Never Cry Wolf-Fish



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Written by:

Betty G. Birney

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

NBC Premiere: September 21, 1985

Paired With:

Chickens of the Sea

I've always wanted to have brothers and sisters, but I'd though they'd be snorks. - Dimmy

"Never Cry Wolf-Fish" is the 4th episode of Season 2. Dimmy, Casey, and Allstar go observe some flying fish. The view is much closer for Dimmy, as he is taken by a hawkfish, and stays in a nest with her babies.

Winter 1011 Kelz 269

Dimmy with his "new family"

Plot Summary

After Dimmy does the dishes and retrieves his father's snorkoculars, he meets Allstar and Casey outside. They're going to see the flying fish return to Kelpastrato. Upon arriving there, they wrap some seaweed around their snorks in order to prevent the flying fish from seeing them. Allstar and Casey go hide in one spot, while Dimmy hides in another. The first thing Dimmy sees is a "wolf-fish," but his friends don't believe him. The next thing he sees is a grand-daddy starfish; however, his friends only see an ordinary starfish. They tell him he shouldn't exaggerate, or he'll scare away the flying fish.

Dimmy actually sees a flying hawkfish nearby, but his friends don't bother seeing it for themselves. They tell him to focus on the flock of sparrowfish, but decides to keep his eye on the hawkfish instead. Nature has other plans when the hawkfish takes Dimmy away! Allstar and Casey believe his cries for help are only the sounds being made by the sparrowfish. The hawkfish takes him to her nest, where he is fed waterworms and takes a nap. He tries to leave when the baby hawkfish cry. The mother returns, and Dimmy is fed even more waterworms.

Winter 1011 Kelz 270

Dimmy tells his friends he saved them from the wolf-fish

Meanwhile, Allstar and Casey are suprised at how "quiet" Dimmy's been. They swim over to check on him, only to find his dad's snorkoculars, which he would've never left without. While they attempt to find him, a voracious wolf-fish tries to eat the baby hawkfish. The mother fights back in defense, for both her babies and Dimmy. At the same exact moment, Dimmy puts a stick in the wolf-fish's mouth, and he leaves. The momma hawkfish and her babies praise him, even after revealing he's a snork.

Unfortunately, this only works for a short period of time. The wolf-fish breaks through it as it nears Casey. She drops her snorkoculars and swims inside the cave. Dimmy hears her cries for help at the same time Allstar swims in to check on her. They try to escape when the wolf-fish comes near them. Thankfully, Dimmy's nearby as Allstar's out of starbright ideas. He grabs a piece of coral and blows a few pointy balls through his snork, which hit the wolf-fish, causing him to swim away in pain. He greets his friends, and he shows them how he saved them. Afterwards, he tells them his experience with the momma hawkfish and her babies. Allstar and Casey don't believe him; that is, until they see the family swim right above them. They apologize for not believing him in the first place, as they thought he was just exaggerating again. Dimmy wraps up the episode by telling them he "never exaggerates... much," followed by a wink at the audience.

Memorable Quotes

Casey: Dimmy, what in the whirlpool took you so long?

Dimmy: Oh, I had to wash about 100 dishes at home.

Allstar: Sounds like a big breakfast.

Allstar: According to the guide, this seaweed will keep the flying fish from seeing us.

Dimmy: *the seaweed drops on him* And keep us from seeing them.

Casey: Shh. Something's coming.

Dimmy: I betcha it's a big whale. *he sees a small fish instead*

Allstar: Not quite, Dimmy.

Dimmy: Well, it might grow up to be one.

Dimmy: Hey, how'd you guys get so far away?

Casey: Dimmy, you're looking through the wrong end!

Dimmy: Well, these deluxe snorkoculars are more complicated than regular ones.

Dimmy: Three's company, and four's a crowd. I'm getting out of here. *momma stops him* Maybe not!

Dimmy: Now that I've had my dinner, may I be excused? *momma hawkfish sits on him and her babies before the big nap* I wanted to see flying fish, but not this close.

Dimmy: I hope that's not my stomach growling, because I don't wanna eat again.

Casey: Got any starbright ideas, Allstar?

Allstar: Yeah, uh, there must be another way out of here! *tries to find one*

Casey: Allstar, wait! *bang* It's a dead end cave!

Allstar: *floats around* So I noticed.

Dimmy: Who me? If I told you once, I told you a MILLION times. I never exaggerate - much! *wink*

Background Info

  • We learn that Dimmy has an active imagination
  • Dimmy still doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up
  • We also learn that Dimmy's an only child
  • Casey and Allstar cuddle themselves for protection from danger - the second time this is seen takes place in the Season 4 episode "Snork Ahoy"
  • In saying "I don't wanna eat again", this is the first and only time Dimmy has an out-of-character line regarding food


  • Allstar's guide magically disappears when Dimmy sees the "big whale"
  • The straps of the snorkoculars are either there or not whenever in sight
  • Allstar's and Casey's seaweeds are gone during the search


  • The episode's title is based on the classic saying Never cry wolf, which means "don't exaggerate"
  • The Kelpastrato is probably based on the Strato, a real-life bird-watching sanctuary in Southeast Ohio



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