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Daffney and JoJo doing the Minuet

Me JoJo, You Daffney



Production Code


Broadcast Number


Written by:

Charles M. Howell, IV and Alan Burnett

Directed by:

Gerald Baldwin

Broadcast Information

NBC Premiere: December 1, 1984

Paired With

The Old Shell Game

"Me JoJo, You Daffney" is the 23rd episode of Season 1. After realizing that Dimmy doesn't appreciate her, Daffney decides to take JoJo to the annual Debutante Ball.

Plot Summary

The episode starts off with Ms. Seabottom taking her class to a picnic. Casey and Daffney are preparing food set-up while all the boys are playing snorkball. Daffney gets out the cookies she baked for Dimmy, in hopes he'd say "yes" when she asks him to the Debutante Ball, where the girls ask the boys. After Casey asks Allstar and he says yes, Daffney asks Dimmy, who responds with thinking he should buy a tuxedo while chowing down on cookies.

Meanwhile, JoJo is playing with Fengy, his dogfish. Daffney, who's disappointed that Dimmy didn't even say yes to her invitation, gets caught in a rip current. Luckily for her, JoJo saves her, so she gives him the rest of her cookies. Later that night, Casey's staying at her house, who JoJo plays music outisde her balcony. Daffney asks JoJo to the Debutante Ball, who gladly says yes. Meanwhile, Dimmy tries saying "yes" to her invitation, but learns she's taking JoJo.

Snorks 123 2

Dimmy dressed as JoJo

The next day, Daffney takes JoJo tuxedo shopping and also teaches him the Minuet. Dimmy gets angry, and demands an explanation as to why she's taking JoJo instead of him. She simply responds by saying he doesn't appreciate her, and that he always makes a mess of things. He then learns he should be more like JoJo. Later on, they go to the Debutante Ball, which is held at Ms. Buckfish's mansion. Meanwhile, Dimmy - dressed as JoJo - brings in a large fish that crashes the party. He then saves everyone, and JoJo leaves the dace with Fengy. Daffney tells Dimmy it was alright he made a mess, because he did this to show he cared about her.

Background Info

  • Daffney has a really fancy house
  • One of two appearances by Ms. Buckfish
  • Matilda's final appearance in the series

Memorable Quotes

Ms. Seabottom: Remember, it's up to you girls to ask the boys to the Debutante Ball.

Daffney: I hope Dimmy says yes!

Casey: If I know Dimmy, he'll say anything to get a mouthful of those cookies.

Allstar: Come on, Dimmy, you gotta tell Daffney you'll take her to the ball.

Dimmy: Gee, Allstar, I don't know. Maybe she'd rather go bowling.

Salesman: It's smashing!

JoJo: *wearing tuxedo incorrectly* I especially like the zipper. *it pops*

JoJo: What did you call this beast we rode on?

Daffney: That beast is a limousine.

JoJo: Oh, thank you great limousine.


  • When checking out all the comotion with Dimmy outside the Debutante Ball, Casey's entire dress is white


  • The "balcony scene" where Daffney asks JoJo to the Debutante Ball parodies Romeo and Juliet
  • Junior saying "chocolate" is a possible reference to the old Nestle Quik commercials, as Barry Gordon also did the voice of the Quik Bunny



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