Reefberry Madness/Transcript

(The local guards are guarding a nearby cave when Allstar and Corky arrive on seahorses)

Guard 1: Who goes there?

Corky: It's just -- *coughs* It's just us!

Guard 1: Hi Corky, Allstar, come on in.

(they enter a dark cave)

Allstar: That's better.

Corky: What's the matter, scared?

Allstar: Who me? No, I just wanted to see the crop. Just look at all these reefberries.

Corky: Yes. *coughs* They'll serve us well. *takes out watch* It's almost time.

Watch: 3,2,1, - bong, bong, bong!

(reefberries ripen)

Corky: Okay, let's get to work. *place poweder on the blue reefberries, turning them red* This'll really destroy the snorks!

Allstar: Yeah, and it'll fix 'em good. Uh, how? 

Corky: You'll see. Okay, we've got 'em all, now let's get out of ehre. *leave* So long, and keep up the good work.

Guard 1: Thanks, Corky. Take it easy.

(they transform themselves to Bigweed and Lil Seaweed)

Bigweed: *laughs* Mission accomplished!

Lil Seaweed: *laughs* Yeah!

Bigweed: Ooh, here comes our first victims.

(real snorks come by)

Guard 1: Who goes tehre? 

Corky: It's just us. It's time for the annual reefberry harvest, you know. 

Guard 1: Oh, back so soon? Did you forget something?

Corky: No, besides I haven't been here for days. Come on, kids, let's go. 

(all go in)

Guard 1: That Corky's been working too hard. I think he needs a vacation. 

(see red reefberries)

Daffney: Eww, yuck! Aren't reefberries supposed to be blue?

Corky: Yes, but they've been known to change color, sometimes. 

Casey: Well I don't care what color they are, I'm starved! *eats one and feels funny* Boy, these are better than I remember. *gives one to Allstar* Here, try one!

Allstar: *eats it then floats* You're not kidding.

(Tooter and Daffney eat some)

Corky: Okay, enough snacks. Now come on, kids, we've got a job to do. 

(Casey and Tooter collect, but Tooter steqals some from Casey)

Casey: *giggles* Cut it out, Tooter. Pick your own. 

Tooter: *giggles*

(collect baskets, Tooter in them)

Daffney: We're making progress now.

(place in cart)

Guard 1: *eats* Good shot!

Guard 2: Hey, snork another berry to me! I've only had six.., or, or was it sixteen? 

Casey: Have another, my dear?

Daffney: *laughs* Don't mind if I do, Casey, my best friend in the whole ocean.

Bigweed: *laughs* It's working!

Lil Seaweed: Whadda ya mean it's working? So you made them act silly, big deal!

Bigweed: Oh, you'll see. A town full of silly snorks, it'll be a berry scary place! Guess it, berry scary?

Corky: *ties everything up* Welp, that does it.

Allstar: Come on, Corky, don't you want one?

Corky: No, maybe I'll have one later when we're done. *on wagon* Giddyup!

(leave, and Tooter falls off, but catches up with others to town)

Governor Wetworth: Little late, aren't you? 

Corky: Ah you know how it is, sir. The kids were having a little extra fun today.

Casey: Oh, who cares if we're late?! It's a great batch this year!

Allstar: Here, Governor, reef a tryberry!

Governor Wetworth: *eats one and acts silly too* Say, these are good! I'd declare a holiday if I could! Hey, I'm the governor! I declare today National Reefberry Day. 

(snorks cheer)

Corky: Um, Governor, shouldn't we be putting these reefberries away?

Governor Wetworth: Oh, yes yes, see to it, my boy. 

Corky: Oh. Come my friend, we've got work to do.


(two snorks run into each other)

Man: Hey, why don't ya watch where you're going?

Woman: me? You're the one that needs glasses!

Man: Oh yeah?

Woman: Yeah!

Daffney: Eew, an accident. Have a reefberry and relax. *they eat one*

Man: I am so sorry to have cut you off. 

Woman: Oh no, eally, I should watch where I'm going. 

Man: Oh don't be absurd, I'm sure it was my fault. 

Woman: No no no, it was mine.

(meanwhile, more chaos)

Trash snork 1: *laughs* Shouldn't we pick up the garbage?

Trash snork 2: *laughs* Not while I'm winning, we'll do it tomorrow.

Trash snork 1: Yeah, it's not goign anywhere. *laughs* 

(Casey, Tooter, and Allstar ingest more reefberries thorugh their snorks)

Corky: *places reefberries in safe place* Oh boy, this has been one long day! 

Seahorse: You said it. 

Corky: Great neptune, what's happening? *sees chaos*

Allstar: Hey look, there's Corky, and he's not red yet! 

Casey: *laughs* We can fix that! Come on! 

(all go after him)

Allstar: Where'd he go?

Casey: I think I see him over there!

Allstar: Let's go!

(Corky hides)

Corky: Something's fishy about those reefberries. They're casuing the town to fall apart. 

Allstar: There he is!

Corky: Uh oh, I better get to the Snork patrol headquarters!

(hides in Snork Patrol HQ)

Corky: Phew, thank goodness. It's impossible for them to get through this door. *snorks knock on door* I think!

Guard 3: *laughs* Look sharp, Stanley! We gotta guard the town to get the Weedeaters and Big Snork!

Stanley: *laughs* Don't you mean the Weedeaters and Snorkweed?

Guard 3: Now, I meant the Big Snorkers and Weed-Weed?

(all laugh)

Guard 3: Uh oh! Um hault! Who, um? *laughs* What am I supposed to say?

Stanley: Who goes there?

Guard 3: Oh yeah, okay. Uh, hault! Oh, what he said! 

(all laugh again)

Bigweed: Chain up all the snorks, and start with these two clownfish!

(Corky gets out)

Corky: Thank goodness they're gone. *now in town* Boy, they're really gone. I wonder where everybody went. 

(sees snorks tied up)

Bigweed: Hurry up! Kepp them lasted into those chains!

Corky: Great Neptune, that sounds like Bigweed! *sees them tied up in chains* 

Bigweed: You thought you were having a good time, eh? My silly poweder fixed your reefberries. First you played, now you'll pay! Take them away - they can play in my coral mines! 

Corky: Hold on there! First you'll have to deal with *horn* the Snork Patrol!

Bigweed: Get that troublemaker!

Corky: Hahahaha, try these you troublemakers! *send some and shoots through his snork*

(Wood and Weed eat some and laugh)


Corky: This is it for you, you fiend!

Lil Seaweed: Not so fast, you little pest! *ties Corky up with her bow*

Bigweed: So, you don't like reefberries, eh? Well that's okay. Have some silly powder, straight!

Corky: *gets pured on but blows it away with snork* You should've known better than to tangle with *horn* the Snork Patrol! Now, hand over the keys to both chains!

Bigweed: No! I wanna let them go!

Lil Seaweed: No, you let me do it! *they both argue over it*

(now everyone's cured)

Allstar: What are we gonna do about Bigweed and Lil Seaweed?

Corky: Oh, don't worry about them. 

(see them with baskets)

Bigweed: Bye, bye, Governor, thanks for the swell reefberries! *laughs*

Governor Wetworth: Ooh, no problem!

Allstar: I know what you mean. Those reefberries will keep them out of our snorks for a long time. 

(c) 1987 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International