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Long John with Casey and Allstar

Snork Ahoy



Production Code


Broadcast Number


Written by

Jim Pfanner

Directed by

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

USA Network Premiere: December 10, 1988

Syndication Premiere: November 21, 1988

Let me tell you one thing, Casey Kelp, you don't have a sense of adventure! - Allstar

"Snork Ahoy" is the 27th episode of Season 4. Casey and Allstar meet Captain Long John Wetworth and go on a pirate adventure. Unfortunately, this leads them to trouble when Bigweed and Lil Seaweed join along.

Plot Summary

Allstar and Casey are working on a book report together. Allstar thinks the book they were assigned is boring, and he'd rather do one on an adventure story. Casey informs him he can't because they were assigned to do the other one. The two end up getting into a long-winded argument over "who doesn't have a sense of adventure." Meanwhile, a pirate ship comes through town, so they swim outside to check out all the action. Turns out the pirate is Governor Wetworth's older brother, named Long John. Allstar decides to sneak onto the ship so that he and Casey can have a real adventure (although Casey ultimately thinks the worst). Bigweed and Lil Seaweed also get in on the action, upon overhearing from Stinky Dan, Captain Long John's ship mate, about a treasure hunt.

Not long after the Sea Urchins sneak onto the ship disguised as the "Barnacle Brothers" does Long John find Allstar and Casey hiding nearby. However, he doesn't prosecute them; instead, they eat dinner together and listen to stories about his many high seas adventures. The tales range from his adventures on the Jolly Roger, to his vicious encounter with Moby Snork, a great white sperm whale that's after him. While everyone's asleep later that night, the Sea Urchins and Stinky Dan attempt to steal the treasure map from Long John. They also hide Penelope, his parrot-fish, in a cupboard so she won't tell on them. Allstar and Casey wake up after hearing all the commotion. They catch the villains in the act and attempt to stop them. This ultimately fails, as the bad guys send them, plus Long John, out in the middle of the ocean the next morning.

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Bigweed, Lil Seaweed, and Stinky Dan hunting for treasure

Turns out Moby Snork is after them; they attempt to swim away, only to be swallowed by the large whale. It takes them a while to come up with a way to get out, eventually coming up with FIRE. Allstar, Casey, and Long John use sticks to create fire, and the resulting smoke sends them out of Moby Snork's blowhole. Meanwhile, the Sea Urchins and Stinky Dan are on a large island, searching all over for the treasure listed on the map, but keep failing at almost every attempt.

Later on, our heroes end up on the exact same island, where they meet a hermit named Hugo. They inform him of the situation while also finding the Annabella (Long John's pirate ship) on the spot. Hugo warns Long John about the treasure, as it comes with a curse, although he wants it so bad. The villains finally find the treasure right when our heroes catch up to them. They manage to escape with the treasure at the same time. Turns out Hugo had been right all along - once the bad guys get back on the Annabella, they get eaten by Moby Snork. Long John thinks all hope is lost, but Hugo shows him his fancy, luxurious house, and invites him and Penelope to stay. He gladly accepts.

Background Information

  • This is the only episode in the entire show that is completely centered around piracy
  • This is the first time since "Never Cry Wolf-Fish" that Allstar and Casey cuddle close together in order to pretect themselves from danger
  • We learn that Governor Wetworth has an older brother, which would also make him Junior's and Willie's uncle
  • This episode contains the very first reference to the Snork Scouts since "A Snorking We Will Go"
  • This episode also has the first reference to fire since "Allstar's Double Trouble"
  • This is also the first (and only) time in the entire course of the show that a bar is shown
  • It is unknown how Allstar and Casey returned home

Memorable Quotes

Allstar: It's not that I don't wanna finish it, it's that this book is so much better.

Casey: Allstar Seaworthy, what am I going to do with you?

Stinky Dan: The way he orders me around, you'd think I was the only sailor on board. Oh, that's right. I am the only sailor on board.

Long John: *singing* Being a pirate is okay by me, roll out the sails and blow the man down!

Bigweed: I've always wanted to go on a cruise.

Lil Seaweed: Especially a treasure cruise.

Casey: When my mom finds out about this, I'm gonna be grounded for a year.

Allstar: Well tell her I made you do it.

Casey: Oh sure, then she'll ground you too - and she's not even your mom.

Bigweed: Gee, Dan, arg, you really know how to sing.

Lil Seaweed: Arg, ah, you're the best.

Stinky Dan: Arg, thanks guys. me, I know lots of ditties.

Long John: I'll ditty you if you don't have a good excuse for abandoning ship!

Bigweed: Maybe it's worth millions.

Lil Seaweed: Maybe billions.

Stinky Dan: Or even gillions.

Sea Urchins: *yell* There's no such things as gillions!

Stinky Dan: B-boy, you g-g-guys sure thake the fun out of greed.

Lil Seaweed: *looks at her tail during escape* Sheesh, tropical air conditioning!


  • During the Jolly Roger story, Casey's hair is green, and her scrunchies are red
  • When Allstar complains about not doing an adventure story, the other book isn't on the table
  • If the beginning of the episode was set around dinnertime, why did Long John say it was 3:00?
  • When Allstar tells Casey "Good, let's snork up," his star is missing from his belt
  • When Casey tells everyone it's "chow time for Moby Snork" before the whale devours the villains, the aerial view of the Annabella is recycled from an earlier scene
  • During Allstar and Casey's argument that took place before getting caught by Long John, Casey's entire facial structure is gone for a split second- this is only visible if played in slow motion or paused on video


  • The title of the episode is similar to the phrase "pirates ahoy"
  • Jolly Roger = classic symbol used throughout piracy
  • Moby Snork is an obvious reference to Moby Dick, the novel about a white sperm whale written in 1851 by Herman Melville
  • The concept of Allstar, Casey, and Long John smoking themselves out of the whale is very similar to a scene in the classic Disney short, "The Whalers (1938)," in which Goofy did this to free himself out of a whale - the only difference being that he lit a candle to create fire
  • The design of Hugo's house would later become similar to the Pelekai house in Disney's Lilo and Stitch franchise
  • Long John continuously sings portions of the famous pirate shanty, Blow the Man Down



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