(View Snorkland High, and inside is the end of the last day of school)

Allstar: *Swimming* Yay, no more school!

Tooter: *toots in agreement*

Red snork: See you guys in the fall!

Allstar: Yeah, see you in the -- *bumps into Dimmy, and both of them fall down* -- in the fall?

(Tooter laughs at the both of them)

Dimmy: Hey, where are you guys going? It's almost time for the big snorker game.

Allstar: *to locker* Yeah, I know. I've gotta get my uniform out. *grabs Casey's dress unknowlingly as she walks over to him* As soon as I put this on, I'll be ready for the game. *all laugh and he sees dress* Huh? What's this?

Casey: *snatches it* That's my dress for the Starfish Prom tonight! You haven't forgotten, have you, Allstar? 

Allstar: Of course not, Casey. I'll pick you up right after the game. 

Casey: I'll be ready. I've been looking forward to the Prom all year. 

Allstar: Me too. I can't wait to get out on the dance floor. *he begins dancing*

(everyone dances, so do Casey/Allstar and Daffney/Dimmy)

Daffney: *grabs Dimmy with Occy* Come on, Dimmy, let's dance!

(Junior walks by himself)

Junior: *Dimmy and Daffney run into him* Hey, what's going on? You trying to start a whirlpool?

Daffney: We're warming up for the prom tonight, Junior, join in.

Junior: Nah, I'm not going to the Prom. I don't have a date. 

Tooter: *happily dances*

Junior: What are you so happy about? You don't have a date, either. 

Tooter: *Tooter offers it jokingly*

Junior: Hey, cut it out, I need a real date!

Matilda: You called, cutie? When you and I get out on that dance floor, we'll knock 'em dead! *kncoks him over to trash can*

Junior: It's just what I'm afraid of.

Matilda: Hey, wait up, cutie! *chases him*

Allstar: Junior doesn't have to worry about finding a date.

Casey: Yeah. *giggles* The date found him!

Daffney: I just hope they get to the game on time!

Allstar: The game! I almost forgot! *swims away*

(cut to big game)

Announcer: What an exciting game, folks! Allstar Seaworthy's heading for the goal! *Allstar kicks it, Junior lands on him, and ball hits Dimmy on the head* And Dimmy Finster's really using his head! *ball in goal* It's in! Junior's team scores a point!

Cheerleaders: Yay, Junior!

Matilda: *knocks other cheereladers over* Gosh, I love that Junior!

Announcer: The score is tied with only 10 seconds left to play. 

Casey: Oh, we've just gotta make this point. 

Allstar: Don't worry, Casey, I'll give it all I've got. 

(Junior blows up balloon)

Junior: It's time for Plan B - B for balloon. *hands it to referee* Here's the ball, Mr. Referee. Good luck, Allwet.

Allstar: Thanks, Junior. *gets it* Got it.

Junior: That's what you think.

Matilda: *swins to Junior*  What? Where's Junior going? 

Dimmy: *bounces on balloon* I busted it!

Casey: Hey, that's not the ball!

Matilda: Junior, honey, you're going the wrong way. the ball's over there.

Junior: Huh?

Allstar: Look, there's the ball!

Announcer: Allstar's heading towards the ball. But he's only got 3 seconds left.

Casey: Oh, Allstar's gonna have to give that ball a super kick.

(Allstar kicks it very high)

Announcer: Allstar's done it! He's won the game! *cheer for him* Allstar's broken every record in the book!

Casey: Allstar, you broke the record!

Allstar: *holds ankle* Yeah, and I think I broke my foot.

(now he gets out of hospital with cast on foot)

Casey: What did the doctor say?

Allstar: He says  twisted my ankle. I'll have to stay off my foot for a while.

Casey: Oh, I guess we won't be able to go to the Prom tonight, Allstar.

Allstar: Oh don't stay home because of me, Casey.

Casey: Well if you're not going, I'm not going. Who could ever take your place?

Junior: I guess you better go to the Prom with me, Casey. Looks like Allwet's gonna be limping around the dance floor tonight.

Casey: Junior Wetworth, what a horrible thing to say! I'd rather stay home than go to the Prom with you!

Matilda: Junior! *swims to him* I'll go to the prom with you, honey!

Junior: On second thought, I feel a little green around the gill. *swims in hospital*

Matilda: Ooh, a rumba is just what the doctor ordered! *swims to him*

Casey: Well, Junior's fixed for the night.

Allstar: Hey, Tooter doesn't have a date. Why don't you go to the Prom with him?

Casey: Well, okay, Allstar, if it'll make you happy.

(now at ice cream parlor)

Yellow snork: I'd like two seaweed sundaes with lots of barnacles, and a sea cherry on top.

Tooter: *toots "That'll do" and fixes it for him

Allstar: *walks* Tooter, could you do me a favor?

Tooter: *still fixes sundae, but messes up*

Allstar: Would you go with Casey to the Prom tonight? *Tooter cheers* I guess that means yes.

Yellow snork: I guess that means we don't get our sundae.

Allstar: Now all you have to do is get into your tux, and meet Casey at the front of the gym in one hour.

Tooter: *cheers in happiness*

Junior: So, Tooter's gonna sit in for Allstar, huh? Putting him out of the way will be a piece of cake.

Willie: Piece of cake! *eats it whole* 

(Tooter gets ready at home)

Junior: *places any in pants* This oughta put some dance in his pants.

(Tooter gets ant fish in pants, and he tries chasing it around)

Junior: I guess Casey needs a new date. I wonder who it'll be? *laughs*

(at home, Junior gets ready, but disguised as Tooter)

Junior: Well, do I look okay?

Willie: Look okay!

Junior: With this disguise, I'd even fool Tooter. Toot toot!

(Casey's waiting at school)

Casey: Allstar said Tooter'd be here by 8:00. 

Occy: *moans*

Junior: Tooty toot!

Casey: Oh, Tooter, there you are.

Junior: Uh, bleep bloop.

Casey: You sound kinda funny, Tooter. Do you have a cold?

Junior: Kerchew! *pretends to sneeze* Toot!

(Occy sniffs him, then growls)

Casey: That's not very nice, Occy.

Junior: Uh, bleep bloopy. Yikes! I mean, bleep!

Occy: *barks*

Casey: Occy, stay!

(they go in and he stays out - meanwhile, Allstar's at Gallio's)

Gallio: *fixes invention* There, I've finished the Foodapat. This machine will revolutionize food preparation. Allstar, Allstar? 

Allstar: Huh? Oh, I'm sorry, Uncle Gallio, I guess my mind's on the Prom. 

Gallio: What you need my boy is a good plankburger to take your mind off your troubles. 

Allstar: If only there was a dance to dance with Casey without using my sore foot. 

Gallio: *machine knocks him over and bounces around on snork*

Allstar: *helps him back up* Uncle Gallio!

Gallio: I feel like I was dancing just then.

Allstar: That's it!

Gallio: What's what? I mean, it is? 

Allstar: *leaves* Thanks, Uncle Gallio. You've solved my problem.

Gallio: I did, I, uh -- *machine goes haywire again*

(back at Prom, everyone's dancing and Occy shows up angry)

Casey: Gee, this is fun. It's too bad Allstar couldn't be here. 

Junior: Toot toot!

Singer: Alright, kids, it's time to do the Tuna Twist!

Daffney: Oh boy, Dimmy, let's do the Tuna Twist!

Dimmy: Uh, I feel more like a tuna sandwhich. Let's hit the snack bar. *they go there*

(Casey and Junior dance) 

Casey: Oh, this is Allstar's favorite dance!

(Occy reveals him)

Dimmy: *holds sandwhich* Now that's what I call a meal! *Junior runs into him*

Daffney: *laughs* Now that's what I call a crash diet!

Junior: *hands Dimmy sandwhich* Uh, here you are, I mean, tooty toot.

Dimmy: *sees wig* Hey, there's a hair in this sandwhich!

Casey: Junior Wetworth, is that you? 

Occy: *growls*

Junior: Yikes! *looks for wig* I, I, I mean... tooty toot?

Casey: What a low down dirty trick!

Junior: *gets up* I'm sorry.

Matilda: Junior, honey! I've been looking all over for you! *takes him away* Let's go dance!

Allstar: *shows up* Casey?

Casey: Allstar, what are you doing here? 

Allstar: I found a way to dance without using my foot. Come on.

(shows it to them)

Casey: Wow, that's great!

Daffney: Yay, that looks like fun!

(they cheer for him as he and Casey dance together, and Daffney takes Dimmy away from his food)

Singer: Hey look, it's Snork Dancin'!

(all do it, including Occy)

Matilda: Come on, Junior, we can do that!

Junior: We can? *they do it, making him dizzy*

Tooter: *chases pants around dancefloor*

Casey: *laughs with Allstar* This is the best Prom ever. *hug him* Allstar, you're the greatest.

Allstar: *hugs her back and winks*

(c) 1984 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International