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Meet Ebb

The Backwards Snork



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Written by:

Charles M. Howell, IV

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

NBC Premiere: November 16, 1985

Paired With

I Squid You Not

"The Backwards Snork" is the 20th and final episode of Season 2. Allstar, Casey, and Tooter meet Ebb, a snork who can see backwards, and Governor Wetworth's about to turn his cave into a series of clamdominiums.

Plot Summary

Allstar, Casey, Dimmy, and Tooter are playing a game of Snorkerang. They thorw it, but it ends up inside what appears to be a very haunted cave. Junior swims over to them by saying the cave they're at will soon turn into clamdominiums. Then they spot what appears to be a "faceless snork," then make a swim for it.

Everyone, including Daffney, is now eating ice stream. Dimmy's telling the story of the "faceless snork," and Casey says he's just exagerating. Allstar believes there could be more to the faceless snork, so he, Tooter, and Casey return to the cave to do mroe investigating. They find their snorkerang, but are scared at first because they saw the "faceless snork." Turns out he's not a "faceless snork," but a "backwards snork" naemd Ebb. He tells his story of how he's afraid of going into town because of how different he is. The others reassure him that shouldn't be the case, then he confesses the governor's turning his home into clamdominiums.

This makes them go to the Governor's house to tell him so, making him wreck his clamdominium model. He refuses to let Ebb keep his home. As a result, the gang decides to scare the Governor away by dressing up as cave mosters and scaring them away during construction. This proves to be a success. However, Ebb swims away when the Governor stops him in his tracks. He commends him for being a hero and scaring away the "cave mosnters." He offers a reward, so Ebb decides he wants one of the rooms of the clamdominiums to be his. In the end, the Governor got his clamdominiums, while Ebb got accepted into town, as well as his own top balcony with an ocean view.

Snorks 220 2

Governor's broken clamdominium model

Background Info

  • We learn for the first time that Allstar doesn't believe in ghosts
  • This episode also marks Dimmy's final appearance in the series

Memorable Quotes

Casey: *after snorkerang gets Occy* Looks like the snorkerang fetched Occy!

Junior: You're supersticious, Dimmy, there's no such thing as a - *sees something* flying ghost!

Business man: What's that?

Governor: That's where the horrible mosnter will be. *realizes* Horrible monster?!


  • Casey's belly isn't shown at times
  • A lot of the gang's ice streams disappear and reappear multiple times
  • How did a tissue pop up when Ebb was crying about not being accepted into town?
  • The clamdominium model somehow remodeled itself after it was broken


  • Snorkerang is a "snorky" term for boomerang



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