Snorkin' Surf Party



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Written by:

Gordon Bressack

Directed by:

Gerald Baldwin

Broadcast Information

NBC Premiere: November 10, 1984

Paired With

The Snorkness Monster

"Snorkin' Surf Party" is the 17th episode of Season 1. Allstar shows off his skateboarding skills, which ticks off Junior so they challege each other to a surfing contest.

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Junior showing off

Plot Summary

It's the hottest day in Snorkland, and Daffney, Dimmy, Tooter, and Casey are going over to the Snork Cove to cooled. In fact, it's so hot, that not only could Tooter fry a fish egg on the sidewalk, but Dimmy's kelpsickle melts. Junior ends up having them meet Tubular and Gagme, also known as The Witherspoon Sisters. They're following him around becuase he's the snorkboard championship, and he'll be going to battle with Allstar later on.

But Allstar's too busy helping Dr. Gallio fix the Aquaconditioner at the moment, hoping it will cool off Snorkland, despite the mishaps that are taking place with it. Gallio lets Allstar go to the Snork Cove to spend some time with his friends. Allstar ends up snorkboarding, but all he can focus on is the Aquaconditioner. The Witherspoons are fascianted by his surfing skills, which angers Junior, so he challenges Allstar to a surfboard race at 5:00 at the Big Reef. As Junior prepares for the race by making a much bigger surfboard, Allstar builds a sandcastle for his friends. Once Junior sees Tubular and Gagme fascianted by Allstar once more, Junior builds an even larger sandcastle. But Willie, who has come down with a bit of a cold, sneezes it away. 

Later on, about an hour before the big race at the Big Reef actually begins, Junior gets a hold of Gallio's Aquaconditioner, hoping it would make his surfboard go faster, which in turn would make him the winner of the challenge. Gallio soon learns that it is missing, and goes over to see if Allstar happens to know anything about it. He then sees Allstar and Junior racing each other. Junior tries to use the Aquaconditioner, which makes him slightly ahead of Allstar. The Aquaconditioner explodes on him, making him into a frozen ice statue. They end up having to unfreeze him, and of course, the Witherspoon Sisters are no longer fascianted by Junior - they like Gallio now, because of the Aquaconditioner.

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The challenge is on

Background Info

Memorable Quotes

Daffney: Boy, it's so hot today, you could fry a fish-egg on the sidewalk!

Tooter: *cracks one open and a fish swims out* 

(the Witherspoon Sisters watch Allstar snorkboarding)

Tubular: Ooh!

Gagme: He's too much!

Both: What a hunk!

Junior: Thanks, girls!

Tubular: Oh we weren't talking about YOU!

Junior: *shakes sand off of him* Next time you sneeze, cover your snork!

Willie: *sneezes more sand on him* Excuse me!

Allstar: Come on, Junior, stay with me!

Junior: Don't worry about me, Allwet! I don't even know the meaning of the word "lose!"

Allstar: Look it up sometime!

Tooter: *laughs at Junior being frozen on his snorkboard*

Allstar: *laughs* You're right, Tooter! He looks like a statue - only we're gonna have to melt this one!

Dimmy: Do we have to?!


  • Gallio's leggings come and go in the lab
  • Junior's shoes are completely blue at one point


  • The Witherspoon Sisters are named after popular 80's slang - "Tubular!" and "Gag me with a spoon!"



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