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Written by

Charles M. Howell, IV and Mark Seidenberg

Directed by

Gerald Baldwin

Broadcast Information

NBC Premiere: October 20, 1984

Paired With

Snork Marks the Spot

Snorks 111 3

Snork dancing

"Snorkdance" is the 11th episode of Season 1. It's Prom night, and most of the snorks are going. Unfortuantely, Allstar breaks his ankle during a snorker game, so he has Tooter go with Casey. Junior disguises himself as Tooter so he can go to Prom.

Plot Summary

The last day of school has just ended. Everyone's excited about the summer break, and not having to go to school until the fall. Allstar has to get ready for the big snorker game, but Casey reminds him of the Starfish Prom. Next thing you know, Casey and Allstar are dancing together in the middle of the hallways. Dimmy and Daffney do the same, at least until they accidentally knock over Junior, who's not going because he doesn't have a date. Matilda scares him away when she offers to be his date for the Prom.

The game is now in session. Allstar and Casey want to score more points, but Junior wants Allstar to lose. To do this, he replaces the regular ball with a balloon. Allstar grabs it, but Dimmy lands on it, claiming to have "busted it." Allstar finds the real ball, kicks very hard, and his team wins the game. Although he has broken the record, he has twisted his ankle. The doctor tells him he has to stay off his foot for a while. Casey's upset because she can't go to the Prom, simply because she doesn't want to go without Allstar. He insists that Tooter takes her, so he goes to the diner where Tooter's working, and tells him he'll be Casey's date for the Prom.

Snorks 111 1

Junior disguised as Tooter

Junior, however, has other plans. He wants Casey to be his date, so while Totoer's getting ready, he puts a giant ant in his pants, causing him to continuously chase it around. Junior then disguises himself as Tooter. Once he arrives at the school, Casey (thinking he's Tooter) asks if he's feeling alright. Occy knows what's going on, so he tries to chase him away when Casey scolds him for doing so. Occy enters the Prom to do some spying. Meanwhile, Allstar's at his Uncle Gallio's, gloomy and depressed. While Gallio tries to get him to eat a kelpburger out of his lastest invention, the Foodipat, Allstar's wishing he was at the Prom with his friends. The invention knocks Gallio over, causing him to "dance" on his snork. This gives Allstar a great idea, and he heads off to Prom.

Casey talks about Allstar most of the time she's dancing with Junior, whom she still thinks is Tooter. While theyr'e doing the "Tuna Twist," Occy reveals Junior's true identity. Casey's now very angry at Junior for what he's done. His punishment involves Matilda, in which she takes him to dance with her. Allstar arrives in the nick of time, and shows his friends the "snork dance." Everyone else gets in on the act, including Junior and Matilda. The REAL Tooter shows up, but is still chasing the ant in his pants. Casey ends the episode by saying it's been the best Prom ever, and by hugging Allstar and telling him "he's the greatest." Allstar winks at the audience.

Snorks 111 2

Casey scolds Junior

Background Info

  • Matilda's second appearance in the series
  • By this point, it's seemingly obvious that Casey has/used to have a big crush on Allstar
  • The Witherspoon sisters make cameos near the end of this episode

Memorable Quotes

Snork: See you guys in the fall!

Allstar: Yeah, see ya in the -- *bumps into Dimmy* -- in the fall?

  • Tooter laughs*

Matilda: Junior! I'll go to the Prom with you, honey!

Junior: On second thought, I feel a little green around the gill. *goes into the doctor's office*

Matilda: Well, a rumba is just what the doctor ordered! *follows him*

Daffney: Oh Dimmy, let's do the Tuna Twist!

Dimmy: I feel more like a tuna sandwhich. Let's hit the snack bar.

Dimmy: Now that's what I call a meal!

  • Occy pushes Junior and Dimmy*

Daffney: *laughs* That's what I call a crash diet!

Junior: Uh, here you are, I mean, "tootie toot."

Dimmy: Hey, there's a hair in this sandwhich!

Junior: *sees Tooter dancing* What are you so happy about? You don't have a date, either!

  • Tooter dances with him*

Junior: Hey, cut it out, I need a real date!


  • What's Occy doing in school?
  • "That's what you think, Allwet!" When Junior says this, there's rough movement in the scene itself
  • "Look, there's the ball!" This quotation by Allstar is said in an unusually high voice
  • When Occy's sniffing Junior's feet, the button below the bow on his tuxedo is dark
  • Junior continuosly says "toot" during the Tuna Twist, but his mouth's not moving the whole time - instead, Casey's is


  • The Tuna Twist is play on "The Twist"
  • The episode's storyline, according to the fans, would later be recycled for the Spongebob Squarepants episode, "The Chaperone," but this is not the case, as there are some obvious differences between the two episodes (not just in the sense that they came out decades apart from each other)



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