Mummy Snorkest/Transcript

(Allstar, Casey, adn Daffney are swimming together)

Allstar: The museum is gonna be fun!

Daffney: Yeah, I like the history part!

Casey: It's too bad Junior's going to misss the history tour. He's so busy with his cookie machine.

Daffney: Did you say "cookie," or "cooky" machine? *laughs*

Casey: Well, knowing Junior, it's cookies - something he can sell. 

(Junior's Cookie Factory is now in full view)

Junior: Okay now, Jojo, spray the powder on the belt. See, that keeps the cookies from sticking. 

(As Tooter colelcts them, Jojo sprays them with powder)

Junior: Tooter, hurry up, catch those cookies! I'm going to speed up production. *he turns up the notch and it goes way too fast for Totoer to even catch or for Jojo to spray* Jojo, quick, more powder! Lots of it! Spray the belt, quick! Oh, the cookies are sticking! Jojo, more powder! 

(But Jojo sneezes the machine broken - meanwhile, the otehrs are still swimming together)

Allstar: Wow, what was that?

(They see Junior, Tooter, and Jojo swimming out)

Casey: Uh oh, there goes Junior. 

Daffney: And there goes Tooter!

Allstar: Well, I guess Junior's cookie machine is history.

Daffney: Well, that's the way to cookie crumbles, huh? 

(Everyone is now at the Snorkland History Museum)

Ms. Seabottom: Now children, you'll find the History of Snorkland is a most exciting subject. 

Allstar: History's my favorite subject.

Daffney: Uh huh, mine too, I love it.

Tooter: *toots that he loves it too*

Ms. Seabottom: Alright now, Gallio will tell you about a day in the lfie of Snorkland's most famous figure, King tut Snork. 

Gallio: Yes, King Tut Snork is my favorite subject. *pictures of him are being shown on the wall as Gallio speaks* Here, King Tut Snork awakens to the sound of his alarm clock shellfish. This shows Kign tut Snork reading a scroll, his morning newspaper. Now, out for a morning ride. Here is the king with a female friend. And finally this is King Tut Snork in his sockel, sock of -- *continuously stutters on that last part*

Ms. Seabottom: Soemthing that's already wrapped goes into that case. 

Gallio: Now, as to your mission --

Ms. Seabottom: Oh, I wish I could go with you.

Allstar: Mission?

Casey: Go with us? Where? 

Gallio: Yes, you've all been selected to go to King Tut Snork's tomb and bring back his mummy.

Daffney: His mummy? What does she look like?

Junior: Guess again, Daffney, it's that thing there. *points to picture*

Tooter: *toots about how he doesn't wanna join the mission*

(All are now in a wagon, ready for their big mission)

Gallio: You have your instructions. Good luck!

Allstar: Let's go. *they leave* Ah, this is exciting.

Casey: Oh, if you say so.

Daffney: A rag-wrapped mummy, oh, that's icky sticky poo!

(Back at the museum, the Greak Snork Nork's two henchmen come out of hiding - then they head back to their boss's lair, where he is taking his daily slumber)

Henchmen: *whisper it all to him* And then they're gonna bring back the King Tut Snork mummy!

Great Snork Nork: *falls out and wakes up* A mummy?! Who needs a thousand year old ruler? Wait a minute, you nork heads, I the Great Snork Nork have a sneaky nork of an idea! Grab the mummy - this calls for my Grab the Mummy Plan 56! You two bring the wraps!

(They grab the wraps and follow him out)


(The snorks are still finding the mummy)

Casey: *reads sign* Uh oh - Warning: Proceed At Your own Risk.

Junior: Uh, I don't like that.

Allstar: Well, it looks okay to me.

Tooter: *a little confused, but goes right along with it*

Junior: Looks like abd news!

Allstar: Come on now, it's just a sign! Looks okay up ahead!

Junior: Uh, I think maybe we oughta turn back, uh huh?

Casey: Uh, let's go on.

Daffney: Alright we me. 

(they all literally go downhill from there)

Allstar: Whoa, we're closer.

Daffney: I've had it! To tut or not to tut, I've had it!

Casey: Oh Daffney, come on, we're almost there!

Tooter: *points something out* 

Allstar: You're right, Casey, look!

Junior: *shaking* I can almost see it from here*

Casey: Yes, yes, there it is!

(They see a pyramid way ahead of them)

Allstar: Well, eh, here we are.

(Inside it is the Great Snork Snork with the tombstone)

Great Snork Nork: Alright, now make it snappy! I can hear them! Put it down quick, behind that door, and shove that tut mummy out the back door! Okay, wrap me up, and be quick! *they do so*

(As they leave, the snorks arrive)

Casey: Oh, I don't like this.

Daffney: It's spooky! Mummies, yuck!

Henchman 1: The box is too big!

Henchman 2: Nah uh, he's too small. 

Great Snork Nork:

Allstar: This is it, I.. guess...

Daffney: Ew, cobwebs, spiders, dead things, oh icky sticky poo!

Casey: Oh, let's get that thing onto the wagon.

Junior: Yeah, and get out of here.

Tooter: *agrees with them*

(Back at the museum, where King tut Snork's mummy's tombstone is placed high)

Gallio: Ah, at last! King Tut Snork's mummy is in a place of honor!

Ms. Seabottom: Yes, yes, a marvelous treasure. Oh children, you performed a wonderful service!

Gallio: *note pops out* What's that? Is it from the past? *grabs it and reads it aloud* When my casket is open, I will again take my rightful place as King Tut Snork, ruler of all snorkdum.

Allstar: That can't be! This mummy's been long, long gone!

Junior: Yeah, who wants a mummy for a king?

Casey: No way!

Gallio: I don't like the look of this. Something is wrong.

Ms. Seabottom: Yes, Gallio, perhaps we should --

Gallio: We should go back to the lab and analyze this paper after at the write. Children, we're taking this message back to the lab. *they leave* You all stand guard. But don't touch anything - we'll be back in an hour or so. 

Daffney: Stand guard?! Ooh, I don't like the sound of that!

Tooter: *toots in nervousness*

Allstar: I think I'll knock on wood for good luck. *he does so, but it knocks back - a note pops out, so Allstar reads it aloud* Declare me king, or King Tut's curse will forever be upon you, especially you snorks!

Junior: Curse on us?! *knocks on it* No way!

(But the Great Snork Nork and his henchmen wrapped up pop out and chase them around the museum, turning off all the lights and making noises - although he causes havoc himself)

Great Snork Nork: *they all break free* Go get 'em! 

(Tooter sees them, they grab his feet, then he and the other snorks hide in the empty tombstone of King Tut Snork)

Great Snork Nork: *turns on the light and leaves*

Gallio: Well, I hope the kids are okay.

Ms. Seabottom: I certainly hope so.

Gallio: Look, you see that?

Ms. Seabottom: Yes, but where are the kids?

(They pop out of the tombstone, glad to see the others)

Daffney: Here we are!

Casey: Oh, are we glad to see you!

Allstar: That mummy is a monster!

Gallio: We know - this note is a fake. What we just saw was a dummy mummy. You snorks must return to the tomb and bring back the real King Tut Snork. 

Allstar: Uh oh!

Gallio: And hurry!

(They return to get the real mummy yet again)

Occy: *sniffs around until he finds the real mummy and points it out to the others*

(Back at he museum, where they real mummy has been returned into his rightful tombstone)

Gallio: Well, we finally got the real mummy in the right place!

Allstar: Yeah, but what happened to the dummy mummy?

Ms. Seabottom: Well why don't you ask Occy? He's unveiling it now.

Occy: *unwarps the Great Snork Nork and his two henchmen*

Great Snork Nork: Drat! I'm defeated!

Henchmen: No, boss! We're the feet! Yeah, the feet! Get it?

Great Snork Nork: Yeah, I get it! And now you're gonna get it! *chases them around*

(Allstar and his friends use the wagon yet again)

Gallio POV: And then, after that, the royal mummiers returned to its sacred tomb out of respect of Snorkland's legendary former King Tut Snork, known to snorks from hereon as, "mummy snorkest." 

(c) 1987 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International