(Allstar swims over to an ice stream shop one afternoon)

Allstar: How about some ice stream, Clarence?

Clarence: Sure, Allstar. We've got two great new flavors - Socket Chocolate Chip, and Rocky Reef. 

Allstar: *smaples them* I'll take two scoops, one of each. 

Fuzzy Muzzle: Same here.

Rich lady: Yuck! Disgusting little kelp-helper! *grabs daughter or niece* I'm getting out of here right now!

Clarence: Sorry Fuzzy Muzzle, I can't serve you. I got hot water last time just for letting you in.

Fuzzy Muzzle: Sure. I undertand. *leaves *Thanks, anyway.

Allstar: Suffering seashells, what did the little guy do? Swipe a bucket of ice stream?!

Clarence: It's not what he did, it's what he is. The owner doesn't want kelp-helpers in here - scares away the customers. 

Allstar: *looks back towards his direction* Hmm, uh better make that four scoops, Clarence.

(the kelp-helpers are not far outside of town)

Allstar: Fuzzy Muzzle, sorry about what happened in there. Have some icce stream.

Grandpa (Kelp-Helper): A snork - offer us ice stream?! heh, that'll be the day!

Allstar: Here. *hands him a cone*

Tipper: Maybe someday's not so far away, huh Grandpa?

Grandpa: You can eat his ice steam, Tipper. I'm not having any, young snork.

Allstar: The name's Allstar, sir, Allstar Seaworthy. *shakes hands iwth him*

(they show him their jobs as they clean the Wetworth mansion)

Fuzzy Muzzle: Cleaning sludgebins in the Governor's mansion is hard work, but Grandpa's an expert. How's it look, Grandpa?

Grandpa: *sends a bucket full of kelp down* They still damp. Send up the rooterfish, Tipper. The lines are stuck.

Tipper: One rooterfish, coming up!

Fuzzy Muzzle: I better dump these outside!

Allstar: Here, let me help. *they dump it in the trash* Wow, you clean all the algae from Snorkland? I never knew kelp-helpers were so important.

Fuzzy Muzzle: And I never knew snorks could be so nice.

Allstar: Well we're not all bad. hey, could you show me again how you guys vaccum the algae?

Fuzzy Muzzle: It's easy, watch! *sucks it in his mouth, then spits it right back out* 

Allstar: That's clamtastic! 

Fuzzy Muzzle: Ah, nothin' to it! *throws clam bucket accidnetlaly onto Junior*

Junior: Hey, watch where you're throwin'! Well if it isn't Allwet! Yuck, what's this?! Been hangin' around the wrong side of the reef???

Allstar: This is my friend, Fuzzy Muzzle. And this is Governor Wetworth's son, Junior.

Junior: Friend?! But he's a - a kelp-helper!

Allstar: And his brother, Willie!

Willie: Hi! *tries shaking hands with him, but Junior pulls his shirt up*

Junior: Don't touch him, oyster brain! You'll get slime all over ya!

Allstar: *as Fuzzy Muzzle sniffs* Hey Junior, why don't you cork your snork???

Junior: I will not! And you, kelp-helper! You're supposed to be working, not talking to snorks all day! No wonder my dad has to oay you lazy slime eaters so much overtime!

Fuzzy Muzzle: *swims off and cries* Grandpa!

Willie: Bye!

Allstar: You bubble brain, he was just showing me how he does his work!

Junior: Don't get your snork bent out of shape, he's only a kelp-helper!

Fuzzy Muzzle: *crying as Grandpa pats his back*

Grandpa: I told ya, Fuzzy. Them hose heads is nothin' but trouble for us kelp-helpers. Uh, present commonly accepted. *they leave*

Allstar: Fuzzy, Grandpa, wait!

Tipper: I'm sorry, Allstar, but when Junior insulted Fuzzy Muzzle, he insulted all of us.*leaves too, causing JUnior to spin* 

Junior: Hey, you haven't finished the attic yet!

Tipper: You finish it, fish face!

Junior: Okay, slime ball, I will! *dumps it all on him*

Mrs. Wetworth: Junior! Reef raff, you'll never work here again!

Junior: Yeah, you tell 'em, mama!

(the kelp-helpers decide to pack up and move elsewhere)

Ellie: You've finished the Governor's mansion already?

Grandpa: Yes, Ellie. We're finished forever. That's it, we're foldin' our tents. *all quickly pack up* All aboard, Ellie. Time to go.

Ellie: But Snorkland's our home, Grandpa.

Grandpa: No more, get up. *they leave*

Junior: *inside the mansion talking to his dad* Don't worry, dad. We snorks can clean up all the algae without a lot of crummy kelp-helpers around.

Governor Wetworth: Well, we'll certainly save the treasury some sandollars. Those kelp-helpers charged plenty.

(the next day, Allstar and Casey swim to school together)

Casey: I don't know why you're so upset about the kelp-helpers leaving, Allstar. I've never even talked to one in my life.

Allstar: That's jsut it, Casry. They're real nice once you get to knwo them. And now you'll never get the chance.

(Daffney, Dimmy, and Tooter are cleaning up all the algae around town)

Casey: What in the whirlpool are you doing? We've got school in a half hour.

Tooter: *says no*

Daffney: Tooter's right. School's been canceled, guys.

Dimmy: Yeah, everybody's on temporary algae clean up.

Junior: *shows up with a shovel* Here, Allwet! You're comin' to clean my house!

Allstar: Oh, don't tell me. 

Junior: *with paper* Yeah, Governor's orders! *laughs*


(all are now cleaning the entire Wetworth mansion)

Junior: Come on, Allstar, jet with it!

Governor Wetworht: *with dirty suit* Elainey-fish, I don't recall buying a suit this color!

Mrs. Wetworth: Those are slimedrops, dear. Algae got into my closet, too.

Governor Wetworth: Yeah, well, all that can be done is being done.

Allstar: It's not enough, Governor! Half the city's been shut down to wrok as clean up crews!

Casey: But maybe if we apologize to the kelp-helpers, --

Governor Wetworth: Apologize?! Me?! Grovel to those slimy seaslugs?! Not on your snork! *trips over some algae and lands inside a bucket* Get all these buckets out of here, now!

(as more snorks continue cleaning, Governor Wetworth swims around town to check up on them)

Governor Wetworth: That's the Snorkland spirit! Keep up the good work!

Rich lady: Good work?! We're not even making a dent! Jumpin' jellyfish, I never knew kelp-helpers worked so hard! 

Male snork: Yeah, and when are you gonna do something about this algae so I can get back to work???

Governor Wetworth: Everything that can be done is being done!

Rich lady: *throws shovel onto the gorund* And we're doing it!

Male snork: His son started this whole mess! Let's share it with him! *he throws algae at him, and they cheer him on*

Governor Wetworth: Hey, it's nice seeing you all! But it's time to jet back to the Governor's mansion! *still throw algae at him*

(the Wetworths have dinner later on)

Mrs. Wetworth: Dinner is served!

Junior: Oh boy, my favorite - seeafood surprise! *but algae falls on top of it* Oh no, not algae surprise!

Governor Wetworth: D'oh, suffering seashells! *more algae falls on him* I've had it up to my snork with algae!

Junior: Me too! *sneezes the food away because of it*

(the kelp-helpers now live far away from Snorkland - Allstar goes over there to observe) 

Tipper: The algae's not too tasty around here, Grandpa.

Ellie: Things were a lot greener in Snorkland.

Fuzzy Muzzle: I'm homesick, Grandpa. I miss my friend, Allstar.

Allstar: And I miss you too, Fuzzy Muzzle. *they hug*

Fuzzy Muzzle: Allstar, what are you doing here?

Allstar: Believe it or not, the governor sent me. *they come clsoer* He's offered to double your pay if you all come back to Snorkland.

Grandpa: We'll come back - but only if he comes here to apologize - in person. *all leave* And that's fish fin final, I mean it! 

(The Wetworth mansion is still covered in algae)

Gallio: Governor, all this algae has not only brought Snorkland to a standstill, but it's bound to attract our fiercest predators - the snorkeaters.

Governor Wetworth: Relax, Gallio. As we speak, your nephew is bringing those slimy kelp-helpers back.

Allstar: *shows up* The kelp-helpers aren't coming back, Governor.

Governor Wetworth: What?! They want more money, I suppose!

Allstar: Nope, they want an apology from you - in person.

Governor Wetworth: Huh! It will be saltless sea before I swim on my belly to those slime slurpers! And I won't change my position! *a snorkeater creeps up behind him* Yikes! Snorkeaters!

Casey: *shuts all the windows* This place is sworming with snorkeaters! *but they still try breaking in*

Gallio: If the algae is thinned out, the snorkeaters will leave.

Allstar: But we'll need to get the kelp-helpers for that.

Governor Wetworth: Yes, yes yes, Junior will go with you! *coughs*

Junior: What?! No way! We won't jet 50 yards, unless we're snorkeaters!

Allstar: *starbright idea* Junior, you've given me a starbright idea! But I'll need your mom's new drapes.

(they all go out in open territory, disguised as one giant snorkeater)

Junior: This'll never work!

Allstar: Come on, Junior, it's sink or swim! 

Junior: *sees a snorkeater right behind them* He's following us, and he looks hungry! 

Allstar: No, he looks lonely. 

(the snorkeaters offers it some algae)

Junior: *about ready to sneeze* Well, why couldn't he bring flowers instead of algae? *sneezes, revealing their disguise* YIII!!!! *all swim for it, but then run into a dead end wall* Nice work, All Wrong! We're trapped! *more coming* 

Governor Wetworth: *after being grabbed* Oh you, you don't wanna eat us! We're just thin and bone! *is now put down* 

Fuzzy Muzzle: *with a basket and a tiny fish in it* Do your stuff, tiny! *the fish - actually a snorkeater-eater - opens its big mouth, and a scared snorkeater leaves*

Allstar: Fuzzy, you saved us!

Junior: That snorkeater-eater is your's?!

Fuzzy Muzzle: We always carry snorkeater-eaters in heavily algaed areas.

Governor Wetworth: You are an act of heroism! You saved my snork, son! You are going to get the Snorkland Metal of Honor for this!

Junior: Aw, dad, that's disgusting!

Governor Wetworth: You know, son, that's politics! Now you apologize!

Junior: *shakes his hand as he looks in the opposite direction* Sorry.

(now the snorks and kelp-helpers are living in piece as they enjoy some ice stream from Clarence at the ice stream shop)

Fuzzy Muzzle: *with the same two scoops Allstar had in the beginning* Thanks, Clarence.

Clarence: Now don't forget to come back later. The owner and his family want to meet you - in person.

(Fuzzy Muzzle hands some to Ellie, Allstar, and Casey)

Fuzzy Muzzle: This time, I'm buying, Allstar.

Allstar: Anything you say, Fuzzy!

Casey: *gets handed her ice stream by Ellie* I'm sure glad we got to know you kelp-helpers better.

Ellie: Me too. I wonder why it took so long.

Junior: *as Fuzzy Muzzle hands Willie his ice stream and Junior already has his* I still say he takes too much time off.

Governor Wetworth: JUNIOR!

Junior: Uh I mean, how about another kelp-sickle, Fuzzy Muzzle?

Governor Wetworth: *playing chess with Grandpa* Your move, Grandpa.

Grandpa: Ready for dinner tonight at our place, Governor?

Junior: *flips out* Dinner?! Oh please, dad, no more algae! I'm allergic to the stuff!

Fuzzy Muzzle: Don't worry, Junior. We're not having kelp-helper casserole for dinner. Your mom's bringing seafood surprise.

Junior: Seafood surprise?! Well what are we waiting for??? *grabs Willie and Fuzzy Muzzle* Let's jet going!!! *leaves*

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