Sea Shore Sideshow



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Written by:

Lane Raichert

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Premiere: September 19, 1987

Paired With

A Willie Scary Shalloween

"Sea Shore Sideshow" is the 4th episode of Season 3. Allstar, Casey, and Tooter get caught in dry space by a strange man, and he uses them as a sideshow act - but Casey and Tooter seem to enjoy it!

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Acting in the show

Plot Summary

Allstar, Casey, and Tooter are really bored after school. They decide to visit Dr. Gallio since it's the most exciting thing they've thought of all day, but as they swim over to his lab, a giant shoe catches them. They end up on a man's boat with his dog Bowser who tries to eat them. Because the snorks can actually talk, he believes they'll be worth millions. 

The teenage snorks are placed in his Sea Shore Sideshow in the tiny seafaring town on the coast. The snorks are required to perform in front of hundreds of humans, but they refuse at first. When they actually do it, Allstar gets annoyed by Tooter and Casey enjoying all the fame and attention. Allstar ends up overhearing the man talking to Bowser that they'll be going to Cleveland someday. Allstar knows this is bad, so he writes a message and manages to get it thrown back into the ocean. 

Corky is swimming in town when he sees the letter Allstar wrote, so he has Jojo come along with him to save the others. As the performances and clean-ups continues, Casey and Tooter grow exhausted and miss Snorkland. Corky and Jojo happen to arrive in the nick of tiem, so as they escape, Jojo and Corky interrogate Bowser and end up trapping the man in the goldfish bowl and lock him inside his own sideshow booth. They reach back to the shore, glad to be out of there. They end up seeing an ordinary poodle walk by, and they get so scared they jump back into the sub. Considering Allstar's had enough excitement for one day, he's now looking forward to another boring day in Snorkland. 

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Sea Shore Sideshow

Background Info

  • First time a sea sideshow is seen in the series
  • This episodes marks the first official appearance of Corky
  • This episode also makes its first reference to a major US city - in this case, Cleveland

Memorable Quotes

Allstar: A sideshow! Oh, I don't like the sound of this, guys!

Goldfish: You and me both! It's getting kind of crowded in here!

Corky: Jojo, just the man I need!

Jojo: What for?

Corky: Allstar, Casey, and Tooter are in grave danger. It is up to us to save them from the terrible land giants!

Jojo: *gets in the sub* Sounds fun! Move over! *they swim away in the sub*

Goldfish: *sarcastically* Oh, sure! Come on in! Plenty of room! Just make yourself at home!


  • As the snorks are trying to swim to Gallio's, Allstar's entire outfit is blue
  • When they see the poodle, Tooter's hands are yellow


  • Bowser the Dog is possibly named after Bowser (King Koopa) from the Super Mario games



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