The Big Scoop



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Written by:

Alan Burnett

Directed by:

Gerald Baldwin

Broadcast Information

NBC Premiere: October 27, 1984

Paired With

Junior's Secret

"The Big Scoop" is the 14th episode of Season 1. Junior wants to show off to the high school newspaper by making a "scoop of the century" article about a giant wolf-fish, but all doesn't go well as planned in his case.

Snorks 114 2

A REAL wolf-fish

Plot Summary

All the snorks are working on the Daily Bugal School newspaper when Junior steps in and brags about his "scoop of the century." In reality, it was a special interview with his dad. Casey, who heads the bugal, says it'll be boring, and that Allstar's story on finding and photographing the rare Snaggletooth Snook is better. Junior then makes a bet that he'll do better by photographing a live wolf-fish. 

Later on, he has Willie pretend to be a wolf-fish as part of a "new journalism" technique. The wind then blows right through town as the picture's about to be snapped. Junior takes the picture anyway, but Casey sees the sneakers and says he could get the school into a lot of trouble for posing a fake story. Junior covers it up by saying it was only a joke. He then goes beyond the limits to find a real wolf-fish. While this is happening, Governor Wetworth stops by and is desperate to find the boys. They believe the boys "coould be out there," so they go find them. After Willie has followed Junior beyond the limits, a real wolf-fish shows up. The snorks take the Silverfish to find them, but when Junior almost snaps the photo of the real wolf-fish, they get chased by it, including the others. As Occy inks it, Allstar takes another photo, which ends up making the font newspaper, saying that he caught sight of a real wolf-fish, and that he rescued the governor's sons in the process.

Snorks 114 1

The article that started it all

Background Info

  • This is the first wolf-fish to ever be seen (the second one takes place in Never Cry Wolf-Fish)
  • This is the first time Willie has gone beyond the limits

Memorable Quotes

Willie: Yeah, why am I doing this?

Junior: Because I need to photograph a wolf-fish for the Bugler!

Willie: Oh. But why not a real wolf-fish?

Junior: What do you think I am? Nuts?!

Junior: Gosh, what scary lookin' fish. I shouldn't come beyond the limits.

Willie: The limits!

Junior: What was that? An echo?!

Willie: *runs to him* J-J-J-Junior?

Junior: Willie!

Willie: *laughs* Hi, Junior! 

Allstar: Congratulations, Junior! You've finally made the front page! *laughs*

Junior: *cringes his teeth at him*


  • When Junior says "Eureka!" his mouth doesn't move.
  • When Governor Wetworth tells the others that Junior and WIllie are missing, Allstar's entire outfit is blue.


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