Taming Of The Snork



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Written by:

Evelyn A-R Gabai

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information:

Premiere: November 28, 1987

Paired With

Willie and Smallstar's Big Adventure


Sultan Shorechief talking to Galilo about his problem.

Taming Of The Snork is the 23rd episode of Season 3. Sultan Shoresheet's daughter Sharif is causing chaos in his kingdom, so he has his friend Dr. Gallio hire Allstar, Casey, Tooter, and Junior to help "tame her." But Junior happens to be the one who tames her the most in the end.

Plot Summary:

Sultan Shoresheet is the sultan of an oasis not far from Snorkland. His daughter Sharif is very mean to his servants, as they did not play her music right. Sultan Shoresheet consults Dr. Gallio on the viewscreen, and he decides to send Allstar, Casey, Tooter, and Junior to the oasis to tame Sharif. When they get there, Sharif insults Tooter before Sultan tells her to show them around the oasis. However, Sharif torments the Snorks by sending them on rollercoasters and spinning rides - literally. Junior, however, puts a sea urchin on her dinner plate. Sultan is worried his daughter won't be kind enough to rule his kingdom one day, but Allstar and Casey decide to get Junior to outbrat Sharif. But there's a catch - everyone has to pay Junior.

All goes well as planned. Junior puts ice cubes on her bed before staining her clothes with mud and constantly pushing her around. She ends up crying and claiming to hate Junior. He then tells her she doesn't hate him, but hates herself because she finally sees how mean she really acts. She then runs off to the desert and decides to never take off her vail until she is a much kinder Snork. The Snorks go search for her later on as they assume she is lost. Junior feels bad, although Casey assures him no Snork can ever be "too rough" on Sharif.


An unveiled Sharif, kissing Junior.

A wumpalump comes by and takes Sharif, as he wants to marry her. She pleads for him to let her go, but he won't listen. The Snorks observe what's happening from a distance, so they decide to take action. Allstar and Casey pretend to have Sharif and the wumpalump get married, but Junior puts a robe over Sharif, and then he replaces Sharif with Tooter. The wumpalump realizes this and leaves. Sharif thanks her new friends for saving her. Junior then gives her a heart-shaped locket with his picture inside, and then confessing his love for her. Sharif too confesses his love for him. She finally takes off her veil and gives Junior a kiss on the cheek.

Snorks 323 1

Sharif unhappy

Background Information

  • Sharif's only appearance throughout the series, although she does appear in Snorks fanfics, which can be read online
  • When the four Snorks are on the rollercoaster, they are sitting in the same seats as they later would in The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth

Memorable Quotes

Snorks 323 2

Sharif and the wumpalump

Dr. Gallio: You're such nice kids. If you befriend his Sharif, you'll teach her how to get along with other Snorks.

Allstar: Yeah, we'd be happy to help.

Junior: Yeah, provided there's something in it for us.

Allstar: I'm sure you'll agree, Junior. Goodness is its own reward.

Sharif: Ugh! Who dares put this ugly urchin on my plate?!

Junior: *laughs* Gee, I wonder who?

Sharif: Well, I never! Insulent infidel!

Allstar: It's a good thing I didn't pronounce you "Wumpalump and wife."

Tooter: *toots in happiness*


  • Casey's belly button appears and reappears throughout
  • Junior's bucket has four ice cubes, but only three are on Sharif's bed
  • Dirt is on Sharif one minute, then completely gone by the next
  • Sharif's necklace doesn't appear right at the end


  • The title and the episode parodies William Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew



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