JoJo in Control



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Written by:

John Bradford and Lane Raichert

Teleplay by:

John Bates

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Premiere: November 14, 1987

Paired With

The Day the Ocean Stood Still

"JoJo in Control' is the 19th episode of Season 3. When Jojo has had enough of everyone paraising him for his masculinity and heroity, he does everything in his grasp to prove that he can be an ordinary snork as well.

Snorks 319 2

Jojo hoping to lead a helping hand

Plot Summary

Allstar and Casey are walking Occy one afternoon at the Snorkland amusement park when a chainsaw fish enters town and causes chaos. They try to stop it, but even Corky cannot do it. So they contact Jojo by ringing bells, and he then tries to stop it. At first this fails, but then he throws a large rock at its nose, and then it's broken, causing the chainsaw fish to leave. Everyone cheers on for Jojo, but he feels they only like him for his muscles.

Daffney then convinces him to join her and the others in Ms. Seabottom's sculpture class in order for him to not feel bad about himself. He uses his hand to sculpt what looks like a monster, and Governor Wetworth flips out, assuming it's some sort of alien-like creature that has inhabited onto their territory. Jojo feels bad again, but then the Seaworthys leave to go visit Allstar's grandmother, leaving Allstar the golden opportunity to allow Jojo to help clean the house for him. Jojo ends up doing more hands on work (literally) by removing the barnacles off the roof of his house with his bare hands, causing a big mess. Thankfully, it's cleaned up in time, so Daffney tells him to go do mroe stuff for people. This backfires, and soon enough a traffic jam takes place all because he was trying to help an older woman get across the street. Daffney then tells him that he can't do everything becuase he'll make other snorks feel small, and that it's best if he just sticks to being himself. 

Snorks 319 1

Jojo feels bad about his "muscles"

Background Info

  • First appearance by a chainsaw fish
  • Casey, Allstar, and Daffney take sculpture classes
  • Daffney is seen flirting with Jojo for the first time, making them a couple possibility

Memorable Quotes

Jojo: Me? Really me?

Daffney: Oh, for sure. *bats eyelashes* I mean, with your pwoerful, uh, sensitive hands, you're bound to be good at it!

Jojo: Ha! Not one barnacle left!

Allstar: *stutters* Uh, uh, uh, uh...

Jojo: Is there soemthing wrong?

Allstar: Uh, *coughs* hey, what a super *coughs* idea that was!

Casey: Incredible! One shake, and the roof's all fixed!

Daffney: Oh, so that's why they call it a shake-roof!


  • Mrs. Seabottom's apron disappears during the sculpture class
  • When discussing the "artistic route," Allstar's entire outfit is blue
  • The Seaworthys outfits change overtime
  • When the snorks say "It's no good," Occy's eyes are white instead of yellow


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