Never Cry Wolf-Fish/Transcript

(Dimmy leaves his house one morning)

Mrs. Finster: Dimmy, hold it, you forgot to rinse your plate.

Dimmy: Oh, sorry mom. *swims back inside to clean it*

Mrs. Finster: Thanks, Dimmy.

Dimmy: Can I go now, mom?

Mrs. Finster: Yes, Dimmy, I can see you're in *he leaves* a hurry.

Mr. Finster: Dimmy, hold it, did you forget something important?

Dimmy: Oops, you're right, dad. *swims back inside* I almost forgot the snorkoculars. *retrieves them* Thanks, dad. Oh, don't worry, I won't let them out of my sight, bye. *leaves them, but get them again* Oops, I got a little ahead of myself. 

(Casey and Allstar are waiting for him)

Casey: I just hope Dimmy jets here soon. I don't wanna miss a thing.

Allstar: Oh I'm sure he'll be here any *Dimmy swims by* minute.

Casey: Dimmy, what in the whirlpool took you so long?

Dimmy: Oh, I had to wash about 100 dishes at home.

Allstar: Sounds like a big breakfast. Well, let's jet going. 

(They head off)

Dimmy: See what my dad loaned me? *shows off snorkoculars*

Casey and Allstar: Wow, great snorkoculars!

Dimmy: Well it's only once a year that the flying fish come back to Kelpastrato, and I want 'em to look their best.

(They arrive at the Kelpastrato)

Allstar: According to my field guide to flying fishes, this is the spot. *all put seaweed around their snorks* Now according to the guide, this seaweed will keep the flying fish from seeing us.

Dimmy: And keep us from seeing them.

Casey: Shh, comething's coming.

Dimmy: Oh, I betcha it's a big whale. 

Allstar: Not quite, Dimmy.

Dimmy: Well, it might grow up to be one.

Allstar: Come on, we'll do our fish-watching over here.

Dimmy: Nah, too crowded. I bet I'll see more flying fish from this spot than any snork's ever seen before.

Allstar: Dimmy, sit still.

Dimmy: This seaweed may be good for hiding, but it's snork-awful for sitting. *sees through wrong end* hey, how'd you guys get so far away?

Casey: Dimmy, you're looking through the wrong ends.

Dimmy: Well, these deluxe snorkoculars are more complicated than regular ones. *sees tiny brown fish* Hey, come quick! It's a colossal wolf-fish!

(They swim to him)

Casey: I don't see a wolf-fish. 

Allstar: I don't see anything.

Dimmy: There really was an awful, mean lookin' fish!

Allstar: *chuckles* Sure, there was. 

Casey: *giggles*

Dimmy: Well, maybe it wasn't a wolf-fish, but it was something. 

Casey: Well I don't wanna see anything except some flying fish. Come on, Allstar.

(They leave, and a bug-fish swims over top of Dimmy)

Dimmy: Aye, bug-fish, shoo, shoo! This is no fun! Wait, I see something. *sees shadow of a dancign starfish* Wow! Allstar, Casey, ccome quick! *they do* I've got the grandaddy of all starfish right in my sights!

Allstar: Well, where is it?

Dimmy: See for yourself!

(All they see is a dancing starfish)

Casey: Dimmy, that's just an ordinary little starfish.

Allstar: Please, Dimmy, if you can't stop exaggerating, then try making less noise. You'll scare all the flying fish away.

Casey: *adjusts snorkoculars* Here, maybe now you can see what's really there. Come on, Allstar. *they leave him behind*

Dimmy: I can't help. I've always had a vivid imagination. It keeps me from getting bored. Hey guys, why don't we snork outta here and find a better spot?

Allstar: Relax, just keep your snork on. 

Dimmy: Suffering seashell! This is it! *sees flying hawkfish* This is the big one, no doubt about it! it's huge, it's snorkpendous, and it's a flying hawkfish. Jet over here quick!

Casey: Allstar, you can check it out if you want to, but I've heard enough tall tales for one day.

Allstar: Yeah, me too. *sees sparrowfish* Hey look, a flock of sparrowfish, see them?

Casey: Yes. Dimmy, look at all those cute little sparrowfish.

Dimmy: Nah-uh. I've got bigger fish to fly. I'm keepin' my eyes on the hawkfish.

(It takes him away)

Casey: Allstar, did you hear something?

Allstar: Yeah. *laughs* These sparrowfish sure are noisy little fellas, aren't they? 

Dimmy: Help, let me go, please! Allstar, Casey, any snork, help! Don't drop me on my --

(Lands in nest head first)

Dimmy: Snork. *three baby hawfish pop out to see him* Three's comapny, and four's a crowd. I'm jettin' outta here! *they cry but mama hawkfish makes him stay* Uh oh, maybe not. *sees them being fed worms, and she tries feeding Dimmy some too* Yuck! Water-worms! No way I'm gonna -- *swallows one* yuck, that tasted even worse than I thought it would! Now that I've had my dinner, may I be excused? *she lays on top of them* I wanted to see flying fish, but not this close. 

(Back to the Kelpastrato)

Casey: I've never seen so many fish of a feather fly together.

Allstar: The guidebook's right - it's a sight worth waiting a whole year for, no exaggeration. Hey Dimmy! *not seen* Oh tidepools, when I asked Dimmy to be quiet, I never thought he'd be this quiet.

Casey: Maybe seeing really incredible fish has him speechless. 

(Back at hawkfish nest)

Dimmy: Look, you got it all wrong. I'm not your baby, I'm not even a fish, or a hawkfish. *she leaves* Now's my chance! Well, kids, it's been nice roomin' with ya, but it's time for me to fly the coup! 

Babies: *cry for him*


Dimmy: Poor little fins, your mama will be back soon. Don't cry. *they do as he leaves* Now don't cry, Uncle Dimmy's here. *mama makes him sit again* Oops, back so soon? I don't know what I wanna be when I grow up, but it's definitely not a hawkfish. *feeds him more water-worms* Not again! Ever! *swallows one* Yugh!

(Now at Kelpastrato again)

Casey: That was a sight worth wrapping a snork in seaweed. 

Allstar: Yeah, not to mention sitting in this soggy stuff for hours. I don't know how Dimmy stayed so quiet over there. 

Casey: There's one way to find out. *they go to him, but only the snorkoculars are there*

Allstar: Shifing seabits, Dimmy's gone!

Casey: Oh, you know Dimmy. He probably got bored and found another lookout.

Allstar: Nah uh, not without taking his father's best snorkoculars. 

Casey: Like I said, why are we treading water? Let's go find Dimmy. *she takes his hand and they go search for him*

(Nest again)

Dimmy: I always wanted brothers and sisters, but I thought they'd be snorks. *hears noise* I hope that's not my stomach growling, because I don't wanna eat again. 

(A wolf-fish appears)

Dimmy: Oh no, it's a wolf-fish! And he's worse than anythign I could've imagined!

(Hawkfish and Wolf-fish fight)

Dimmy: Hey, pick on some snork your own size! And that doesn't mean me! *they still fight* Yikes, I guess that does mean me! *places stick in his mouth* Mama, help! *she smacks him and he leaves - Dimmy's seaweed also falls off his snork* We did it, mama.

Hawkfish: *confused*

Dimmy: That's what I've been tryin' to tell ya. I'm no fish, I'm a snork. See? 

(Babies cheer for him anyway)

Dimmy: Hey, that tickles! And I better jet goin'. My friends are waiting for me. *pats babies on heads* You be good now, little babyfins. 

Hawkfish: *cries*

(Meanwhile, Allstar and Casey are searching for Dimmy)

Allstar: Dimmy, where are you?

Casey: Dimmy!

Allstar: I'll check that clump of kelp over there. *leaves*

Casey: I'll bet he's hiding in here. *swims to cave* Dimmy! *turns to see something* Uh on, there's a rare sight. 

(The wolf-fish swims toward her, so she drops her binoculars and hides in the cave)

Casey: A mean and angry lone wolf-fish! HELP!

Dimmy: Wait until Allstar and Casey hear about the flying fish I've seen. 

Casey: *from cave* Allstar, HELP! 

Dimmy: Great guppies, sounds like Casey's in trouble!

Allstar: *enters cave* Casey, what is it? Did you find Dimmy?

Casey: No, but we've got bigger problems.

(Wolf-fish tries to attack Allstar)

Allstar: Yeah, I see what you mean?

Casey: Got any starbright ideas, Allstar?

Allstar: Yeah, uh, there must be another way out of here. *tries finding one*

Casey: Allstar, wait! *sees him hit his head* It's a dead end cave!

Allstar: *floats* So I noticed. 

(Wolf-fish comes closer)

Casey: What do we do now? 

Allstar: I think you had the right idea, Casey. We scream our snorks off. HELP!

Casey: HELP!

(Dimmy hears both of them scream "Help!")

Dimmy: Great tidepools, Casey and Allstar are both in trouble!

(Wolf-fish almost eats them)

Casey: Our snorks are against the wall. 

Allstar: Huh? Looks liek I'm all out of ideas, and we're all out of luck. 

(As they scream for help, Dimmy sees the wolf-fish stuck)

Dimmy: There's no hawkfish to help me now. *grabs stick and puffer* Maybe this'll work. *places several in the wolf-fish, who yelps in pain and then leaves* Allstar! Casey!

Casey: *her and Allstar swim to him* Dimmy Finster, where have you been?

Dimmy: Where have I been? I've just been savin' you from that wolf-fish!

Allstar: Come on, Dimmy, we're in no mood for stories.

Casey: Yeah, we barely escaped that wolf-fish by the skin of our snorks. 

Dimmy: Thanks to me!

Casey: Hmm, sounds like a bunch of hot water to me. 

Dimmy: Oh yeah? Watch this? *demonstrates what he did* 

Allstar: So that's what you did.

Dimmy: Exactly! But the wolf-fish got the point and turned tail! Well that's the end of my story. But first, let me tell you about a giant hawkfish that picked me up and took me to her nest. 

(They roll his eyes outside the cave as he continues his story)

Dimmy: And then she fed me water-worms, yugh, because she thought I was one of her babies, and then --

Allstar: Hold it, hold it! Uh, what do you think, Casey?

Casey: Well you may have saved us from the wolf-fish, but that giant hawkfish story is the tallest tale you've ever told. 

Dimmy: Well it may sound wild, but it's true. See?

Allstar: *looks up with Casey* Well I'll be snork-tied!

Casey: I must have too much salt in my eyes!

Dimmy: Nope, that's them, alright. Hi, mama! Hi, little babyfins!

(Hawkfish mama and her babies wave at them)

Casey: Well, cork my snork. Your story was true after all. I apologize for not believing you, Dimmy. 

Allstar: Yeah, so do I. *hands him his binoculars back* I thought you were just exaggerating again. 

Dimmy: Who, me? If I told ya once, I told ya a MILLION times. I never exaggerate - much! *wink*

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