Junior's Secret



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Written by:

Ray Parker

Directed by:

Gerald Baldwin

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NBC Premiere: October 27, 1984

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The Big Scoop

"Junior's Secret" is the 13th episode of Season 1. Willie accidentally donates Junior's stuffed turtle to the local toy charity, and Junior goes frantic trying to get it back, as he can't sleep without it.

Snorks 113 2

Junior wants his doll

Plot Summary

Allstar and Casey are on their way to the school to donate some of their old toys to Snorkland High's toy drive. Junior insults them along the way, but little do they know that he still sleeps with a stuffed sea turtle he's had since he was a kid every single night. On that same night, Willie comes into his room to say goodnight when Willie sees it for himself. Junior lies and says it fell into his hands. The next day during the toy drive, Junior teases them more about it. However, he notices the stuffed sea turtle in the toy drive box, and he freaks out about it. Allstar and Casey tell him that Willie had donated some of his old toys to the toy drive, and then praise about how great of a kid he is.

Junior is unable to get a wink of sleep that night, and by the time 4 AM rolls around, he decides to break into the school and steal the stuffed sea turtle back. He gets the guard dogs distracted at first, but the police find his hand prints and go into the school where they catch him holding the stuffed sea turtle and disguising himself as a toy, hoping they wouldn't notice. The police calls Governor Wetworth, who has to go pick up Junior at jail. Junior lies to his dad while crying and says he only donated overnight. Since his dad doesn't believe him, he's forced to make a real donation to the toy drive - as a matter of fact, one month's allowance! The toy drive happens, and the first child to get her new toy is Smallstar. Guess what she picks? Junior's stuffed sea turtle!

Once Smallstar's asleep in her crib, Junior breaks into the house and snatches it away from her. However she cries so he places it back in her hands. Occy's been watching this the whole time, so he chases him out of the premesis. The next morning, Junior heads over to a toy shop, very tired due to lack of sleep for several days. Since stuffed sea turtles are hard to come by anymore, the toy store employee gives him a stuffed seahorse, meant for sleeping and relaxing. He then asks Junior if the toy is for him, but he lies once more and says it's for Willie. After running into Allstar by accident, he declines to play kickball with him, saying he'll be taking a nap for a week.

Snorks 113 1

Junior in disguise

Background Info

  • We first learn that Junior still sleeps with stuffed animals and owns a variety of toys
  • Junior reluctantly becomes generous starting in this episode, but this hidden personality trait is more prevalent in the episodes from Season 3 onward
  • Near the end, it is shown that Allstar can occasionally be just as mean as Junior

Memorable Quotes

Junior: *grabs seaturtle* Hey, where'd you get this!

Casey: From your house, why? Is it your's?

Governor Wetworth: *on phone* What? WHAT? No, you've got the wrong place!

Mrs. Wetworth: Who was it, dear?

Governor Wetworth: Oh, some idiot wanting the police. *phone again* I already told you,this is not the police station! This is Gov -- oh, you're the police! 

Allstar: Hey, wanna come play ball with Dimmy and Tooter and me?

Junior: *yawns* Maybe later. *yawns* I've gotta take a nap now.

Allstar: Okay. When are you getting up?

Junior: *yawns* In about a week.

Allstar: A week?! Boy, that is one weird snork.


  • All the snorks who entered the toy drive earlier look exactly the same
  • The stuffed seaturtle's skin would occasionally get darker


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