The Blue Coral Necklace



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Written by:

Ray Parker

Directed by:

Gerald Baldwin

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NBC Premiere: November 3, 1984

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Up, Up and Awave

"The Blue Coral Necklace" is the 15th episode of Season 1. When Occy accidentally breaks Allstar's mom's blue coral necklace Allstar intended on giving it to Casey, the snorks go to the blue coal mines to get more blue coral to make another one.

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Casey with the blue coral necklace

Plot Summary

Allstar is revealing to Casey and Dr. Gallio the grapler for the Silverfish, which Occy is scared of at first. Then Daffney and Dimmy arrive, with Daffney wearing a nice coral necklace. Casey likes it and hints at Allstar for him to give her own. Being unable to afford one himself, he gives her his mom's, assuming she never wears it. The coral necklace is royal blue and very gorgeous. Occy, wanting to try it on for himself, fights Allstar over it. The octopus breaks it and it gets crushed by a bulldozer outside.

Dinner with the Seaworthys becomes very awkward for Allstar. He brings up the subject about the blue coral necklace to his mother, who then talks about how it was passed down from her grandmother, Aqua Seaworthy. This makes him feel bad about it, after knowing that blue coral is very rare nowadays, and so he skips dessert due to his fear his mother would be mad if she found out what really happened to her necklace. He and Casey discuss the matter the next day over shakes at the ice cream parlor, coming to the conclusion that it was all Occy's ffault, although he didn't mean any harm. They decide to visit Gallio about it, who lets them use the Silverfish to go find some blue coral. 

They head out west, where Casey and Tooter learn about how the west used to be home to the snork miners who were part of the blue coral rush, and why blue coral is never seen anymore. They also pass through Coralville, which is now a ghost town because hardly any snorks live there. Once they find a good blue coral mine, Allstar and Tooter go searching for some. After nearly dodging injuries, they grab some blue coral and return it to Gallio's, who makes neckalces for Casey and Occy. Allstar gives his mom one, and after he tells her the truth about it, she tells him her necklace was only costume jewelry. He didn't really need to go through all the trouble of finding more! However, she keeps an additional one to pass on to Smallstar when she gets older. Casey and Occy also love their necklace (and collar in Occy's case) very much.

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Going through the coral mines

Background Info

Memorable Quotes

Casey: Oh, it was my fault, Allstar. 

Allstar: No, it was my fault.

Occy: *trips over Tooter to prove it was his fault instead*

Allstar: You're right, Occy, it was your fault!

Gallio: And there's more coral left over, enough for a certain young lady. 

Occy: *mopes*

Gallio: And of course, for certain others as well.

Occy: *barks in happiness*


  • The kelp dinner Allstar's family was eating changed colors
  • When waiting for the Silverfish to go find some more blue coral, Casey's head isn't entirely shaded in
  • When Casey retrieves her new necklace, her hair is green and her bowties are red


  • The Blue Coral Rush is a historical reference to California's famed Gold Mine Rush



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