Learn to Love Your Snork



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Written by:

Misty Stewart-Taggert

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

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NBC Premiere: September 28, 1985

Paired With:

A Hard Day's Snork

That is a hat! I happen to like hats! Don't YOU like it? - Casey

"Learn to Love Your Snork" is the 6th episode of Season 2. Casey begins to have self-conscious issues regarding the size of her snork, so she buys a product she believe will shrink her snork (which ultimately fails). She learns the hard way that she looks great the way she is.

Winter 1011 Kelz 271

Casey's snork is straight up as a result of the product

Plot Synopsis

The episode begins with a greedy gulperfish chasing after a rare, endangered sitting duckfish. Dr. Gallio is in his lab, watching all of the action through his shellescope. Allstar swims inside and tells his uncle that he got an A in aquabiology. Dr. Gallio then explains to his nephew that the sitting duckfish is a snack of the greedy gulperfish, and is about to go extinct. Then Allstar leaves to go see Daffney's sculpture in the art show.

Casey hurringly swims over to the art show, when she bumps into a snooty woman, who insults her about the size of her snork. Casey then wonders if she really has a large snork. She makes it to the art show on time, and shortly after Daffney reveals her sculpture, Casey learns that the sculpture she sculpted is her. Panicked, she leaves the art show. Allstar wonders why she wasn't too pleased with the sculpture, so Daffney guesses that she probably didn't know it was actually abstract aqua-art, which isn't supposed to look real.

Winter 1011 Kelz 272

Casey wearing a silly hat to hide her snork

While at her Auntie Marina's, Casey complains about the size of her snork. She considers canceling her date with Allstar when she sees an ad on TV for "Aqua Shrink," which is supposed to shrink ANYTHING. Casey quickly believes it'll shrink her snork, so she buys the product. After applying it onto her snork, it is sent "straight up," and it's not supposed to shrink for another two hours. Allstar arrives while she searches for one of her aunt's hats in her closet. He's startled by her hat, but doesn't seem to notice the real problem. While they're at the movies, however, her hat blocks the screen. Junior spots Casey and teases her about it. Very upset, she swims back to her aunt's house. She takes off the hat and learns that her snork hasn't shrunk, so she jumps on the bed and cries over it.

The next day, Casey swims to school wearing a hat that resembles the top of a sitting duckfish. Her friends laugh about it, so in response, Casey runs away, telling them they won't have to see her again. Allstar tries to run after her, but ends up bumping into Dr. Gallio, who actually thought Casey was a sitting duckfish. A greedy gulperfish also believes she's a sitting duckfish, so it runs after her. Allstar sees this, so he saves her and tries to pull off her hat. This proves to be unsuccessful, and Casey ends up getting caught in a coral tree. Allstar pulls her out of it, causing her to lose her hat. The gulperfish also gets the impression that sitting duckfish are really snorks in disguise. Grossed out, he stops trying to eat the rare sitting duckfish, and as a result, is no longer going extinct. Casey tells Allstar what she had been going through, so he tells her she looks great, and that he's "crazy about her snork." She blushes in response, and begins to like herself the way she is. Soon enough, they swim to school together, while looking into each other's eyes.

Memorable Quotes

Allstar: *slams door open* Uncle Gallo, are you here?

Dr. Gallio: *flat* Yes, Allstar, but I wish you'd knock first.

Daffney: Well, there it is.

Dimmy: Wow, it looks like a big sheet of seaweed! Great job, Daffney!

Allstar: Dimmy, the sculpture is under the seaweed.

Allstar: I got a starbright idea - get that stuff off your snork!

Casey: I will not! It's my snork, and you've already insulted it enough!

Allstar: But Casey, that gulperfish thinks you're his lunch!

Allstar: I'm sorry, Casey. That greedy gulper almost got you because of my big, clumsy feet.

Casey: You don't have big feet. It was my oversized, ugly snork that got us into all this trouble.

Allstar: What?! Your snork isn't big or ugly - it's just right. And I'm crazy about it!

Casey: *blushes* Really, Allstar? You're not just saying that to be nice?

Allstar: Cross my star.

Casey: I'm beginning to like myself just the way I am.

Allstar: We all do, Casey, but there is one thing.

Casey: What's that?

Allstar: We're gonna be late for school. Let's jet going. *swims, then trips*

Casey: *giggles* I didn't see a thing. Come on. *all swim together*

Background Info

  • We learn that Casey has some self-conscious issues
  • This is the most romantic Allstar and Casey have ever gotten throughout the entire series
  • We learn that Daffney is a sculpt artist
  • We also learn that Allstar can be a bit of a clutz from time to time
  • This is one of the more serious episodes on the show


  • Allstar, Junior, and Tooter swim inside the museum, although Allstar and Tooter are standing outside with Daffney
  • When Daffney laughs at Casey because of her silly looking hat, the top of her dress is the same color as her skin
  • Allstar attempts to pull Casey's hat off horizontally, rather than vertically
  • The line This snork of mine is nothing but trouble is said by Casey, but with Daffney's voice (Nancy may have read that line by accident during a voice recording for this episode)
  • When passing the gulperfish near the end, the top of the sitting duckfish is missing


  • Seastone Cop is more than likely a reference to Beverly Hills Cop, a popular 80's movie



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