Now You Seahorse, Now You Don't



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Written by:

Cynthia Friedlob and John Semper

Directed by:

Gerald Baldwin

Broadcast Information

NBC Premiere: October 13, 1984

Paired With

A Snorking We Will Go

Now You Seahorse, Now You Don't is the 10th episode of Season 1 and the series. Junior cheats Allstar by winning a seahorse race, and Allstar and Casey must find what has been making Junior's horse faster than Allstar's horse, Seabiscuit.

Snorks 110 1

Dr. Gallio with Allstar and Casey

Plot Summary

Over at the Shellmont Race Track, the big Snorkel Chase takes place. All of the main snorks are on their respective horses (well, the horse is on Tooter this time), and the race kicks off for them. Allstar and his horse Seabiscuit well ahead of the game, but Junior and his horse Snorkaway are way behind. He has Willie get out a suitcase, which has some magnetic effect on Snorkaway, so before Allstar wins, Junior does by cheating. Still, Allstar and Junior have to compete in the next Snorkel Chase so that the winner would lead in the Flounder's Day parade.

Casey gets mad at Junior for cheating, and so Junior makes a bet that if he wins the race, she has to date him. Allstar knows Seabiscuit has to win, not just for him but for Casey, because neither one of them like the idea of her going on a date with Junior. For quite some time, they train Seabiscuit, and sometimes it goes haywire, like when she eats Tooter's clamburger after Dimmy attempts to eat it. When all doesn't go well for them, Allstar and Casey console Dr. Gallio, who's in the middle of his latest invention by making a compass used for the Silverfish. Allstar accidentally takes the magnet needed assuming it was his stop watch, and it leads them to Junior, who's secret weapon to training Snorkaway is by feeding him a lot of gourmet food. But it's not just Snorkaway's desire to constantly eat that makes him win, but the magnets Junior has palced near him. 

Allstar knows he can't get away with it any longer, so he has his friends set up a plan to take him down and prove his fraud in the first place. When the next Snorkel Chase takes place, Allstar tries to win fair and square. However, Junior attempts to cheat more by making Allstar race off of the track. Allstar ends up going right threw town, but in the end, they get a lot of suitcases out. This causes Snorkaway to skid out of control, making Allstar touch the finish line and for Junior to end up being disqualified. When it's time for the Flounder's Day parade, Allstar and Casey lead in the largest float with Junior and his magnet trailing right behind them.

Snorks 110 2

Junior and Willie feeding the horse

Background Information

  • We learn that all of the snorks own their own seahorses
  • This is more likely the first time Casey obviously shows affection for Allstar

Memorable Quotes

Allstar: Seabiscuit's a great seahorse!

Junior: Oh yeah?! Well Casey and I have a bet that says she isn't!

Occy: *Growls and chases him* 

Junior: Yipes! I was only kidding!

Junior: Tell the chefs to go home, Willie.

Willie: *to chefs* Go home, Willie.

Allstar: This time, the yolk's on him!

Casey: Oh, did you have to say that?

Junior: *behind them as magnet is around them* Did you ever have one of those days?


  • Flounder's Day was supposed to be a month later, but it came by quicker than that


  • All the horses have some meaning, especially Seabiscuit, named after the famous racing horse



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