Reefberry Madness



Production Code


Broadcast Number


Written by

Laren Bright and Lane Raichert

Teleplay by

Laren Bright

Directed by

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Premiere: October 31, 1987

Paired With

Casey in Sandland

"Reefberry Madness" is the 16th episode of Season 3. Bigweed and Lil Seaweed put silly powder all over the newly grown reefberries, turning red and causing any snork who eats them to act silly.

Snorks 316 2

Tooter in the basket after having a few reefberries

Plot Summary

It's time for the annual reefberry harvest. Allstar and Corky arrive on miniature seahorses to a cave. Inside, the reefberries are cropping and hatch. They notice their bluish color, at least until they place some silly powder on them. This causes all the reefberries to turn red. Corky and Allstar agree that the silly powder will "really destory the snorks." Afterwards, they leave, go behind a rock, and reveal their true identities - Bigweed and Lil Seaweed! Bigweed had disguised himself as Corky, while Lil Seaweed disguised herself as Allstar.

In a matter of seconds, the real Corky and Allstar, along with Casey, Daffney, and Tooter arrive on a large carriage, eager to pick out some reefberries. They're able to get past the guards, despite them having knowledge that Corky was just there a minute ago. Once they get inside the cave, they flip out over all the reefberries being red instead of blue. Casey decides to eat one anyway; as a result, she starts acting loopy. She has Allstar try one, and he becomes loopy, as well. Once they collect them into their baskets, Tooter starts stealing some from Casey. After they put their baskets into the carriage, they head out, while the guards also act loopy from the reefberries. Tooter ends up falling off, and runs back to town.

Snorks 316 1

Everyone acting silly from the reefberries

Corky and the others meet up with Governor Wetworth, who also tries a reefberry. He becomes so affected, that he decides to declare the current day as National Reefberry Day. While Corky puts the reefberries away in safe storage, the town's in chaos over the reefberries. Two snorks in a car wreck quickly apologize about it, the garbage men decide not to pick up the trash, and Casey, Tooter, and Allstar are consuming more reefberries through their snorks. Corky ends up seeing the mess those reefberries has casued, and he hides inside the Snork Patrol headquarters after Allstar and Casey chase him around, getting him to eat one.

Bigweed and Lil Seaweed find two more guards and capture them after they've acted silly. Corky tries finding everyone else, but sees them in chains, as Bigweed wants to use them as slaves in his coral mine. Corky tries to stop them by blowing reefberries at them through his snork, but this fails. As the villains give him silly powder, he uses his snork to blow it at them, finally causing the Sea Urchins to act silly. In the end, Governor Wetworth gives the villains all the reefberries, causing them to leave town and stay silly.

Background Information

  • This is the first time since "Snorkymania" that a certain amount of snorks have become silly after being affected by some form of silly red substance
  • Junior is the only main Season 3/Season 4 character absent in this episode

Memorable Quotes

Guard #1: Who goes there?

Corky: It's just us. Time for the annual reefberry harvest, you know.

Guard #1: Oh, back so soon. Did you forget something?

Corky: Um, no. Besides, I haven't been here for days. Come on, kids, let's go! *all follow him inside*

Guard #1: That Corky's been working too hard. I think he needs a vacation.

Guard #2: *laughs* Hey, snork another berry to me. I've only had six, or was it sixteen?

Allstar: Here, Governor, reef a tryberry! *giggles nonstop*

Governor: *eats one* Say, these are good. I'd declare a holiday if I could. hey, I'm the governor! I declare today National Reefberry Day!

  • everyone cheers*

Allstar: *sees Corky* Hey look, there's Corky! And he's not red yet!

Guard #3: Look sharp, Stanley, we gotta guard the town to get the weedeaters and big snork!

Guard #4: *laughes* Don't you mean Bigeaters and Snork Weed?

Guard #3: No, I meant the Big Snorkers, and Weed-Weed!

  • both laugh*


  • After Bigweed disguised as Corky pours all the silly powder onto the reefberries, some of them are still blue
  • When Casey says "I'm starved," her mouth's wide open, but it's not moving
  • "We're making progress now!" Casey says this line, but in Daffney's voice
  • The backgrounds immediately change when Bigweed talks about how the fun for the snorks is over


  • The episode's title and plotline parodies the 1936 film Reefer Madness, but made much cleaner for a child-friendly audience
  • The effects of the silly powder mirror the effects of the drug marijuana or its nickname "reefer"



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