Rhyme and Punishment



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Written by

M.R. Wells

Directed by

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Syndication Premiere: November 11, 1988

USA Premiere: November 19, 1988

"Rhyme and Punishment" is the 21st episode of Season 4. While Daffney and Junior are trying to do a book report for class, they discover a magical fairy-tale themed book. Daffney at Pearlene, the princess, trade lives while Junior shows the princesss around town - it's later revealed he's only after her wand.

Snorks 421 1

Daffney inside the book

Plot Summary

Junior and Daffney are at the local library, desperately trying to find a book to do their book report on. With no luck, they go downstairs to find some more books. They end up finding the rare book room - most of the books they look through appear to be boring. That is, until they stumble across a magical Mother Goosefish book. Daffney feels her life is boring, and would much rather be a princess and live in a castle. This gives her an idea - she swaps lives with Pearlene, while Pearlene also gets to see the real world.

Daffney's in the castle, walking around and in awe at the ballroom. She then decides to go to Mather Goosefishland, as the narrator tells her to. Along the way, she gets a clam off of a snork named Mary, who becomes unhappy and searches for that clam. Daffney also meets Humpty Dumpty. She glues him with Gallio's goofy glue so that he won't break. He's also upset about this, as he can't break for the kingsmen. Back in Snorkland, Junior's making sure Pearlene doesn't get in too much trouble. On the contrary, he's really after her wand, which he believes is worth a lot of money. Pearlene does cause trouble in Snorkland - she's loud in the library, causes traffic, and doesn't pay for her meal at the restaurant, leaving Junior with the bill. Pearlene almost gets arrested for stealing some pearls, but Junior assures the police officer she doesn't know the area. She then becomes fascinated by the idea that his dad's the governor.

Back in Mother Goosefishland, Daffney finds Mother Cubbard's hungry octopup, so she takes some of Jack Horner's plum pie and feeds it to him. Jack is upset, and so is Mother Hubbard, because she has nothing to do, now that her octopup has been fed. Daffney becomes confused, as she thinks they're supposed to be happy she did all those things for them. Back in Snorkland, Junior uses the wand for several needs - to get a kelpsickle, to put his face all over the magazine, to create a statue of himself, and for him to have his very own palace. Pearlene wants to continue her tour of the town, but feels left out because of Junior's greediness. She wants to go back to her fairy tale life. Daffney runs through the story again, only to see that everything's worse than before. Mary's late for school because she was too busy looking for her clam, the kingsmen have nothing to do, Jack has nothing to eat, and the octopup has a tummy ache. Daffney feels the fairy tale characters are being unreal, and wants to return to Snorkland.

Snorks 421 2

Junior and Pearlene

Later that night, Junior goes inside the Junior Wetworth Stadium, where he's mobed by his many fans. In fact, snorks rip his tuxedo off, all the way down to a t-shirt and underwear. He learns it's tough to be famous, so he gives Pearlene her wand back, who makes everything back to the way it was before. A few days later in school, Ms. Seabottom gives her students their final grade. Junior gets an F on his book report because he didn't turn one in, while Daffney gets an A on her's, with Ms. Seabottom commenting on her imagination.

Background Information

  • Because the episode centers around having to do a book report for class, this could be set around the time of "Snork Ahoy"
  • Gallio's goofy glue would later be referenced in "Oh Brother!"

Memorable Quotes

Daffney: Junior, how am I supposed to do my homework? *gets shushed*

Junior: Uh oh. Pipe down, Daffney. You wanna get us kicked out on our snorks? Uh, sorry. She always gets carried away doign book reports. *they leave*

Daffney: "One Thousand and One Uses For Barnacles." Oh, yuck. This one's even boring the bookworm.

Pearlene: Wow, so your father is the governor? Uh, what is a governor? Is he like a king?

Junior: Yeah, well, no. Uh, actually, it's more like an emperor.

Pearlene: Wow, then you msut be a prince.

Junior: Junior Wetworth's now the rage, put my face on every page!

Wand: Don't you think that's a little much?

Snorks: *surround statue* Junior Wetworth is the best! He's snork and shoulders above the rest!

Wand: Fine, thanks. I do all the work, and you get all the credit.

Junior: Yeah, yeah. Uh, give me the biggest palace in the land, and then I'll really take command!

Wand: Okay, but it still won't be as big as your head.

Junior: *on shellephone* Hello? Uh, hi Gov, how's my old man? Clean up my room?! Forget it, dad! That puny little place would only cramp my style!

Junior: *enters stadium* Junior Wetworth Stadium - love that name!


  • When Daffney scolds Junior for dropping the book and causing an "earthquake," the background becomes plain
  • At the phone booth, Pearlene's dressed has some ridges
  • When Daffney rusn through the book for a second time, Mary's skin isn't colored in


  • The title is a play on the phrase "crime and punishment"
  • All the references in Mother Goosefishland are references to many classic nursery rhymes
  • Huckleberry's Fin is a reference to Mark Twain's classic novel, Huckleberry Finn
  • At the restaurant, the sign says "Jello Soup" - this could be a reference to Jello pudding



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