Let's Snork a Happy Song is the Season 1 theme to The Snorks. It was exclusive to NBC when it first aired on Saturday mornings back in 1984, but today it can be found on YouTube and the Season 1 DVD. The theme tells the story of how Captain Ortega, after being attacked by pirates and his ship sinking into the lagoon, discovered the snorks and wrote about them in his journal. The narrator claimed no one believed him, but that his story might be true. It then goes to Snorkland where the snorks are having a party, and the Snorks title card shows up while Tooter makes some tooting noises through his snork.

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Season 1 theme



I first discovered Captain Ortega's logbook in a monestary that overlooks the sea. On the morning of February 13, 1634, Captain Ortega anchored his ship behind a barrier reef. That night, they were attacked by pirates. The ship set afire, sank into the lagoon. Ten days later, the captain was found - delirious, still clutching his logbook. He described the world of tiny underwater creatures no bigger than his thumb. No one believed him - but you know, there's something about Captain Ortega's story that makes me believe it's true.


Snork along, it's a Snorkville celebration
Snork along, let's snork a happy song
Snork along, let's snork a happy song

Tooter: Toots out the title card with his snork


  • While the show is set in Snorkland, the singer claims the snorks live in the town of Snorkville