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First Appearance:

Allstar's Last Hour

Final Appearance:

First Snork in Space

Voiced by:

B.J. Ward

Lil' Seaweed

Lil Seaweed is a seaweed-like creature and the assistant antagonist to Bigweed from Season 3 forward. While she has magic abilities, she proves to not be very successful at portraying them. However, she can disguise herself as another snork. She's not only considered the dumb one of the villainy bunch, but is also outwhitted by her schemes like Bigweed.


Lil Seaweed with Bigweed


It is unknown about Lil Seaweed's past.


Lil Seaweed is just as cocky as her partner Bigweed, but is a lot dumber than him. She has also been known to have a good side, often helping Daffney with her activities (Daffney's Ransom, The Daring Young Snork on the Flying Trapeze).

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Lil Seaweed in Season 3 and Season 4 intro


Lil Seaweed is overweight and covered in gobs of green seaweed. She also wears a red/pink bown on the top of her head, and has big red lips.



Her and Bigweed are partners in villainy, but they often act like an old married couple, thus arguing and bickering about almost everything. Bigweed has shown hint to liking Lil Seaweed; however, she has shown no signs of her liking him.


Lil Seaweed and Casey are arch-enemies. Both of them had a crush on a snork named Stevie in the episode Snorkerella. In fact, Lil Seaweed went as far as accusing Casey for cheating on a test, causing Casey to foresake the Homecoming Game so she could clean up the classroom. In the end, Stevie didn't accept Lil Seaweed and danced with Casey instead. At the same time, Casey and Lil Seaweed have helped each other get out of sticky situations (First Snork In Space).

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Casey, Molly, and Lil Seaweed in space


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