The Boo Lagoon



Production Code


Broadcast Number


Written by

Laren Bright and Lane Raichert

Teleplay by

Kristina Mazzotti

Directed by

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

USA Network Premiere: October 15, 1988

Syndication Premiere: October 31, 1988

Paired With

Junior's Fuelish Kelp Rush

"The Boo Lagoon" is the 12th episode of Season 4. When trying to find a trapped Smallstar inside Corky's sub, they end up in a place called the "Boo Lagoon." They meet a ghost named Percy, and they help him get his true love Penelope back from the evil pirate Captain Dweeb.

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Percy in sorrow

Plot Summary

Casey, Allstar, and Junior are helping Corky move a giant airfish to the top of his submarine. Smallstar sees this, and decides to go inside the sub. She thinks everyone's going for a ride, so she presses the blue button, which closes the hatch. Allstar and Corky hear all the commotion, so they try to let her out, but she can't hear them. She presses the red button, causing the airfish to expand, and the sub to fly all the way into the "Boo Lagoon," which is the home of Skull Castle. Casey decides to help Corky find her, and so does a scared Allstar. She bribes Junior into going by telling him there might be treasure in Skull Castle, and so he does.

The end up at Skull Castle, scared and shaking. Casey thinks they should just go on in there, so they follow her. Meanwhile, Junior's calculating the amount of treasure he and the others should have by percentages - eighty
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Enter the Boo Lagoon

-five percent for him, and five percent of each of them. They look around Skull Castle to find the sub, at least until Percy the ghost shows up. Everything becomes chaotic as they run from him, making Junior increase the percentage of the treasure he should get to ninety-five percent.

Percy reveals himself to be a good ghost, and that the snorks are his first company he's had in 794 years. He apologizes for scaring them, but still needs their help. This is because the evil snork pirate Captain Dweeb stole his true love Penelope on their wedding day, and he really wants her back. Captain Dweeb had also stolen his entire family's treasure, plus his allergy medicine. The key needed to free him from his chains is blocked by the sub. Soon enough, they get Smallstar out of there and get her home. Junior then decides he gets one hundred percent of the treasure, and nobody else gets anything. Percy is freed and then they go off to help save Penelope.

They go onto Captain Dweeb's pirate ship/hideout. Junior goes off in a different direction, where he finds a room full of gold. Meanwhile, the others hide in an empty treasure chest, while Captain Dweeb has Penelope locked in a cage, forcing her to marry him. Percy's sneezing makes the chest open, and Captain Dweeb closes in response. Thankfully, Junior carrying all the treasure in a bag causes the ceiling to clollapse. All the gold lands on top of the pirate, so Casey ties him up and puts him in the cage. Percy hides the key, and then he and Penelope reunite. Soon, they get married and live happily ever after.

Background Information

  • Allstar and Casey look at each other for a second after Percy tells them of the capturing of Penelope. Could this possibly mean something?
  • Smallstar's final appearance in the series
  • Dimmy makes a cameo at the wedding
  • Besides Dimmy, other snorks make cameos at the wedding: Smallstar, Mr. Seaworthy, Daffney, and Dr. Gallio

Memorable Quotes

Junior: Wait, wait, not there! A little to the right! *they move it* No, not there! A little to the left! *they move it again* No, no, not there!

Corky and Allstar: Junior!

Junior: Okay, okay, right there is perfect!

Junior: Sheesh, who can see anything in this water?

Big scary fish: I can!

Junior: *screams and swims away*

Junior: *freaks out at the sight of an armour, and ends up in Allstar's hands*

Allstar: Junior, it's just a suit of armour.

Junior: Oh, I knew that. *looks at it* I wonder if it's made of silver.

Junior: The treasure split is now ninety-five percent me! You guys can figure out the rest!

Percy: *sneezes* He even stole my allergy medicine! *blows into a tissue*

Corky: That -- that finde!

Junior: Well, how much treasure did he take?

Percy: All of it! my entire family's fortune!

Junior: In that case, you can count me in, too.

Allstar: I knew we could count on Mr. Generosity!


  • While Allstar and Corky told Smallstar not to press the red button, she doesn't, but then ends up in the Boo Lagoon
  • The empty treasure chest appears to be locked, but is somehow easy to open


  • The title and romantic portion of the plotline are references to the romantic novel and series of films, The Blue Lagoon
  • The big chase scene involving Percy and the others is a reference to Scooby-Doo



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