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Owners: Junior (disowned) Allstar (adopted)

First Appearance

Journey To the Source

Final Appearance

Wish Or Wish Out

Voiced by

Frank Welker

Occy is an octopus with similar behaviors to a dog. He was once Junior's pet, but Allstar adopted him after he was disowned.

Occy as an octopuppy


Occy was born in Snorkland, and once belonged to Junior. Following his birth, Junior attempted to train him to be an "attack puppy," but Occy kept failing to follow his orders. For example, instead of shredding the newspaper like he was told, he fetched it, and later glued the torn pieces back together, which greatly annoyed Junior. His first encounter with Allstar took place at school, when he was guarding Junior's locker. While on a field trip, he got stuck in a large piece of coral while trying to retrieve a frisbee for Junior, so Allstar and Casey got him out. He and his owner were later being chased by a snorkeater and a baby snorkeater while they were trying to catch a butterfly shrimp. Occy saved Allstar in the process, but Junior later disowned him for not obeying his commands. Shortly afterwards, Allstar adopted him (Junior's Octopuppy).


Occy is kind and friendly to most snorks. He is very loyal to Allstar, and loves Allstar unconditionally. He only growls at Junior, going as far as ripping off the back of his pants, and certain creatures he's not familiar with. He inks in defense when surrounded by danger just like any normal octopus would do.

Occy and Allstar


Occy is a dark magneta colored octopus with eight tentacles. He has yellow eyes, and when he is not laying down, he appears to be about the same size as Allstar and his friends.

Trivia/Background Info

  • Occy once belonged to Junior, but was later disowned before Allstar adopted him (Junior's Octopuppy)
  • He gets along with every snork, except Junior
  • Occy gets along very well with Tooter as Tooter can communicate with animals well. (A Snorking We Will Go)
  • He has fallen for female octopuses, one of them actually being a fishing lure (Hooked On a Feeling, The King of Kelp)
  • He is very successful at keyboarding, which made him a star in Allstar's band (Allstar's Allstar Band)
  • He can also bounce eight basketballs at once (Which Snork Snitched)
  • Occy also eats snork food such as kelp cakes, seaburgers, and steak (Allstar's Double Trouble, Junior's Octopuppy, Wish Or Wish Out)
  • Despite eating regular snork food, he hates airline food (The Day the Ocean Stood Still)
  • He even once saved Ms. Buckfish's collection of shells right before her house got destroyed, despite Junior stealing them at first (The Old Shell Game)
  • He saves Allstar a countless number of times, once from Slugworth (I Squid You Not)
  • Occy is also one of the long lost pets of the Snorkhamptons; one time, he left Snorkland to live in a big mansion for quite a while. He soon missed Allstar and his friends, so Lord Snorkington set him free because he felt Occy and Allstar have an unconditional bond (Little Lord Occy)
  • Occy does not appear in Seasons 3 and 4 as often as he does in Seasons 1 and 2. In fact, his terminology changed in the later seasons - he went from being classified as an octopuppy/octopus to being classified as a dogfish.