Journey To the Source
Season 1, Episode 1
Journey to the Source
Production Code 101
Air Date September 15, 1984
Writer Sandy Fries
Director Gerald Baldwin
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Journey To the Source is the very first episode of the series and the first episode of the first season. Before the annual Steam Festival kicks off, a shortage of steam occurs. Allstar and his gang go off to find the steam source and receive a 5,000 pearl reward.

Plot Summary

Snorks 101 1

The Steam Source

The episode begins when a rocket ship blasts off into the air. A particle from that ship falls off and enters the ocean. At the same time, Allstar and his friends quickly head over to the steam festival. Governor Wetworth gives a quick speech, while also forgetting what he has to say, and Mr. Seaworthy activates the steam. Unfortunately it won't turn on; becuase of this, the Steam Festival is postponed.

It turns out there's no steam coming from the steam stream, and it starts getting cold, so Allstar and his friends decide to visit Dr. Gallio to solve this problem. At the same time, Mr. Seaworthy and Governor Wetworth are at the Council of Elders, who offer a 5,000 pearl reward for going out and fixing the steam. Junior and Willie are in the audience listening to this offer. The gang's now at Dr. Gallio's, who says there must be a blockage at the source.

They want to take the submarine and find it, despite being dangerous as it's "beyond the limits." At home, Governor Wetworth has First Lady Wetworth write his speech, and Junior offers to give it to Gallio, when he really wants the 5,000 pearls. The gang prepares to go on the "Silverfish," which runs on a full tank for only a few hours. Gallio then tests his "Blurble Machine," which can send oxygen through water. It's then tested on the Silver Fish, which proves to be a success, as the gang quickly heads on their journey.

They barely head out when Occy hears Junior hiding in the ship. He had snuck on earlier assuming it was a secret entrance to Gallio's lab. Allstar tries stearing in the right direction when Junior gets scared and starts hitting buttons randomly. This causes the Silver Fish to briefly stop working, but as it turns out, it's caught in a strand of Kelp. Allstar cuts it out, but he gets caught in the stream. Thankfully, Occy saves him in the nick of time.

They find that the space particle is blocking the steam, so they get out the grapling hook, Tooter turns on the Blurble Machine, and they get it out, making the steam work again and spread through Snorkland. Junior brags about how rich he'll be, which makes everyone angry. In the end, he ends up getting the reward. On the other hand, the Council of Elders wants to sue the snork for going beyond the limits 5,000 pearls and 20 years in the salt mines. Junior leaves, and his dad has nothing else left to say.

Background Information

Snorks 101 2

Junior's stuck

  • This is one of the few times that shows Allstar wearing his orginal outfit - no blue sleeves
  • We learn that the Governor's name is Wellington
  • The submarine is called the Silver Fish
  • Clips from this episode can be seen in VH1's "I Love the 80's 3D: 1984" segment on the Snorks, as well as a short promo for the series on NBC

Memorable Quotes

Daffney: Allstar, I'm getting cold.

Dimmy: Me too.

Allstar: Hug each other - that oughta warm ya up.

Junior: *in response to Occy saving Allstar* I've heard of playing fetch, but that was ridiculous.

Junior: We did it. We saved Snorkland. Hot diggity, I'm gonna be rich!

Daffney: Huh?

Council of Elder #1: And now, young Wetworth, I believe you have something you wished to say?

Junior: I think I hear my mother calling. *leaves*

Governor Wetworth: *shrugs and nervous grin*

Council of Elders: Next case!


  • There's a rough scene and wrong scene change as Junior takes the letter from his dad
  • When Dimmy asks "What does it do?" his mouth doesn't move
  • Allstar and Dimmy are first on the Silver Fish testing the Blurble Machine, but then are back on the ground with the others
  • At one point on the submarine, Dimmy's hands are lighter in color than his face
  • While the gang tries getting out the space particle, Allstar and Junior are talking, but the sound is too loud and no one can understand what they're saying


  • None



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