Robin Snork



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Written by

Candace Howerton

Directed by

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

USA Network Premiere: December 3, 1988

Syndication Premiere: November 17, 1988

"Robin Snork" is the 25th episode of Season 4. Items have been mysteriously disappearing from Casey's dad's grocery store, so it's up to the gang to stop the theif. After they find out it was Jojo, they learn that he had been giving all the food to the poor salt mine workers who have been taken over by Bigweed and Lil Seaweed.

Snorks 425 1

Introducing Shorty!

Plot Summary

Casey and Junior are looking to buy a used snorkmobile for Junior himself. Turns out the one he likes costs 5,000 clams, so Casey tells him he might have to get a job. Junior tells her his dad will just write him a check, so he takes her to his office for proof. After a speech from Governor Wetworth about his first snorkmobile, he gives his eldest son a piece of paper. But it's not a check, but rather a notice to have him work at the Kelps Grocery Store. Casey's dad needs a watchman because a thief keeps coming into his store and stealing his items. Junior reluctantly takes the job, despite getting a rash at hearing the words "work" or "job." He and Casey are also introduced to Shorty, a young kid who calls himself "Slick Shorty." Soon, Casey and Shorty leave a working Junior behind.

Later that night, Junior decides to take a nap after eating a bunch of kelpsickles. The thief comes by to steal more food. Mr. Kelp wakes him the next morning, informing him of the situation. Junior lies by telling him the thief had knocked him out. Junior still has to come to work that night, and miss Daffney's party. Shorty offers to watch the store for him so he could go to her party. Shorty plays around at the store, but gets scared by the "shadow man." Junior comes to the party, and the entire gang is upset because he left Shorty there by himself, considering he's only just a kid. They rush to the store to see Shorty crying, so they all decide to keep guard at the store. They get scared by a sound, which is only Daffney's gum. Then they see the thief and try to go after him.

Snorks 425 2

JoJo reveals himself as the theif

Enter Snorkwood Forest, where the salt mine workers are hungrily awaiting more crab cakes. They get caught by the sheriff, who turns out to be Bigweed in disguise. Allstar, Casey, Daffney, and Junior spot the robber and try to stop him. The robber reveals himself to be Jojo, who tells them he only stole from Kelp's Grocery Store so he could feed the salt miners. This was based off of the story of Robin Snork, who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. The miners also inform everyone that the sheriff came in one day and made them work overtime. Meanwhile, Shorty's trying to find the thief, but when he asks the Sea Urchins, they decide to hold him hostage.

While Shorty's trapped in a cave, Bigweed argues with Lil Seaweed about what she should say to the gang in regards to offering a reward for Shorty's capture. Lil Seaweed heads over to the others and they all play a game of Sherades. Through this, they learn that Shorty has been captured. Shorty eventually gets out on his own, leaving the Sea Urchins in their own trap. In the end, Governor Wetworth makes a rule that all snorks should have three meals a day. Jojo learns that despite the fact that what he did was for a good cause, it's still very wrong to steal. The gang also learns that size doesn't determine how "tall" one really is inside.

Background Information

  • Despite Daffney having a huge role, she doesn't speak a single line
  • This is another episode that "Snorktown" is used
  • This episode contains another instance of Junior doing something good
  • We learn that Junior gets a rash at hearing the words "work" or "job"
  • We also learn that Casey's dad owns a grocery store
  • Junior probably got his driver's license before this episode - otherwise, he wouldn't have been searching for a car
  • This is the second time since "Junior's Secret" that Governor Wetworth promoted donations

Memorable Quotes

Mr. Kelp: Junior, wake up.

Junior: Huh, what?

Mr. Kelp: Junior, the store's been robbed again!

Junior: Gee, Mr. Kelp, I didn't eat that many kelpsickles.

Junior: Ugh, I never thought I'd see the day when I ate too many kelpsickles!

Casey: Boy, being a theif must be a sleepless job. *yawns* What time is it?

Junior: Yeah, it's late, Allstar. He's not coming tonight. Let's go home.

Allstar: Let's wait a little longer.

Junior: How do you stop a theif?

Casey: What do you mean?

Junior: I mean, you don't just call out "Stop, theif!" do you?

Casey: Sounds good to me.

Allstar: Sure. Why not?

Casey: Yoo hoo, Mr. Theif! Hey! We're over here! *hides behind Allstar* There's nothing to him.

Bigweed: Hiya, kid, what are you doing?

Shorty: I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.

Bigweed: Well you were talking to the fish and the flowers.

Shorty: I know who they are, but you're still a stranger.

Lil Seaweed: I always come through for you in a pinch, Bigweed!

Allstar: Did she say "pinch?"

Casey: You can say that again! *Junior opens his mouth* But don't!


  • At one point in the Used Snorkmobile shop, Casey's skin isn't shaded in
  • As Mr. Kelp and Junior walk out of the store, the back hairs of Mr. Kelp aren't coloreed in
  • When Mr. Kelp wakes Junior, his glasses are black
  • "It wasn't her this time!" Casey says this line, although her mouth's not moving


  • The entire episode, along with the title, parodies Robin Hood
  • Snorkwood Forest is an allusion of Sherwood Forest
  • Two games are referenced in this episode - 20 Questions and Sherades
  • Santa Snork is a spoof of Santa Claus
  • A cover of "Touching the Untouchables" by Men at Work is played toward the beginning of the episode when Junior begins his job.



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