Snork Marks the Spot



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Written by:

Gordon Bressack

Directed by:

Gerald Baldwin

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NBC Premiere: October 20, 1984

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"Snork Marks the Spot" is the 12th episode of Season 1. Allstar and his friends find a treasure map and decide to go hunting for treasure - Junior happens to steal this one for his own nefarious purposes.

Snorks 112 1

The treasure map

Plot Summary

The snorks are in town watching some bulldozers clear land for a building they're about to construct. As Occy mimicks their moves and digs a hole of his own, Junior approaches them and says they're building a Wetworth building for his dad. Junior ends up falling into Occy's hole as Occy contines to dig to the other side. Right then and there, he finds a hidden treasure map. All they know is that there might be buried treasure somewhere, and Junior wants to get in on the act too, but for his own reasons.

Dr. Gallio examines the treasure map inside his lab, and he tells the snorks that it's written in the language of the ancient tribal snorks that capped off the volcanoes so that snorks would live in peace, and also founded Snorkland. He intends on translating the symbols when he and the others leave for an "experiment" - seaweed sundaes. In the meantime, Junior steals the map and replaces it with another one he had written himself. The snorks take Junior's fake treasure map and go into the Caverns of No Return, where they first end up inside a giant fish before escaping. However, they end up getting sucked into a whirlpool.

Junior and Willie are at first searching for the treasure inside the steam room, but then come out and find it at their house. Assuming they had been living under buried treasure all this time, they start digging, even with the help of Governor Wetworth, although Mrs. Wetworth is upset that they're destroying her garden. Back at the lab, Gallio translates the real map, but it's not a map - it's a warning, saying "DO NOT DIG HERE - BEWARE OF FLOWING ROCK!" It's at this moment that lava spews out and covers the entire Wetworth mansion. Meanwhile, the other snorks get the Silverfish out of the whirlpool, where they end up inside an oyster. However, they get a pearl and decide to send it to the Snorkland Museum. Angry, Junior has to deal with not getting the treasure while also cleaning up the mess the lava had made. 

Snorks 112 2

But Junior's got it

Background Info

  • The steam room is shown again
  • First treasure hunt themed episode in the series

Memorable Quotes

Casey: Oh, it's not fair. Some snorks work their whole lives and never get rich.

Junior: *falls into Occy's hole*

Allstar: Yeah! *laughs* And others just fall into it!

Allstar: All those in favor of going into the caverns raise your hand. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Wait a minute! Occy, you only get one vote!

Occy: *blushes and nervously laughs*

Governor Wetworth: *with bulldozer in yard* Now this is the Wetworth way!


  • In the beginning only the front of Allstar shoes are white
  • It is stated here that an ancient tribe of snorks found Snorkland, but as the series progressed, the later episodes stated otherwise (Mummy Snorkest, How the Snork Was Won, I'll Be Senior)


  • Title parodies the expression "X marks the spot" 



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