Snorkitis is Nothing to Sneeze At



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Written by:

Gordon Bressack

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

NBC Premiere: September 14, 1985

Paired With

The Whole Toot and Nothing But...

"Snorkitis is Nothing to Sneeze At" is the first episode of Season 2. A snorkitis epidemic is taking place, and Dr. Gallio tries to find a cure. Unfortunately, he gets sick with the illness, so it's up to Allstar and Casey to find a cure for snorkitis.

Plot Summary

Allstar, Casey, and Tooter are playing snorkball. They lose it in the way of a Clamtrack train, but Tooter uses his snork to blow it back into play. The others go to Dimmy's house, but he and his parents are too sick to leave.


They feel it's just a 24 hour case of mild snorkitis, and Allstar knows his Uncle Gallio has been working on a cure for years.

Later on, Allstar and his friends are visiting Dr. Gallio at his lab. He tells them Snorkitis is a very serious illness, and that

it's very contagious. Tooter ends up getting it, and Gallio reminds them he's been working on a cure for 20 years, but is only one day away from finding it. He works on it overnight, but becomes so weak and exhausted. Allstar takes him to the governor so he can warn him about the epidemic that's going around Snorkland. Governor Wetworth believes it's just a common 24 hour cold, and has him go to Restful Reef with Nurse Rockbottom for a few night stay. It's now up to Allstar to find the cure.

The next day, Allstar and Casey are trying to read through Gallio's notes to find what's missing. The only problem is, they can't read his penmanship. They decide to pretend to work at the Relaxing Reef so they could secretly get Gallio to tell them his notes, but this fails. They got to the air bubbles in the experiment, and with the red stuff, a cure has been found. He first tests in on Allstar and Casey, along with himself, who got sick in the process. Then they go around Snorkland curing everyone. The Governor honors Gallio for finding the cure, but Junior gets the 24 hour snork cold and is sent to Restful Reef so Nurse Rockbottom could have some company.

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Relaxing, eh?

Background Info

  • First episode when the voices of the characters - especially Allstar's and Casey's completely change (Casey sounding slightly raspier and Allstar's voice is deeper)
  • We learn that Dr. Gallio has been working on a cure for snorkitis for the past 20 years
  • We also learn that Gallio's last name is Seaworthy, making him Allstar's dad's brother

Memorable Quotes

Casey: I got it! *bumps into Tooter* Well, I had it.

Casey: Well it's a good thing your Uncle Gallio is only one day from the cure.

Allstar: Uh, guys, I think you should know, Uncle Gallio has been only one day from the cure for the last twenty years.

Junior: Yeah, what my dad says goes, so get lost, Allstar, you're up past your bedtime!

Allstar: If I could only talk to Uncle Gallio, he'd help me read these notes.

Casey: Yeah, too bad it's not Tuesday or Saturday - you could visit.

Allstar: Casey, you've given me a starbright idea.

Casey: I have?!

Junior: But, but I feel much better - really.

Rockbottom: Sure you do, now relax. Do you hear me?


  • When Tooter begins sneezing, it sounds like an actual song is playing in the background
  • Casey's patting Tooter on the back when his entire shirt is white
  • While Dimmy thanks Allstar for the cure, he BECOMES Allstar
  • At one point during the ride, Occy's pupils are white


  • Clamtrack is a snorky form of the Amtrack train



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