Junior's Octopuppy



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Written by:

Lane Raichert and Mark Young

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

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NBC Premiere: October 19, 1985

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The Shape Of Snorks To Come

What good's an attack puppy who doesn't obey commands? - Junior

"Junior's Octopuppy" is the 11th episode of Season 2. Allstar tells his Uncle Gallio the story of how Occy was once owned by Junior, and the events that led to him being adopted by Allstar.

Winter 1011 Kelz 285

Introducing Occy!

Plot Summary

Casey, Allstar, and Dr. Gallio are eating at a fast food restaurant. Junior's in line, complaining about not getting his order. He then realizes his digital wrist watch is missing, so he searches for it and blames the gang for stealing it. Occy growls at him, and chases him until he rips off the back of his pants. Dr. Gallio gives Occy the remainder of his triple decker seaburger, amazed at how the only time Occy's really mean is when Junior's around. Allstar goes ahead and tells him the story of how his pet once belonged to Junior, which was exactly three years ago.

While at school, Junior's searching through his locker for his comb. He blames it on Dimmy, so in response, he throws him in the locker. Turns out his comb was only in the back pocket of his pants. Junior decides action should be taken immediately, so he sends a mail order for an "attack puppy." Six to eight weeks later, his package is delivered through express snail. Junior claims he's going to name his new attack puppy "Occy," regardless of whether it's a boy or girl.

Winter 1011 Kelz 286

Junior training Occy

Occy hatches himself out of a green egg, and immediately swims over to lick Junior, who quickly puts him on a strict training program. He has him shred the morning paper, but instead, Occy fetches it back to him. Occy's owner shreds the paper, only for him to to glue the pieces back together. Several weeks later, Junior brings him to school, and ties him to his locker so he can keep guard of who comes and goes. The first snork he barks at is Allstar, who's only putting his books in his locker. All of Junior's items fall out, so Allstar helps him clean up. Later that day, Ms. Seabottom takes the whole class on a field trip. Allstar's frisbee flies away, and Junior has Occy shred it. While trying to do so, he gets stuck in a barrel. Allstar and Casey get him out of his jam, which greatly upsets Junior. He then blames Allstar for ruining weeks of intense training.

Ms. Seabottom then has the class observe butterfly shrimp in their natural habitat. Junior wants him and Occy to go catch one. Unfortuantely for them, while attempting to do so, they end up catching a baby snorkeater. The adult snorkeater is right behind them, so they get chased. The same goes for the rest of Ms. Seabottom's class, as they frantically swim away from it, as well. Allstar ends up getting trapped, so Occy saves him, despite Junior's continuous threats of disowning him. The class commends Allstar for saving their lives, although he gives all the credit to Occy; Occy then gives him "high eight." Soon enough, Junior disowns Occy, and after Allstar sees his cries, he decides to keep him. Back in reality, Junior complains about having to wait for his quarter flounder for fifteen minutes. It turns out his wristwatch was on his bed, but blames the gang for stealing his aqualine batteries. Occy growls at him and chases him yet again.

Memorable Quotes

  • Allstar: Enjoying your triple decker seaburger, Uncle Gallio?
  • Dr. Gallio: I could use a bigger mouth.

Casey: Junior Wetworth, you let Dimmy out this instant.

Junior: But he stole my hand-carved, pearl-in-lane hair comb!

Allstar: *finds it* You mean this one?

Junior: So, you stole it!

Clam Mail Box: *spits mail back out* Put a stamp on it, cheap skate!

Junior: If it's a boy, I'm gonna call it Occy, and if it's a girl, I'm gonna call it - Occy!

Junior: Hey, get your tentacle picking hands off my pet!

Allstar: Cut the act, Occy. *to Junior* Occy just wants to play.

Junior: He's not supposed to play, he's supposed to shred!

Junior: Oh, some rough puppy you are. Can't you see it's just a baby snorkeater? They're cute and harmless until they become adults like that one. Like that one?!

Ms. Seabottom: What in the whirlpool is all that racket?

Casey: Oh, it's just Junior and his pet being chased by a couple of snorkeaters.

All: Snorkeaters?! *swim away*

Ms. Seabottom: Swim for your lives!

Ms. Seabottom: You saved our lives, Allstar.

Allstar: And Occy saved my life. Give me five! *Occy spins him around* Oh, wow! He gave me eight!

Junior: Look, I've been waiting fifteen minutes now. You got snails working back there?

Junior: Allstar, call your mutt off!

Allstar: Well, I'll try, Junior, but you know as well as I do that Occy's not good at obeying commands! *laughes* Occy, come back here!

Background Info

  • For the first time, we learn about Occy's past
  • Junior blames others for stealing the things he lost
  • We learn that Occy is about three years old
  • The flashbacks in this episode probably took place when the snorks were in junior high - also, Ms. Seabottom could've transferred schools within a three year time period
  • Clips from this episode can be seen in the Come Along With the Snorks theme song


  • When Junior ties Occy to his locker, Occy's eyes and head are much bigger
  • Occy's leash suddenly appears when Allstar tells him to "cut the act"
  • A snork who appears to resemble Daffney is entirely purple colored instead of coral colored
  • As the snorks swim away from the snorkeater, Casey's left pigtail is missing, but not her scrunchie
  • When Junior yells about his food order for the second time, Occy's eyes lack the yellow coloring - instead, it's while like the snorks
  • Junior's wristwatch only appears once in the end, despite looking at it a few times


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