Season 3
Original Run 1987
Num of episodes 13
Season: 1, 2, 3, 4

Season 3 of "The Snorks" began on September 12, 1987 on both NBC and first-run syndication with "All's Whale That Ends Whale," and ended on December 5, 1987 with "The Snorkshire Spooking."

Many changes were made this season, and have progressed well into Season 4. Dimmy disappeared from the show for unknown reasons; however, he made cameo appearances in several episodes. Corky was introduced as a main character, and Jojo also became a main character. Several new villains were introduced, such as the Great Snork Nork, Bigweed, and Lil Seaweed, the latter two going on to replace Junior as the main villain(s).

This was also the first (and only) season of "The Snorks" to use digital ink animation. The widely-known "Come Along With the Snorks" theme song was in use, and has been used in further syndication and reruns for many years to come. Finally, several casting changes were made - Barry Gordon replaced Frank Nelson as Governor Wetworth following his death, and Jim Cummings replaced the late Bob Holt as Mr. Seaworthy. Lane Raichert also took over as the head writer for the show. All the episodes were directed by Berny Wolf.

List of Season 3 Episodes

  1. All's Whale That Ends Whale/Allstar's Last Hour (September 12, 1987)
  2. A Willie Scary Shalloween/Sea Shore Sideshow (September 19, 1987)
  3. Freeze Save Our Town/Snip and Snap (September 26, 1987)
  4. Junior's Empire/The Golden Dolphin (October 3, 1987)
  5. It's Always Darkest Before the Snork/The Sand Witch (October 10, 1987)
  6. The Shady Shadow/Tooter Loves Tadah (October 17, 1987)
  7. Daffney's Ransom/Salmon Chanted Evening (October 24, 1987)
  8. Casey in Sandland/Reefberry Madness (October 31, 1987)
  9. A Farewell of Arms/Mummy Snorkest (November 7, 1987)
  10. JoJo in Control/The Day the Ocean Stood Still (November 14, 1987)
  11. Chills, Drills and Spills/The Longest Shortcut (November 21, 1987)
  12. Taming Of The Snork/Willie and Smallstar's Big Adventure (November 28, 1987)
  13. A Snork In a Guilded Cage/The Snorkshire Spooking (December 5, 1987)