Junior Wetworth
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Parents: Governor Wellington Wetworth and Mrs. Wetworth

Sibling: Willie Wetworth

Pets: Occy (disowned), Polly

Grandfather: Grandpa Wetworth

Uncle: Captain Long John Wetworth

First Appearance

Journey To the Source

Final Appearance

The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth

Voiced by

Barry Gordon

Junior Wetworth is also one of the main characters in the series. He comes across as a sort of antagonist throughout the first two seasons. He then turned into a protagonist during the last two seasons, following Bigweed and Lil Seaweed replacing him as the real main antagonists. Junior probably has the most character development of any character in "The Snorks."


Junior was born as Wellington Wetworth Junior in Snorkland. His father is Governor Wetworth, and his mother is the First Lady of Snorkland, and the co-chair snork of COWS, Committee Of Women Snorks (Up, Up and Awave). While his father was campaigning for Governor of Snorkland, Junior became best friends with Allstar. At the time, he was being bullied by Moose, so Allstar taught him to stand up for himself. Their good friendship became strained when it got to his head (The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth). In junior high, Junior owned Occy and trained him to be an "attack puppy." He later disowned him for not obeying his commands (Junior's Octopuppy). But deep down, Junior is a lovely kid.


Junior fancies himself

Junior is often described as a wealthy snob with a big ego who loves money and treasure. Sometimes his ego gets the best of him. Junior is very wilful and can be stubborn at times. Junior is very competitive and loves to win. He hates losing. He loves to look good and be the best. Junior can be very sarcastic at times. Junior may not be the nicest snork but he’s not the meanest snork either. Although Junior may be hardcore and doesn’t show his soft side, deep down he actually has a soft side.

Seasons 1 and 2 was where most of Junior’s worst moments took place. He was a bit of a bully. He acted dishonest toward the other Snorks. Junior would cheat at games and competitions. He mocked the other Snorks especially Allstar and Tooter. He was very scheming. Sometimes he can steal stuff. Season 1 in particular brought out the worst in Junior. His vicious ways caused him to do everything the sabotage Allstar and his friends.

By Seasons 3 and 4 Junior mellowed down and became more genuine to Allstar and his friends like when when he gave tickets on Casey's birthday (The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth) for instance. Although Junior isn’t as bad as he was on the first two seasons, his rude ways are still there. His sarcasm is used in a more joking manner more than a nasty way. Although he’s becoming better friends with Allstar and his friends, he can pester them, but that’s Junior he’s a headstrong character. However his soft side us shown more. In addition Junior also became a bit more heroic. Overall, Junior could be described as one of the most developed characters of the Snorks.


Governor Wetworth

Junior takes after his father, Governor Wetworth. They even get involved in Allstar's adventures, mainly to sabotage him and his friends. However, Junior did get in trouble with his father in three episodes of season 1, Which Snork Snitched, Das Boot, and The King of Kelp


Junior and Willie

Willie Wetworth is Junior’s younger brother. Although Willie looks up to him, and wants to play with him, Junior is sometimes rude to him.

Grandpa Wetworth

Junior is very close to his grandfather, and takes up after him. Junior can also be a bit protective of his grandpa. (I'll Be Senior)


After Junior disowned Occy, he and Occy began to have a really rocky relationship. Whenever Junior's around, Occy will growl at him and chase him around.


In Seasons 3 and 4, Junior appeared to have a crush on Daffney. In fact, after Dimmy disappeared from the show, Junior and Daffney were frequently paired with each other, sometimes gaining more attention than the Allstar and Casey pairing.


In Seasons 1 and 2, Junior had a huge crush on his frenemy, Casey. He would often stalk and tease her because of it. He even disguised himself as Tooter just so he could go to the Prom with her (Snorkdance). In seasons 3 and 4 Casey seemed to understand him more than she ever did, but still got annoyed with Junior’s antics


Junior and Allstar used to be close friends when they were younger, but now are rivals in the first two Seasons, and then okay friends in the last two seasons. He often calls him "Allwet," and tries to outperform him at everything he does. He is often jealous of Allstar, especially in the earlier episodes when it came to Casey. But in "Allstar's Last Hour," when Junior showed that he actually cared for Allstar the other Snorks were surprised.


Junior is an orange colored snork with bluish hair. He is often seen wearing a fancy blue and white suit, and will occasionally wear a hat.


Junior's voice is very high, and sounds almost tough. There are even hints of a Boston and Bronx accent when he speaks.

Junior Wetworth



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