Salmon Chanted Evening



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Written and Teleplay by:

Joe Barbera/Lane Raichert and John Semper

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Premiere: October 24, 1987

Paired With

Daffney's Ransom

"Salmon Chanted Evening" is the 14th episode of Season 3. Junior finds a treasure map, and he invivtes his fellow snorks on a treasure hunt with him in dry space, where they help a salmon named Wilber save his family from getting eaten by a bear.

Snorks 314 1

Wilbur the salmon

Plot Summary

Casey, Daffney, and Tooter are sitting in Ms. Seabottom's math class, bored until the school finally lets out for the day. The three decide to do something fun and exciting when Junior stops them in their tracks. He shows them a giant human map that could lead them to great treasure inside a "Golden Castle." After Junior bribes them with small talk, they agree to help him find the treasure and carry it back to town.

However, the trek up there in dry land is much more difficult than they had thought. They soon approach a hill they can't climb, and also they couldn't swim upstream in the freshwater river because the currents would push them back. The other three almost quit when they hear a salmon named Wilber crying. They ask him what's wrong, and he tells them he can't swim upstream with the other salmon and is being made fun of because of it. They offer to help him get up there, except for Junior because he only cares about finding the treasure, although he ends up giving into the option anyway. 

As they swimg Wilber from a tree and back upstream, a brown bear is trying to grab as many salmon as he can for his dinner. Wilber ends up flying to the bear's mouth, but pops out. The snorks see this, so they grab Wilber and leave, trying to get as far away from the bear as they can. However, the bear decides to follow their footsteps. They end up getting Wilber upstream with the other salmon, but the bear finds them and grabs them by the handful. As a defense attack, Wilber bites the bear and interrogates him as the snorks throw a rock at a beehive, causing it to fall on him. The bear ends up downstream through a waterfall, then decides he likes honey much better after tasting it. The salmon cheer for Wilber, then Junior gripes about not being able to find the treasure at the Golden Castle in time. Wilber overhears this, and says he knows where it is. They follow him to it, only to learn that the Golden Castle is really a fast food hamburger restaurant.

Snorks 314 2

Let's hunt for treasure!

Background Info

  • The same river from The Golden Dolphin appears again
  • Althoughs snorks generally eat plankburgers, clamburgers, and kelpburgers, they don't know what a hamburger is (because it's human food)

Memorable Quotes

Daffney: Wow, you didn't say it was a human treasure map!

Junior: The bigger the map, the bigger the treasure!

Daffney: *after enduring the long walk with her friends* If this is easy, I don't wanna find out what's hard!

Casey: There goes a real hero!

Tooter: *toots in agreement*

Junior: Oh sure, he's happy, but what about me?! We've been helping these stupid fish all day! By now, someone else has probably found the Golden Castle before us!

Wilber: The Golden Castle?! I know where that is!

Junior: It's all Wilber's fault! If he wasn't such a -- huh?! You do?!


  • Ms. Seabottom is supposed to be teaching the class, but Mrs. Seaworthy replaces her - this was probably confusing for the animators as Edie McClurg did both of their voices 
  • When Junior shakes Tooter's hand, his sleeve is green instead of blue


  • Title is a play on the phrase "some enchanted evening"
  • Golden Castle parodies the popular White Castle burger chain
  • The overall plotline strongly resembles some of the older Hanna-Barbera cartoons



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