Me JoJo, You Daffney/Transcript

(The snorks are at a picnic at the local park. The scene reverts from snorks playing volleyball to Ms. Seabottom and Casey at the picnic tables)

Ms. Seabottom: Well, I hope we have enough food for the school picnic.

(Occy shows up with multiple picninc baskets)

Casey: Occy has the food situation well in hand.

(Occy salutes to her in response)

Ms. Seabottom: *sees Daffney walking over with cookies* It looks like someone's been doing some baking.

Daffney: Yes, Ms. Seabottom. I hope Dimmy likes these. I'm gonna ask him to toe Debutante Ball.

Ms. Seabottom: Good idea, Daffney. Remember, it's up to you girls to ask the boys to the Debutante Ball.

Daffney: I hope Dimmy says "Yes."

Casey: If I know Dimmy, he'll say anything to get a mouthful of those cookies.

Occy: *rings bell and the boys turn to him* 

Dimmy: Oh, munch time!

Mrs. Seabottom: Now boy, let;s try to act mroe refined. After all, some young lady might wish to ask you to the Debutante Ball. 

Junior: Well I'm refined enough for the Debutante Ball if some young lady wished to ask me. 

Matilda: You called, cutie? I'd be proud as fine to go to the Debutante ball with you!

Junior: Ugh, me and my big mouth.

Casey: Would you like to go with me, Allstar?

Allstar: You do't even have to ask, Casey. 

Daffney: Gee, Dimmy, I'd love it if you'd go to the ball with me. 

Dimmy: Gee, Daff, I don't know. I'd have to wear a tuxedo, wouldn't I?

Allstar: Come on, Dimmy, let's get back to the game.

Dimmy: Okay, Allstar. I gotta go. 

Casey: Did he say yes?

Daffney: No. Didn't even thank me for the cookies.

(Meanwhile, Jojo and Fengy are playing in the distance) 

Jojo: Here, Fengy, catch. *they hear noise* Fengy, what's the matter? *they see the others* My friends from Snorkland. No, Fengy, I would like to join them, but I am too different. It would not work. 

Casey: I can't believe that Dimmy didn't say yes to the Debutante Ball. 

Daffney: Oh, you know how Dimmy is. 

Casey: If you ask me, Dimmy doesn't appreciate you. *pie lands in her face* Yuck!

Dimmy: Hey Daffney, get the ball.

Daffney: Okay, Dimmy.

Casey: At least you could say please.

Daffney: *gets it* Oh, the things I do for that guy. *wind blows* Help! 

Jojo: it's Daffney. She's in toruble.

Daffney: Help!

Casey: Oh no, somebody save her!

Daffney: Help!

Casey: Jojo!

(all cheer for him)

Daffney: You saved my life!

Jojo: You must be mroe careful in these currents, Daffney.

Daffney: *hands cookies to him* Here's some cookies that I baked. it's my way of saying thank you. 

Jojo: Ah, a delicacy from Snorkland. I shall enjoy them. Farewell, Daffney.

Daffney: Bye, Jojo.

Dimmy: Hey, I thought you made those cookies for me.

Daffney: I gave them to someone who would appreciate them. 

(At her house that night)

Daffney: I'm so glad you're spending the night, Casey. The Debutante Ball's tomorrow night, and Dimmy still hasn't said yes. 

Casey: He hasn't? You've got to find yourself another date. 

Daffney: But who else is there? 

(music outside) 

Casey: Where's that music coming from?

Daffney: I don't know, but it's beautiful. Jojo, what are you doing here? 

Jojo: *he's playing it in his flute* The cookies were wonderful. I've come to serenade you. 

Daffney: Oh, how romantic. 

(Allstar and Dimmy are outside) 

Allstar: Come on, Dimmy, you've got to tell Daffney you'll take her to the ball. 

Dimmy: Gee, Allstar, I don't know. Maybe she'd rather go bowling. 

Allstar: *hands him the flowers to give to Daffney* Don't be silly. The Debutante Ball's a lot of fun. Here are the flowers, there's the doorbell, tell her. 

Dimmy: Okay, Allstar, I guess you're right.

(but they hear the music too) 

Allstar: It's coming from around back. 

Daffney: That was lovely, jojo. Jojo, I was wondering, that is, um, I mean -- 

Casey: Go on, ask him.

Allstar: It's Jojo.

Daffney: Uh, I was wondering if you'd like to go with me to the Debutante Ball.

Jojo: Is that like snorkball?

Daffney: No, it's a big dance.

Casey: It's a lot of fun. Everyone wears a fancy dress. 

Jojo: I would like to go with you, but I do not have a fancy dress. 

Girls: *giggle*

Daffney: No, silly. You'd wear a tux. 

Jojo: But, I don't know how to dance.

Daffney: Don't worry, we'll teach you. 

Casey: We'll take care of everything. 

Allstar: I guess you don't have to worry about taking Daffney after all. 

Dimmy: *moans* Yeah, lucky me. 


(At tux shop later on) 

Worker: This is the latest in tuxedos, it will look absolutely stunning.

Daffney: Try it on, Jojo.

(they see him and giggle)

Worker: It's smashing.

Jojo: I especially like the zipper. *the tux rolls over on him*

(at ice cream parlor, Daffney and jojo dance)

Jojo: 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3.

Daffney: Good, Jojo. 

Junior: Hey, put some real music on that jutebox.

Daffney: Later, Junior, I'm teaching Jojo how to dance for the ball tonight. 

Junior: Oh, so she's taking Jojo to the ball? *sees Dimmy sitting by himself* No wonder Dimwit looks so glum. *swims over to him* Looks liek Daffney has a new date. 

Dimmy: What's Jojo got that I don't got?

Junior: Well at the moment he's got your girl, and I for one wouldn't stand for it. 

Dimmy: You're right! *swims to him* I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind!

Junior: Better make it a small piece, Dimwit, you don't have much to spare. 

Dimmy: Hey, Jojo, what are you doing with my girl?

Jojo: Uh, the Minuet? 

Daffney: Your girl?! For your information, I can ask anyone I want to the Debutante Ball!

Dimmy: How come you'd ask him? *slam ice cream, which flies onto her head*

Daffney: Ooh, because, becuase you always make a mess out of everything! You could learn a lot by being more like Jojo! Come on, Jojo! 

(Now at Debutante Ball) 

Daffney: At last, the Debutante Ball. Oh, how exciting. 

Jojo: What did you call this beast we rode on?

Daffney: That's a limosene.

Jojo: Oh, thank you, great limosene.

(everyone's having fun inside)

Older snork: Mistress Daffney Gillfin, and Master... Jojo?

Jojo: Mother of tides, who owns such a magnificent cave? 

Daffney: Mrs. Buckfish - she's the richest lady in Snorkland. 

Jojo: Oh, then I must be on my best behavior. *tuxedo losens and he falls down the stairs*

Daffney: Jojo!

Mrs. Buckfish: Goodness gracious, I'm Mrs. Buckfish. Are you alright? 

Jojo: I'm -- great grunion, hold still! *destroys her stoll* 

Mrs. Buckfish: My word!

Jojo: That horrible beast was attacking you. I have killed it. 

(Mrs. Buckfish faints)

Daffney: Jojo, that was no beast, that was her stoll. 

Jojo: Whatever it was, it is dead now.

Junior: *laughs* Now that Jojo's here, this party's really starting to jump!

Matilda: Speaking of jump, honey, let's you and me dance! 

(Matilda dances with him) 

Junior: Huh? Wait! 

Daffney: Sorry about the boah, Mrs. Buckfish. 

(Junior wails)

Allstar: *laughs* Looks like Junior's having a good time. 

Jojo: That matilda - she dances like a spiny crab.

Matilda: That was more fun than a barrel of catfish. Let's do it again! 

Junior: I think I'll sit this one out. Look, Jojo will dance with you!

Matilda: Oh, Jojo!

Junior: Ugh, just in time. *to window* Psst, Dimmy, you ready?

Dimmy: *with giant fish and an appearance parallel to Jojo* Over here, Junior. This oughta show Daffney that i an be a wild snork, too. 

Junior: *laughs* This is gonna be great. Hey everybody, get a load of this! 

(Casey is helping Mrs. Buckfish recover) 

Casey: Are you alright, Mrs. Buckfish?

Mrs. Buckfish: I think I'm fine now, thank you. 

(snorks swim towards commotion)

Daffney: What's going on?

Casey: It's soemthing outside.

(they see it too)

Daffney: Dimmy!

Dimmy: *rides on the fish* See Daffney, I can be wild, too! Whoa!

Daffney: He's in trouble! I better get Jojo!

Jojo: 1, 2, 3, 7, 12, 83, are you sure this is the Minuet? 

Matilda: Minuet?! I thought we was dancin'!

Daffney: Jojo, Dimmy's in trouble, he's outside!

Jojo: What? Oh, thank you, I must go. 

Matilda: *grabs his tux by accident* Jojo, honey, wait!

(Dimmy cuases chaos at the Debutante Ball, causing Mrs. Buckfish to faint yet again)

Allstar: Mrs. Buckfish, Mrs. Buckfish! 

Jojo: Dimmy, where are -- mother of itdes. *heads back inside* 

Junior: This is working too good. *fish kicks him into chocolate cake* Mmm, chocolate. 

Jojo: *gets on the fish* Fioli, guova! *gets knocked down* 

Allstar: Jojo, you've done it!

Mrs. Buckfish: You've saved my party!

Jojo: Yes, and i think I too must leave. *takes off tux and goes back to normal* The civilization is too much for me. 

Dimmy: I'm sorry I made such a mess, Daffney. 

Daffney: Oh that's okay, Dimmy. *takes his hand* I know you only did it to show me how much you care.

Dimmy: Gee, thanks, Daff.

(Jojo heads back outside and Fengy barks for all the details)

Jojo: *laughs* I'll tell you later, Fengy. You'd never believe me. 

(he leaves as he plays his music)

(c) 1984 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International