Snorks Minor Characters and Theme Songs 062

Mrs. Wetworth with her husband and Willie

Mrs. Wetworth is the First Lady of Snorkland, the co-founder of C.O.W.S. (Committee Of Women Snorks) and the wife of Governor Wetworth and mother of Junior and Willie. Much like her husband, all she cares about is being a member of the higher social class, as she often comes across as rather snobby. However, she is the one who will finish her husband's speeches should he forget his words (Vandal Scandal, The King of Kelp). She will often freak out if something goes wrong, such as when her house is destroyed by outside sources such as volcanic rock or if any of her kids do something wrong (Snork Marks the Spot, Fine Fettered Friends). Her first appearance was in Journey To the Source, and her final appearance was Willie's Best Fiend. She is voiced by Joan Garner
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