Snorks Minor Characters and Theme Songs 068

Governor Wetworth holding baby Smallstar

Smallstar Seaworthy is Allstar's little sister and Mr. and Mrs. Seaworthy's youngest child, as well as Dr. Gallio's and Dr. Strangesnork's niece. She only makes a couple of appearances throughout the series, although surprisingly doesn't appear at all in Season 2. She is yellow skinned with pink hair in pigtails and a white gown. She is revealed to have no feet, but just a fin, which means she can still swim. She speaks a couple of words throughout, and her speech is quite fluent for her age. She loves to draw all over Governor Wetworth, and she now owns Junior's stuffed seaturtule (Vandal Scandal, Junior's Secret). Her best friend is also Willie (Willie and Smallstar's Big Adventure). Smallstar is voiced by Gail Matthius.  

Her Appearances

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