Mummy Snorkest
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Written by:

Berny Wolf

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Premiere: November 7, 1987

Paired With

A Farewell of Arms

Mummy Snorkest is the 18th episode of Season 3. The snorks are sent to the pyramids to find King Tut-Snork's mummy and bring it back to the Snorkland Museum. But their little adventure soon becomes chaotic for them!

Plot Summary

The episode begins with Allstar, Casey, and Daffney swimming over the the Snorkland Museum for a class field trip. Meanwhile, Junior's working at his own cookie factory, and he's having Tooter and Jojo bake as many cookies as they can. This ends up being an epic fail, as the over-baking causes the entire factory to explode into pieces.

Later on, the entire gang goes to Snorkland Museum with Ms. Seabottom, where Dr. Gallio tells them all about King Tut-Snork and his life. All five snorks have been selected to get King Tut-Snork's mummy from the nearest pyramid, and bring it back to the museum. This creeps them out, but they decide to do it, anyway. Meanwhile, the Great Snork Nork plans on fooling the snorks by disguising himself as King Tut-Snork's mummy.

While the gang is down within the pyramid, they learn it is probably best not to go down there. They do so, and become scared along the way. They grab the mummy, which happens to be the Great Snork Nork in disguise, and bring him back to the museum. He starts moving, and a note falls out. Everyone starts swimming around the museum as it becomes dark, only to learn that the note was a fake, and the mummy wasn't really the mummy. The Great Snork Nork's mission had failed, and the snorks now have to go get the real mummy from the museum.

Background Info

Memorable Quotes

Allstar: What was that?

Casey: Uh oh, there goes Junior.

Daffney: And there goes Tooter.

Allstar: Looks like Junior's machine is history.

Daffney: Well, that's the way the cookie crumbles, huh?

Daffney: That's it - to Tut or not to Tut, I've had it!

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Going to find the mummy


  • Casey has a black dot on her cheek at one point
  • Several times, it appears that Ms. Seabottom is wearing a white headband
  • Was Casey hiding before the "big chase scene" near the end?
  • Gallio was supposed to be the narrator for the episode?


  • The title is a play on the saying "Mommy/Mummy Dearest"
  • Daffney quotes Hamlet's famous line, but tweeks it around - "To Tut or not to Tut, I've had it!"



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