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Written by:

Cynthia Friedlob and John Semper

Directed by:

Gerald Baldwin

Broadcast Information

NBC Premiere: October 6, 1984

Paired With

Allstar's Allstar Band

"Snorkymania" is the eighth episode of Season 1 and the series. When red goo drops down into the ocean from dry space, snorks who are hit by it start laughing uncontrollably, thus being called "Snorkymania."

Snorks 108 1


Plot Summary

On a boat during a major wind storm, red drums crash into the ocean and release some red substance. After it lands into a lava filled area, the red stuff comes out and touches the fish, which makes them laugh. Over in Snorkland, Junior is playing the flute for the Snorkland High Talent Show. Dimmy is backstage with Daffney, and he is scared to go on stage. He eventually does so after being taunted by Junior (what else is new?), but his jokes are dry and even boring talent scout Swifty Le Snork. 

Pretty soon, the red substance enters the audience, and every snork laughs except for the main ones. However, when they try escaping from it, Occy starts acting silly because the red stuff affected him. The laughter has made Swifty Le Snork give Dimmy a job for his night club, and Junior accusses them of using it to cheat. In only a short amount of time, the silliness plagues the town, and so the snorks visit Dr. Gallio in his lab. After running a test, he comes to the conclusion that everyone has gotten snorkymania, and that it wears off after a few hours. The snorks are determined to find where it is, and so they take the Silverfish.

After getting Junior on board by accident, they go beyond the limits to find it. There, they return to the source, where they find it and try removing it themselves. Junior, however, gets affected by it and starts acting very silly. He and occy get crazier together, but the snorks know they have to remove the stuff, or else if it did hit the source, the steam line would be poisoned and everyone would have snorkymania forever. They take the red substance out of the source, where it eventually falls and lands within some quicksand. Snorkymania wears off for Occy, and so he attacks Junior while he's still affected by it. Dimmy still does the night club gig, but he only throws pie on Junior.

Snorks 108 2

Junior and Occy affected by it

Background Information

  • This episode marks the first official appearances of George and Mrs. Kelp, but only for split seconds
  • Clips from this episode can be seen in the Boomerang promo for the show
  • The source makes its second appearance (Journey To the Source)
  • The concept of a red substance causing a snork to act silly would later be recycled in the Season 3 episode Reefberry Madness

Memorable Quotes

Junior: So, escaping the city in the stupid ship of your's, eh?

Casey: Honestly, Junior, you could at least say "Thank you!"

Junior: *laughing* I've failed! I've failed!

Dimmy: Have a little bubbly on me, pal... but I'm afraid dessert is on you! *throws pie on his face*

Junior: *sarcastically* Gosh, I love showbiz.


  • In the audeince, Occy's eyes are white instead of yellow
  • At one point, Allstar has white sleeves again


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