The Backwards Snork/Transcript

(Allstar and Occy are swimming)

Allstar: Come on, guys, I'll show you how my new snorkerang works. Watch! *Occy chases after it*

(Dimmy, Tooter, and Casey are swimming behind them)

Casey: *laughs* Occy wants to play fetch.

Allstar: He doesn't have to. When you throw a snorkerang, it comes back to you.

Occy: *confused, then snorkerang gets him and ties him to a pole*

Casey: *laughs* Looks like the snorkerang fetched Occy!

Dimmy: *gets on snork* You need eyes in the back of your snork to catch this! Let me try! *throws it*

Mr. Fisher: Hey!

Dimmy: Pretty good, huh?

Allstar: Uh yeah, maybe too good.

Tooter: *uh oh*

Mr. Fisher: Watch where you're throwing that thing!

Casey: Sorry, Mr. Fisher!

Allstar: We better find a more deserted place to throw the snorkerang before it breaks something else. *it gets on his snork* Like my snork.

(Actually near a deserted cave)

Casey: Now this is what I call deserted.

Dimmy: Not to mention creepy. *sees bug eyes* Yikes, this place is haunted! 

Tooter: *scared as well*

Dimmy: Yuck, a slimy kelp creature!

Casey: Easy, Dimmy, easy. It's just Tooter - and your big monster is just a tiny bug-eyed rockfish. *sees it pop out* See, Dimmy, this reef isn't haunted at all.

Allstar: No, but it's a sand-sational place to play!

Junior: Correction, Allwet! My dad the governor owns this place, so technically you're tresspassing!

Casey: What does your dad want with this run down reef?

Junior: He's gonna level it and build ultra-modern clamdominiums.

Dimmy: You mean people are gonna live in this haunted place?

Junior: Oh Dimmy, you're so superstitious! There's no such thing as a *snorkerang gets on his snork* yipes! A flying ghost!

(All laugh at him)

Allstar: That's just my snorkerang!

Junior: Oh yeah?! When I'll teach it to sneak up behind me! *throws it*

Allstar: You can't throw away a snorkerang, Junior, it always comes back.

Junior: You were saying, Allwet?

Allstar: That's strange, it just disappeared. *they go after it*

Sound: Who you?

Casey: Great groupers! What was that?

Dimmy: I don't know. I don't wanna find out! 

Tooter: *neither does he*

(see Eb)

Junior: Yike! A, a faceless snork!

(All run away from it)

Junior: Out of my way!

Eb: Up wait, please! *cries* With you to play, I just wanted. *throws snorkerang back* Sorry I am.

(Now at the ice cream parlor outside)

Dimmy: And then this horrible faceless snork came out of the reef, growling at us!

Daffney: Ooh, you must've been scared out of your snork!

Dimmy: I'll say, especially when the horrible monster came closer, and closer, with huge jaws gaping this wide! *Tooter demonstrates it for them* Then he lunged at us!

Casey: Oh Dimmy, stop exaggerating. He didn't have huge gaping jaws.

Allstar: No, but he does have my snorkerang, and I'm going back to get it.

(Allstar, Tooter, and Casey search for it)

Casey: Oh it's so dark in this reef, you can't see the snork in front of your face. We'll never find the snorkerang. *Totoer toots* Yeah, and what if that spooky snork comes back?

Allstar: He was strange, but I don't believe in ghosts.

(All stop to see the sight in front of them)

Casey: Seeing is believing!

Tooter: *warns*

Allstar: The faceless snork!

(all swim away)

Eb: Be afraid, don't. Friendly I am.

(they all hide in a nearby cave)

Allstar: Without a face, he'll never find us in here.

Casey: *looks at all the rockfish* But I have a snorky suspicion we're being watched. 

Tooter: *uh oh*

Eb: Found you, my little friends did. 

Tooter: *pleads with him*

Allstar: Yes, be reasonable, Mr. Snorkmonster. We just came back for my snorkerang.

Eb: To you, I bring it!

Casey: Why, he's not a faceless monster. He's just snorking backwards.

Eb: Eb, my name is. Play snorkerang, can we now?

(All play with him outside)

Allstar: You sure know how to handle a snorkerang, Eb.

Eb: Easy it is when behind look.

Casey: Oh, if you lived in town, we could pay snorkerang all the time!

Eb: Oh, live in town, I cannot.

Allstar: Huh? Why?

Eb: Made fun of me, the other snorks did. Long ago. So to the reef I came, with new friends to live.

Casey: They made fun of you because you're backwards?

Eb: Yes. *cries* Different, I am.

Allstar: *hands him a tissue* Some snorks sure can be mean.

Tooter: *agrees with him*

Casey: *hugs Tooter* Yeah, Tooter's different, and everyone likes him.

Allstar: And we like you, too! You're a clamtastic snorkerang player!

Casey: Yeah!

Eb: Then to my reef you'll come, to play with me often?

Casey: Absolutely, we promise. Right, Allstar?

Allstar: That won't be an easy promise to keep, Casey. I just remembered the governor's gonna tear down the reef to build his clamdominiums. 

Eb: No oh! The sleep will I where?

Allstar: What will you wear?!

Casey: No, no, "where will he sleep."

Allstar: Oh don't worry, Eb. *retrieves snorkerang* We'll think of something.


(Back at Wetworth's office, he reveals his giant replica of his new clamdominiums) Governor Wetworth: Wetworth Manor, a planned community of classic clamdominiums.

Junior: But dad, there's a horrible faceless monster living in the reef!

Governor Wetworth: He'll just have to find another reef to haunt. Unless of course he wants to rent a clamdominium from me, and it won't be cheap. But then quality never is, and Wetworth Manor is built to last. *door opens on him*

Allstar: Governor Wetworth?

Governor Wetworth: Ooh, did anyone ever teach you to knock before you snork into a room??!!

Allstar: Sorry, Governor.

Governor Wetworth: You ruined my beautiful model clamdominiums!

Casey: Well actually, that's what we came to see you about.

Allstar: You can't build on the reef because --

Junior: -- that's what I've been trying to tell him - about the monster!

Casey: He's not a monster, he's a --

Governor Wetworth: I don't care what he is! *pushes them out* I'm going ahead with these clamdominiums! Construction starts tomorrow, and that's final!

(Back on the reef)

Allstar: Construction starts tomorrow.

Eb: Do, will I what now?

Allstar: We really tried, Eb, but the Governor's harder to crack than an oyster.

Casey: Yeah, he wouldn't listen when his own son told him your reef was haunted.

Allstar: *star belt moves* That's it, you've given me a starbright idea! If If Junior can't convince the Governor the reef is haunted, maybe we can! Now here's what we do. *whispers the plan to his friends*

(Meanwhile, construction takes place)

Governor Wetworth: Pull those stream shovels over there, and start digging. *a machine flounder does the job* You snork surveyors follow me.

Junior: Be careful, dad. That monster could be anywhere.

Governor Wetworth: Oh, Junior, cork your snork with the bridgewater nonsense.

(all inside the cave now)

Governor Wetworth: Now over there is where the grand lobby and conference rooms will be, and over there is where a fully equipt health spa will be.

Cameraman: *sees Eb as a monster pop out behind* What's that over there?

Governor Wetworth: Oh, that's where the horrible monster will be. A horrible monster?! *they boo him more* Now, don't do anything hasty! Maybe we can work out a rent-free arrangement. I'll even put you down on a reef-top apartment with an ocean view! *Casey's holding strings as she grabs the camera* Ooh well, is it a deal?

Cameraman: Yikes, this place is haunted! I'm jetting out of here!

Governor Wetworth: *scares them more* Snork for your lives! *bump into cameraman but mosnter seperates them* Thanks.

Eb: You're welcome!

Governor Wetworth: Yikes! *Casey winks at Eb* Oh, we were lucky to jet out of that haunted cave!

Cameraman: *sees more* Looks like our luck ran out! This place is twice as haunted!

(Allstar and Tooter scare them some more)

Governor Wetworth: Gang way!

Junior: Dad, are you in trouble? *runs into him, flattening him* Sorry I asked.

Governor Wetworth: *sees machine grouper after him* Oh no! No! Wait! Stop this lounder thign at once!

Eb: *laughs* Like a charm it worked!

Allstar: You guys were clamtastic!

(rockfish go inside the monster costumes)

Casey: *laughs* The little fish want to get into the act, too. *they swim off* Hey wait, I've got to return those monster suits to Snorkland Costume Rental.

Eb: Worry, don't you. Back in, I will.

Allstar: Eb, don't go out there, the governor will see you!

(Meanwhile, flounder machine puts Governor Wetworth down)

Governor Wetworth: Next time, watch what your gulping, you good for nothing grouper!

Eb: *chases them* Stop, up wait! Stop, you now!

Governor Wetworth: Hey, you, come here!

Eb: Huh?

Governor Wetworth: I want to talk to you! 

Eb: Oh uh. Up is the jig. Found out, I am.

Governor Wetworth: By jellyfish, I'm gonna find out who you are! You are a hero, son!

Eb: Me, who?

Governor Wetworth: I saw how you risked your snork to chase those monsters out of my reef! Put it there!

Eb: Monsters chase? Oh!

Governor Wetworth: You saved Wetworth Manor, son, name your reward. 

Eb: Well, --

(The snorks go visit Eb one afternoon)

Casey: The Governor's clamdominiums look a lot nicer than those broken models we saw. 

Allstar: And wait'll you see the sand-sational reef-top apartment the governor gave Eb.

Casey: Yeah, complete with caves for his rockfish friends.

Eb: Plenty of room there is for friends new. Becuase important are friends.

Allstar: Couldn't have said it better myself, Eb. Now, how about a friendly game of snorkerang?

Eb: Ready, I am!

(all go after him with it)

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