp helpers leave* Hey! You haven't finished the attic yet!

Nuzzle: You finish it, fish face!

Junior: *with rake* Here, Allwet, you're comin' to clean my house!

Allstar: Oh, don't tell me!

Junior: Yeah, Governor's orders! *laughs*

Junior: Oh dad ,that's disgusting!

Governor Wetworth: You know son, that's politics!


  • When Willie tries introducing himself to the kelp helpers, his sleeves are purple instead of white
  • When Governor Wetworth coughs, his eyelids disappear
  • Junior calls ice stream kelpsickles


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