Ooze Got the Snorks



Production Code:


Broadcast Number:


Written by:

Lane Raichert

Teleplay by:

David Schwartz

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

USA Premiere: September 24, 1988

Syndication Premiere: October 26, 1988

Paired With

A Starfish Is Born

"Ooze Got the Snorks" is the 6th episode of Season 4. the snorks try to stop an evil giant green jellyfish named Ooze from taking over the town - and the culprits behind it all are none other than Bigweed and Lil Seaweed.

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The big ooze

Plot Summary

Corky and Jojo are riding the sub not far from town when they happen to crash into an area full of rocks. There do they see Bigweed and Lil Seaweed trying to release Ooze out of the underground. Ooze has been known to hate snorks so much, that if he ever got out he could destroy all of snork-kind, if not the entire ocean. Corky tries to stop Bigweed, but it's too late.

Ooze is freed from his underground home, and he sends Corky and Jojo electric shocks, thus putting them to sleep. Ooze then goes off to Snorkland, where the snorks see him and freak out. They try to hide, but all of them end up getting trapped in a cage, and Ooze is only getting bigger as he eats the electricity off of the electric eels as an energy source. Bigweed and Lil Seaweed both get trapped in the cave with the others, and Corky threatens to arrest them for releasing him in the first place. 

All the snorks are in a big riot as they try to break free from their own prison, when Allstar suggests they trick him into coming in when they really free themselves. He and Casey are invovled in this, as this plan becomes a success. Ooze shocks himself into freeing the snorks, and then Corky and the others drag him towards a ship, which comes alive. They drag that too and then Ooze shrinks. Bigweed puts him in a jar and locks him up again when the snorks go after him.

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Trapping the ooze

Background Info

  • There has not been an episode since A Hard Day's Snork when the snorks were trapped somewhere and couldn't escape due to outside factors (here Ooze, there the piperfish)
  • Ooze feeds on electric eels for energy to make himself stronger
  • It is revealed that Ooze had not been out for 500 years, and the snorks' ancestors locked him underground so he would not return to Snorkland and invade them
  • First time seen that Bigweed joins forces with the snorks against evil

Memorable Quotes

Snork woman: Oh, I love swimming to work.

Snork man: Yes, it sure beats all the traffic on the Snorkway. 

(See Ooze)

Snork woman: Of course, there are worse things than traffic!

Snork man: You said it!

Corky: Bigweed, you know I'll have to arrest you for this and take you to jail! *snorks gripe* Um, as soon as we get out of this jail.

Casey: I guess you're not such a big shot after all, Ooze.

Corky: Bad guys are never big shots, Casey. If they were, they wouldn't be bad guys. 


  • At times, Bigweed's necklace is missing
  • Some snorks are seen more than once
  • The back of Casey's hair is gone half of the time


  • As Corky steers the ship, he sings the classic children's song Sailing, Sailing
  • Coincidentally, about less than seven years later, the plot of the non-canonical theater-length Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers The Movie is about similar to this episode where the main villain also called Ooze, (Ivan Ooze) who was freed by two other villains (Lord Zedd and Rita Replusa) in order to defeated the good guys, but soon regretted it after he betrayed them and took over until he was eventually ultimately defeated.



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