Oh Brother!



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Written by:

Glenn Leopold

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Syndication Premiere: November 23, 1988

USA Premiere: December 17, 1988

"Oh Brother!" is the 29th episode of Season 4. Dr. Gallio and Dr. Strangesnork go back in time with the time machine, where they relive the real reason why they hate each other (and why Dr. Strangesnork became evil).

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Going back in time

Plot Summary

Dr. Strangesnork and his pet catfish Finneus plan to attack Dr. Gallio's lab one afternoon. In the meantime, Tooter and Occy are helping Gallio work on his latest invention. Strangesnork flies into his lab, and after barging in, the two argue over who their mother liked the best and blaming the entire science fair on the strains in their relationship. Strangesnork says that if Gallio hadn't stolen his Goofy Glue idea when they were kids, he would've won the local science fair. Strangesnork then flashes back to elementary school, when he was the good student and Gallio was the rebel. In said flashback, Gallio decides to enter the science fair, but not without stealing his Goofy Glue first. Gallio then says his flashback was twisted, and that the real flashback shows Strangesnork being the troublemaker and Gallio being the shy and quiet type. Gallio did, however, idolize Strangesnork, and entered the science fair with his "goofy glue" so he could be like him. Turns out Strangesnork's invention was a bust, and Gallio's glue ends up winning him the science fair.

The two argue over it once more, so Gallio decides to prove to his brother that his flashback is indeed the correct one, and that he really did win the science fair with the glue HE invented in the first place. They all step into the time machine, where they see each other as kids again. Strangesnork, however, decides to change the past and not only gives his younger self a pep talk, but also tell the principal to NOT talk to Gallio. Gallio decides to give his younger selves a pep talk to make sure the furture doesn't change as a result of the past changing. Chaos ensures at the fair, but Gallio not only wins the fair, but a manufacturer coems by and has him sign a cotnract so that he can sell the glue. When they return to present time, Strangesnork sees a "Snorkland Hero" ribbon, and says that's soemthing he'll never be able to forget.

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Dr. Gallio as a kid

Background Info

  • This episode marks the final appearances of Gallio and Dr. Strangesnork
  • This is the first time that Tooter and Occy are seen helping Gallio without Allstar and Casey
  • A young Mrs. Seaworthy appears at the science fair
  • We actually learn why both Gallio and Strangesnork despise each other
  • The time machine from Prehissnorkic makes its second appearance

Memorable Quotes

Dr. Strangesnork: Ready, aim, uh, uh --

Finneas: Fire.

Dr. Strangesnork: Oh yes, hire!

Finneas: Oh no! 

Tooter: *toots*

Gallio: I see it's not a fish - it's my brother, Strangesnork. The ice cubs threw me off for a minute. 

Judge: I see, very well done. Now, let's see it work.

Young Strangesnork: Finneas, please flip the uh, that thing.

(machine explodes on them)

Judge: If this is your idea of a joke, Strangesnork, it's not very funny!

Young Strangesnork: Wait, it's just an adjustment. I'm sure I can make it work.

Gallio: OH! That's it! That's the last snork! You have so many holes in your memory, you can't even remember your own name let alone what happened at the science fair!

Dr. Strangesnork: Oh yeah?! I too can remember my name! It's, it's, it's... oh right! My name is Strainer Snork! 

Dr. Strangesnork: Well atually, I just remembered that I have to, eh, go to the dentist. That's right, the dentist. To, eh, get my hair cut.

Young Strangesnork: You again?! Just who are you???

Dr. Strangesnork: Don't worry about that now. I'm here to make sure you win the county fair.

Young Strangesnork: You mean the sceince fair?

Dr. Strangesnork: Yeah, that too.

Gallio: I hope you've learned your lesson, Strangesnork.

Dr. Strangesnork: Back! That stupid kid, eh, uh, 

Finneas: Strangesnork.

Dr. Strangesnork: Oh, yeah. That stupid kid, Strangensork! *Tooter and Occy laugh* Huh? Oh, I'm Strangesnork! Oh, fouey!


  • During the entire episode, Gallios' lab is red instead of gray
  • When he gives Strangesnork the glue in the flashback, Young Gallio's hair is white instead of silver
  • When he wins the science fair, Gallio's sleeves are white and he is orange skinned
  • When Strangesnork tries to remember his own name, Tooter's stomach is shown


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