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Written by

Lisa Maliani

Directed by

Berny Wolf

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USA Network Premiere: December 3, 1988

Syndication Premiere: November 18, 1988

Well, you know what they say, if the shoe fits, wear it! - Casey

"Snorkerella" is the 26th episode of Season 4. Casey goes through a lot of trouble to get a date to the Homecoming Dance with Stevie, a popular football player. Meanwhile, Junior and Allstar compete for a date with Celia, a popular cheerleader.

Plot Summary

Snorks 426 2

Casey and Stevie

In the halls of Snorkland High, Casey, Lil Seaweed, and Daffney are oogling over a poster of Stevie. Casey learns that he'll be picking his Homecoming Queen at the Homecoming Dance Saturday night. Lil Seaweed brags about him picking her, but Casey doesn't think so because she's "the smartest girl in school." Daffney reminds her that in order to date Stevie, she also has to be a cheerleader. Casey and Lil Seaweed each imagine themselves as cheerleaders for their crush. At the other end of the halls, Lester - the school nerd - runs into Junior and Allstar, handing out applications to join the football team. Since they're both competing for a date with Celia, Lester reminds them that she only dates football players. From the looks of it, Allstar and Junior don't stand a chance - that is, unless they join the football team.

Everyone is now in Mrs. Fisher's classroom. Mrs. Fisher is completely aware that everyone's excited about the Homecoming Game. They are allowed to go under one condition - they must pass her test the day before. As expected, the entire class groans. Later that afternoon, the football players and cheerleaders are practicing on the football field. As Allstar and Junior try to catch the football, they end up on top of each other. It bounces on Lil Seaweed, and Casey catches it by accident. Stevie compliments her on that catch, stating he could use her on the football team rather than Junior and Allstar. He then hopes she'll come to the game. Casey becoems really excited at the thought of being his date, which angers Lil Seaweed. The next day at school, Lil Seaweed places taffy under Casey's desk, along with a cheat sheet. As they're taking the test, it falls from under the desk, so Casey ends up getting busted. After class, Casey informs Mrs. Fisher that she wasn't cheating, and she didn't know how that cheat sheet got under her desk. Mrs. Fisher tells her she can still go to the game, as long as she takes a make-up test after school, and clean the entire classroom on Saturday morning.

Snorks 426 1

Casey in her mask

Meanwhile, Junior goes to Celia's house, giving her flowers and trying to ask her out. Allstar ends up there, as well, trying to do the same. The two boys end up arguing over it, so Celia calmly allows them to ask her what they wanted to ask her. They simultanelousy ask if they'll go to the dance with her, but she tells them her date will be the football player who does his best at the game. On Saturday morning, Lil Seaweed goes to the dumpster, grabs some trash, and fills Mrs. Fisher's classroom with junk. Casey eagerly arrives at the school, only to be in shock at the sight of the garbage. While everyone's having a blast at the game, Casey's in distress over having to clean the classroom. Thankfully, her Fairy Snork Mother comes to rescue her! She cleans the entire class with her wand, and gives her a disguise (with a stylish Mardi Gras mask) so that the trickster won't recognize her. While she can go to the game, she must be back by noon - otherwise, everything will be back to the was it was before, meaning the class will be dirty again. The miniature seahorses serve as large horses, escorting her to the game.

Casey arrives just in the nick of time, and her cheers not only give the team more touchdowns, it draws the attention of Stevie. This makes Lil Seaweed even angrier than before, so she throws taffy at her. Casey accidentally steps on it, and is so humiliated she leaves the game early. Unfortunately for her, everything's back to the way it was before. Back at the game, Lester scores the winning touchdown, making Snorkland High win the game, and Lester to become Celia's date for the dance. Allstar and Junior pass out as a result. Later that night is the Homecoming Dance. Allstar and Junior are still upset over the fact that Celia chose Lester over them and blame each other for that mistake. Meanwhile, Stevie gets up on stage to announce his Homecoming Queen. The "mystery girl" had lost her shoe, and the final result would be determined by which girl fits into the shoe. He tries Lil Seaweed first, but of course, this fails. In fact, every girl can't fit into the shoe, so a depressed Stevie swims out in the hallway. He hears Casey crying in the classroom, so he goes in there. Lil Seaweed tries to get Stevie with a rope of taffy, but it ends up getting caught around Mrs. Fisher; as a result, she gets in trouble for what she's done. Casey tries on the shoe, and it perfectly fits! Soon enough, Casey and Stevie are dancing together, as she's his Homecoming Queen.

Background Information

  • This is the first episode in Season 4 (and the final episode in the entire series) to be almost entirely set at the school
  • This is also the first time since "Junior's Empire" that over 50% of the episode's scenes take place at Snorkland High
  • Tooter is the only main Season 3/Season 4 character to be absent in this episode
  • Stevie is revealed to be Lil Seaweed's first (and only) crush in the series
  • This is the second time Casey blushes over her crush (the first being in Learn to Love Your Snork)
  • This is the first time since Dimmy's disappearance that Daffney is eager to go to the dance with another snork
  • This is the very first time the series has broken the fourth wall
  • This is Casey's second appearance as a cheerleader (first is Water Friends For)
  • The "if the shoe fits" quote would later be used in "First Snork In Space," another episode Lisa Maliani wrote
  • This is the first (and only) time Casey has a crush on a different snork besides Allstar
  • This is only the second time Allstar has a crush on a different female snork besides Casey - the first was Samantha in "Allstar's Double Trouble "
  • By watching this episode (and the next one in production order - Snork Ahoy), it can be implied that Allstar and Casey no longer have crushes on each other

Memorable Quotes

Lil Seaweed: *after imagining Stevie holding her up* Ugh, I've got to cut down on those kelpburgers!

Junior: Snorkball?! That's for jock snorks! Us real macho snorks are more into manly things!

  • flowers fall out of his locker*

Lester: Very manly, Junior, where'd you get the petunias?

Mrs. Fisher: *grabs Allstar's drawing* What do we have here, Allstar? You love Seals?! Allstar, I think you'd better see the doctor after class.

Casey: *cheers* 5, 6, 7, 8, I know who will be my date, Stevie! *giggles*

Lil Seaweed: *in junkyard* Boy, there's everything here but the kitchen sink! *sees it* And there's one now! That'll be just the topper!

Allstar: *comes in with flowers* Here, Celia. These reminded me of your lovely green eyes.

Celia: *blushes* Oh, why thank you, Allstar. But my eyes are blue.

Allstar: And so they are. *rubs blue fish onto them, making the flowers blue, and the fish to stick his tongue out at Allstar before swimming away*

Fairy Snork Mother: *enters* Ugh, these glamourous entrances are getting too much for me! Why can't I use the door like everyone else?

Casey: Who are you?

Fairy Snork Mother: Who do you think I am, the Tooth Fairy? I'm your Fairy Snork Mother, toots!

Casey: Fairy Snork Mother?! But how can that be? That only happens in fairy tales.

Fairy Snork Mother: In cartoons, too, missy.

Casey: *sees carriage* This is just like in a real fairy tale!

Fairy Snork Mother: Well what do you think you're in, deary?

Lil Seaweed: *swings taffy* Ya hoo! If this taffy worked twice, it'll work again! *ends up on Mrs. Fisher*

Mrs. Fisher: It worked twice, didn't it, Lil Seaweed?


  • "That's not fair, Mrs. Fisher!" Casey's mouth moves during that line, but it's said in Daffney's voice
  • At one point while Casey's talking to the Fairy Snork Mother, her hair is green and scrunchies are red
  • When Mrs. Fisher's reading Allstar's drawing out loud, Celia goes from her cheerleading uniform to her lavender dress
  • At the dance, Stevie has his "king stick," but it's suddenly gone once he starts holding up the shoe
  • When Allstar's drawing "I Love Seals," the red line on his shirt is below the star instead of in the middle
  • When Celia hugs Lester after the game, the green above the white shirt is missing
  • When Stevie put the shoe on all the girls and then casey's foot, he place it on their right foot, but it was a left shoe, not a right one.


  • The entire episode (and the title) parodies Cinderella
  • The concept of a Cinderella themed story in a high school setting would later be recycled for the "A Cinderella Story" and "Another Cinderella Story" movies



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