Journey To the Source/Transcript

(Open to what appears to be a rocket lanching out of the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida)

Commander: We have lift off. *people cheering in background* All systems go. 25,000 rocket boosters, release. *dropped off* Well done, Bald Eagle.

(The scene now goes underwater, where Allstar and his friends are swimming)

Allstar: Hurry gang, or we'll miss the beginning of the Steam Festival.

Governor Wetworth: At this time of year, we gather together to celebrate the miracle of steam. As your governor, it gives me great pleasure to, uh -- *fish takes his notes* to... well, without my notes, I --

Snorks: Turn on the steam!

Governor Wetworth: Oh, exactly. Turn on the steam, Seaworthy. Let the Steam Festival begin.

Mr. Seaworthy: In the name of snorks everywhere, I take this opportunity to activate the Snorkland Monument to Steam. *turns it on*

Governor Wetworth: I now declare the annual Steam Festival open!

Casey: That's beautiful!

Governor Wetworth: Well done, Seaworthy!

(but the steam plant begins to malfunction)

Casey: Allstar, what's happening?

Allstar: I don't know, Casey. Something's wrong with the steam.

Mr. Seaworthy: *tries fixing it* We're losing pressure fast.

Governor Wetworth: Impossible! What is a Steam Festival without steam? I won't allow it!

Mr. Seaworthy: *machine completely shuts down* Something's fishy here. I bettter get over to the Steam Plant right away.

Allstar: Right, dad, and we'll go with you.

Governor Wetworth: And as Governor, I declare this Steam Festival postpo-poned -- *fish gets in his face, messing up his line*

(Now at the Steam Plant)

Allstar: Gosh, dad, what's the problem?

Mr. Seaworthy: I, I don't know, son. I've checked the converbulator, and all the machinery works perfectly.

Casey: Then how come there isn't any steam?

Daffney: *gasps* Oh my starfish! 

Dimmy: There's no steam from the steam stream!

Allstar: I can't believe it, dad. How can we run out of steam?

Mr. Seaworthy: I don't know, son. I better make a report to the Council.

Allstar: And we'll go tell Uncle Gallio!

(Now at the Council of Elders)

Elder 1: Wetworth, this is serious.

Elder 2: Without steam, we're in hot water.

Elder 1: Make that cold water.

Elder 2: Whatever. Just find a way to fix it.

Elder 3: Or we'll find a way --

Elder 4: -- to blame it on you, Wetworth.

Governor Wetworth: Me? But, how can I? What is it you -- *stutter*

Mr. Seaworthy: For reasons we don't understand, there is no steam coming from the steam stream.

Junior: Without steam, we'll freeze.

Willie: Freeze!

Governor Wetworth: What did the great books of truth have to say about this preduc -- *stutters it* situation?

(The Councils discuss this alone)

Elder 4: What do they say?

Elder 3: Nothing.

Elder 4: Nothing?!

Elder 1: Then we've got to say something. *back to the Governor and Mr. Seaworthy* We offer a reward of 5,000 pearls to any snork who can restore the steam.

Junior and Willie: 5,000 pearls?!

Elder 4: Wetworth, send for Gallio!

Governor Wetworth: Well, he --

Elder 1: Or start packing for your vacation! 

Elder 2: In the salt mines! 

Elder 3: This Council is adjourned!

(Meanwhile, the snorks are traveling to Dr. Gallio's lab)

Daffney: Allstar, I'm getting cold!

Dimmy: Me too!

Allstar: Hug each other. That oughta warm you up.

Tooter: *points down to all the heavy traffic below, and it appear to be a toll booth*

Toll booth officer: Sorry, no steam.

(The snorks then arrive at Dr. Gallio's)

Allstar: Snorkland has a big problem, Uncle Gallio!

Casey: It's terrible! We've run out of steam!

Gallio: Oh dear, that's serious. There must be a blockage at the source.

Daffney: The source?! Isn't that beyond the limits?

Casey: Oh, we can't go beyond the limits!

Allstar: Well, somebody has to!

Dimmy: Yeah! We could take the submarine out to the source, and find out what's wrong!

Gallio: That's awfully dangerous, my boy.

Allstar: We have to try, Uncle. Otherwise, it's all over.

(At Governor Wetworth's house, Mrs. Wetworth is writing down his letter to Gallio)

Governor Wetworth: In my conclusion, dear Dr. Gallio, ask not what Snorkland can do for you, but ask what you could do for Snorkland, and for me, Wellington Wetworth Governor. 

Junior: Dad?

Governor Wetworth: Hmm?

Junior: Since this is an emergency, let me deliver the letter to Gallio.

Governor Wetworth: That's my brave lad. I place the future of Snorkland, and my career, in your hands.

Junior: I won't let you down, dad!

Willie: Let you down, dad! *bumps into the door*

Junior: *snickers* If I can just get inside Gallio's secret laboratory, maybe I can repair the steam stream myself, and collect the 5,000 pearls! *laughs*

(Outside the Silverfish)

Gallio: The Silverfish has a full tank of steam.

Allstar: That's good!

Gallio: Unfortunately, it will only last a few hours.

Allstar: That's bad!

Tooter: *looks at a large machine*

Casey: I don't know, Tooter. What is this gadget, Dr. Gallio?

Gallio: Ah, the blurble machine, my latest invention. I was about to test it when you arrived. 

Dimmy: What does it do?

Gallio: Well, it puts a blurble of oxygen in water. Like this. *tests it with a balloon* It has enormous lifiting power.

Allstar: Well, let's get her aboard. If we're gonna test it, there's no time to waste.

Junior: *arrives in the lab* Oh, Dr. Gallio, anybody home?


(Allstar and Dimmy are fixing the blurble machine)

Allstar: Okay, Uncle Gallio, that should do it.

Dimmy: Yeah, let her blurble!

Gallio: Here it goes. Keep your snorks crossed.

(Casey and Daffney cross each of their snorks together - the Silverfish flies high)

Allstar: It's working!

Casey: Alright!

Daffney: It's going straight up!

Allstar: Terrific!

Junior: Hey, Dr. Gallio! The secret entrance has to be around here somewhere. *silverfish pulls up* Oh, jumping catfish, that must be it! Wow, what a ship! *moves* Uh oh, we're moving! *hies with the blurble machine*

Allstar: Okay, snorks, all aboard! *all get in*

Gallio: Be careful.

Allstar: Don't worry, Uncle. We'll be back soon.

Gallio: May Neptune be with you.

Allstar: *inside* Okay, gang, here we go. Seatbelts fastened?

Snorks: Ay yai, sir!

(the Silverfish takes off)

Junior: Help! Let me out!

Allstar: Somebody say something?

Casey: Everybody okay back there?

Daffney: So far, so good.

Dimmy: Lookin' good up ahead. Whoa, Totoer's lookin' green around the gills!

Tooter: *feels ill*

Junior: I don't wanna go!

Allstar: What in Salmon Hill?! Oppen that door, Occy!

Occy: *opens door and Junior runs out*

Junior: Take me home right now!

Snorks: Junior!!!

Junior: I don't wanna go to the source!

Allstar: It's too late, Junior.

Dimmy: Big reef, dead ahead, skipper.

Casey: Shall I take her up a notch?

Allstar: Maybe two degrees.

Casey: Keep a sharp eye, Daffney. Those rocks could rip us apart.

Daffney: Steady as she goes. There seems to be some kind of disturbance dead ahead!

Dimmy: I don't see any -- *snorks get thrown around in the wind* Whoa!

Allstar: Talk about your rough water!

Casey: Allstar, look!

Allstar: That must be the source.

Dimmy: Holy leapin' lizids!

Casey: Allstar, we've got to get out of this turbulence!

Dimmy: *points to leaks* Somebody stop those leaks!

(Occy does so with his tentacles)

Junior: *presses random buttons* Help, save me! Somebody save me! Help! I wanna go home!

Allstar: No, Junior, don't! *Silverfish malfunctions and everyone bounces around* Well, Junior, this is another fine terrible fish you've gotten us into!

Casey: It looks like all systems are okay, but the rutter is jammed.

Allstar: *goes out to fix it* Get out of there, you blasted kelp! *gets stuck* Oh, suffering catfish!

Casey: Allstar!

Allstar: Can't - give up! Got to - keep fighting! *Occy saves him* Thanks, Occy.

Junior: I've heard of playing fetch, but that was ridiculous.

(The Silverfish now heads into the source)

Daffney: I think I see the problem. *sees rocket* Whatever that is, it's blocking the steam stream.

Dimmy: Whoa, that's weird looking!

Allstar: Maybe we can move it. Tooter, stand by with the grapeling hook.

Tooter: *does so, and a grapeling hook is released - Dimmy and Junior also have a bit of an argument*

Allstar: Tooter, turn on the blurble machine!

Tooter: *does so, and it takes the rocket out*

Dimmy: It's working!

Casey: Thanks to the grapeling hook, we did it!

(the rocket falls to rock bottom - now back at the steam plant)

Mr. Seaworthy: I don't know what to tell you, Charlie. We'd better pray for a miracle.

(it turns on, and now there's steam)

Allstar: I just hope we have enough steam to get home.

Casey: The emergency tank is nearly empty.

Junior: We did it! We saved Snorkland! Hit ziggity, I'm gonna be rich!

Daffney: Huh?!

Junior: *laughs* I'm gonna claim the 5,000 pearl reward!

(all glare at him)

Casey: Reward?!

Allstar: Listen, you little worm! If there's any reward, it goes to Uncle Gallio!

Junior: Oh yeah? Well either I collect that reward, or I let the catfish out of the bag about this dumb submarine! Then you all will be sent to the salt mines! Either way, I'll be filthy rich!

(Meanwhile, the snorks are working on the Silverfish)

Dimmy: It's not fair that Junior gets all those pearls!

Daffney: Yeah, he didn't do anything but cause trouble!

Gallio: I wouldn't worry too much about Junior.

Allstar: *laughs* He's got a surprise coming, doesn't he, Uncle Gallio?

Gallio: *laughs* I think you could say that.

(Back at the Council of Elders)

Elder 1: The Council of Elder is wise and fair!

Elder 2: We wish to award whoever the brave snork was who saved our beloved Snorkland!

Elder 3: But, in the name of justice, we must also fine that snork 5,000 pearls.

Elder 4: And sentence him for 20 years in the salt mines.

All Elders: For going beyond the limits!

Elder 1: And now, young Wetworth, I believe you had something you wished to say.

Junior: *moans* I think I hear my mother calling! *runs off*

Governor Wetworth: *shurgs*

All Elders: Next case!

(c) 1984 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International