Little Lord Occy



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Written by:

Jim Pfanner

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

USA Premiere: October 8, 1988

Syndication Premiere: October 28, 1988

Paired With

Battle Of the Gadgets

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Training Occy

"Little Lord Occy" is the 10th episode of Season 4. Occy is discovered as the long lost pet of the Snorkhamptoms, so Occy goes to the mansion where he will be trained to act sophisticated and proper.

Plot Summary

The snorks are playing basketball outside, and Occy helps Allstar win the game. A limo pulls up to them, and out ccomes Hobbs, the butler to Lord Snorkington, searching for an octopuppy. He then examines Occy until he finds a star on the back of his head. He then claims Occy's the long lost octopup of the Snorkhamptons, as the star is supposed to be his birthmark. He then claims him to be "Little Lord Occy." He offers them a local playground to be built on the property if they choose to give Occy away to Lord Snorkington. None of the snorks are too happy about this.

However, Junior and the others convince Allstar to give Occy away and have him live the life of luxury. Casey says Occy would go to an obedient school, and Junior thinks the playground would help boost the town. Allstar's not into the whole idea, so they make him pretend to dislike Occy. But Occy overhears Allstar doing this, and so he sadly leaves home. Hobbs stops the limo and offers him a ride. Occy is then introduced to Lord Snorkington, and they agree that his training as an obedient octopup begin immediately. Occy is then trained in how to eat correctly, he rides seahorses, learns how to dance, balances books on his head, and has to learn opera. But they sense Occy misses Allstar and the others, so they choose to invite them to the Snorkutante Ball.

Meanwhile, the snorks are watching the local playground be built, but all Allstar can think about is Occy. Daffney receives the big invitation to the Snorkutante Ball, which is exciting for them. They go there, and Occy has to act proper and sophistiated for them. He refuses to dance with any of the snorks, but Lord Snorkington can sense Occy longs to return to them. He then says nothing can replace a friednship between a snork and his octopup, so he lets Occy return to Allstar. Everyone happily dances, and Hobbs too with Occy's fleas. 

Gang Dancing

Dancing at the Ball

Background Info

  • First time snorkberries were mentioned (like Smurf's smurfberries?!)
  • We learn that Occy is the long lost pet of the Snorkhamptons
  • Continuity Error 1: The Snorkutante Ball isn't like the Debutante Ball in Me JoJo, You Daffney
  • Continuity Error 2: It was revealed that Occy once belonged to the Snorkhamptons, although Junior helped him hatched out of an egg in Junior's Octopuppy

Memorable Quotes

Allstar: That's my Occy.

Junior: *Mocks* That's my Occy, that's my Occy! *they growl at each other*

Daffney: Allstar Seaworthy, how can you be so shellfish?

Snorks: Get her!

Daffney: *blushes* Well... you know what I mean. 

Junior: I still think they should've named it after me - it was my idea!

Casey: Poor Occy. He doesn't get to have any fun.

Allstar: Boy, is he snooty? He's ignored us the whole time we've been here.

Junior: What's the problem? He's rich now, he's supposed to be that way.


  • Allstar's room changes shape throughout
  • Hobbs' eyelids are uncolored at one point
  • How did Allstar know Occy was already at the Snorkhamptons if he didn't know for sure where Occy was and whether he was okay


  • Title and storyline is based off of the first children's novel Little Lord Fauntleroy, and Hobbs was named after Cedric's friend in the book



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