(It's Casey birthday party at Snorkland Park - Occy is eating some of the cake while Casey is caressing her new ball)

Casey: Thanks for all these cool presents, everybody! *bounces ball on snork*

Tooter: *toots*

Allstar: No kidding, Tooter! Thanks to everybody except for Junior! We all brought presents for Casey, even Occy.

Junior: *swallows his cake* Nobody said I had to bring a present to the party!

Casey: It's okay, don't worry about it. I mean, what else would you expect out of Junior? 

Allstar: Junior, you're amazing! You came to Casey's birthday party just to get some free cake!

Junior: That's not true! *gets out bag* I also came here to see if you'd buy any of my old toys!

Allstar: Oh, brother!

Junior: *gets out swordfish and submarine* Everything's real cheap! Only used once!

Casey: Oh!

Junior: Care for a radio controlled high speed racing sub?

Allstar: No thanks, Junior.

Junior: It's only five clams.

Allstar: No thanks, Junior, I said I -- five clams? Well in that case, uh, sure.

Junior: Told you they were good prices. A snorkboard, Tooter? Only three clams.

Tooter: *toots*

Junior: That's what I said.

Tooter: *gives him the money*

Junior: Here ya go. *to Casey* Wanna buy a watch - cheap?

Casey: Oh go on, get rich off of someone else! 

Junior: Okay, but it's your loss. Hey Corky, have I got a deal for you?? *leaves*

Casey: Junior Wetworth! Oh, I swear! He must've been born selfish! *the sub flies over her head* Huh?!

(they boys are playing with their new toys, even Occy tries out the snorkboard)

Casey: Oh you two! You haven't even heard a word I've said!

Allstar: Yes we have. You said tjhat Junior must've been uh, that he was really, uh, that Junior was -- *Allstar rides with Occy by accident and crashes*

Casey: I said that Junior must've been born selfish! He's hopeless! 

Allstar: Actually, Junior was once quite the opposite. 

Casey and Tooter: Huh?!

Casey: What do you mean "opposite"?

Allstar: Junior used to be nice!

Casey: Nice?!

Tooter: *toots*

Occy: *barks*

Casey: Junior nice?! Are you sure we're talking about the same snork here? Junior Wetworth, class pain in the snork?

Allstar: It's the truth, I was there.

Casey: Oh, this I gotta hear!

Tooter: *toots in agreement*

Allstar: You see, once way back when I was a little kid, the Wetworths moved into town right next door to our house. 

(flashback to the Wetworths moving in)

Allstar: Mr. Wetworth was just a plummer back then, but he and Mrs. Wetworth had big dreams of him being a governor someday. *see a young Junior quiely stand in the yard* Back then, Junior was only six years old, and boy, was he shy! 

Young Allstar: Hi, my name's Allstar, what's your's?

Young Junior: *runs off*

Young Allstar: Boy, is he shy?

(Junior enters an elementary school classroom as well)

Allstar: Junior was so shy that he didn't like talking to anybody.  Teacher: Hello there. You look like a nice snork. What's your name?

Young Junior: Juu--Weewoo--

Teacher: Uh, what was that?

Young Junior: Juuuuior Weeewor...

Teacher: Oh, nice to meet you, Julie Wetwash!

Kids: *laugh*

Allstar: I was starting to feel sorry for the little guy. *flashback to him sitting on the back of the schoolbus* He had no friends, and seemed so unhappy. Then one day, the school bully decided to pick on Junior. His name was Moose, and he always laughed at his own jokes, even if they weren't very funny. 

Moose: Hey don't forget to smile! *laughs* Hey, ain't you the new kid? Well this is the way it goes. All the kids have to act like chickenfish, or I get mad. Okay? Good! Well..

Young Junior: *makes the chickenfish call*

(all the kids laugh at him)

Moose: *laughs* Hey, that's funny!

Young Allstar: Come on, Moose! Leave him alone!

(the kids then duck down in their seats as Moose approaches Allstar)

Moose: I'm gonna be nice just this once, Allstump! But if you stand up for that whimp one more time, you're gonna be sorry! Trust me! *grabs him by the snork* udnerstand?

Young Allstar: *stutters* Loud and clear, Moose!

Bus Driver (a woman): Yo Moose! Leave them kids alone, or you're walkin' home!

(the kids laugh some more as Junior smiles at Allstar - the next day, Allstar swims to his locker)

Moose: Come on! Hurry it up, slowpoke! 

(Junior is seen carrying his books)

Allstar: But poor little Junior just didn't know how to stand up for himself. He was such a pushover, that soon he was practically Moose's slave. 

Young Junior: *pants then forgets to open Moose's locker* Oh, sorry Moose. *does so*

Moose: Yeah, well don't let it happen again! Now don't forget, you gotta do my Algebra homework by tomorrow morning, my snorkel studies by this afternoon, and polish these shoes before lunch! Got any problems with that, Whimpworth?

Young Junior: N-n-n-n-no.

Moose: Good! See ya later, Junior Wetflame! *laughs*

Young Junior: Oh, I'll never get all this done in time! How will I ever get out of this mess?

Young Allstar: That does it! I can't stand to watch you anymore!

Young Junior: You talking to me?

Young Allstar: Yeah, you, Junior Wetworth! You've got to stand up to that bully once and for all, or you'll be doing Moose's homework all the way through college! Yoou wouldn't want that, would you?

Young Junior: Uh, sure I would.

Young Allstar: See what I -- huh?! You would?

Young Junior: Well it's better than getting a black eye.

Young Allstar: Listen, one black eye is better than spending the rest of your life as Moose's salve!

Young Junior: Boy, you can say that again. *takes his shoes off the pile of books*

Young Allstar: You know what you need?

Young Junior: A pet snorkeater?

Young Allstar: No! You need some confidence coaching!

Young Junior: Yeah! What's that?

Young Allstar: Come on, I'll show you!

Young Junior: Hey, what about Moose's homework?

Young Allstar: You won't need it after I'm through with you!


(they're doing some "confidence coaching" at Allstar's house)

Young Allstar: *draws some lockers a places a Moose mask over his head* Okay, Junior, now pretend I'm Moose. Junior Wetworth, where are you?

Young Junior: *jumps up and squeals*

Young Allstar: *takes off the mask* Junior, it's just me.

Young Junior: *hiding up a tree* I know, but that mask gives me the willies.

Young Allstar: Now get down here. You've got to get used to Moose's face sooner or later. 

Young Junior: Oh, okay.

Young Allstar: *places mask back on* Now tell Moose to leave you alone.

Young Junior: Okay. Moose, you leave me alone. Or, or, or else. 

Young Allstar: Or else what?

Young Junior: Or else, I'll do whatever you say?

Young Allstar: Oh Junior, try again. Okay? Repeat after me. Get out of my face, Moose!

Young Junior: Okay, here it goes. Uh, get out of my face! Pretty please?

Young Allstar: No, no, no! Say it like you mean it!

Young Junior: Okay. Um, get out of my face! Um, pretty please with sugar on it?

Young Allstar: *takes off mask again* Sheesh! This may take longer than I thought!

(now Junior's in front of a mirror)

Young Allstar: *growls like Moose*

Young Junior: *quietly* Grr...

Young Allstar: No, no, louder! You mean business! GRR!!!

Young Junior: GRR!!!

Young Allstar: Louder!

Young Junior: GRR!!! Young Allstar: Again!

Young Junior: GRR! *knocks down the mirror*

Young Allstar: I mean it. I think he's starting to get it. 

Young Junior: I am?

(the mask is back on Allstar)

Young Allstar: Time for you to do all of my homework, Junior!

Young Junior: Do it yourself, Moose! 

Young Allstar: What?! You want a black eye?

Young Junior: Go ahead! Then I'll tell the teacher, and you'll get in trouble!

Young Allstar: *takes off the mask again* Alright, Junior! I think you've finally got it!

Young Junior: Oh, you really think so? Wow, I didn't realize how fun it is to be in control of my own life! *shakes hands with him* Thanks a lot, Allstar! Now I'm ready to face that big old bully tomorrow - thanks to you!

Young Allstar: D-d-d-don't mention it!

Young Junior: But what if Moose finds out you're helping me? Then he'll beat you up, too!

Young Allstar: No problem. We can handle it, can't we?

Young Junior: Oh yeah. I forgot. *they both laugh* 

(Junior swims to his locker)

Allstar: So the next day, Junior went to school without fear for the first time in his life.

Young Junior: Good morning ,everybody!

Allstar: The other kids couldn't believe their eyes. 

Moose: *comes by and the other kids run* Junior Wimpworth! My homework - you never did it! You are in big, I mean big, trouble! And so are you, Allstump! I hear you've been helping this little twirp again!

Young Allstar: Your days of pushing Junior around are over, Moose!

Moose: *laughs* Oh, are they?!

Young Allstar: Yeah! Junior learned how to stand up to you!

Moose: Ooh, I'm so scared! *laughs* Look, my legs! *pretends to shake them* They shakin' in fear! *laughs*

(the other kids laugh) 

Young Allstar: We're not kidding! Right, Junior?

Young Junior: Yeah! You put him down, or, or --

Moose: Or what?! 

(everyone stares at Junior and waits for what he has to say to Moose)

Young Junior: Or, don't. I'm so sorry, Moose. Here, I'll try to do all your homework before the clases start. Just don't beat us up, okay? Pelase? Pretty please?

Moose: That's a good boy! You wasted your time, Allstump! You see? Junior will always be a whimp, a pushover, a sea slug! *laughs with the other kids* He'll never be worth anything! Face it, he's a nobody, a nothin' a zero, a silp --

Young Junior: *gets angry and slams the books onto the floor* That does it! 

Moose: Huh?!

Young Junior: You're not so great yourself, Mr. Laugh-Like-a-Pigfish!

(the other kids laugh) 

Young Allstar: Alright, Junior!

Moose: Hey, you want a fat lip?

Young Junior: Sure, go ahead!

Moose: What the --

Young Junior: Come on! What are ya waiting for? Give me a good slap, right here!

Moose: Okay, if you say so!

Young Junior: Then I can show my black eye to the teacher!

Moose: Huh?

Young Junior: And he'll tell the principal!

Moose: The principal?!

Young Junior: Yeah, then she'll tell your parents!

Moose: My parents?!

Young Junior: Oh, it'll be terrible! You'll be grounded for weeks!

Moose: Did you say weeks?!

Young Junior: Then everyone will be so afraid of you, that you'll be all alone for the rest of your life!

Moose: Alone??!!

Young Junior: So, what are you waiting for?

Moose: *screams and runs off running*

Kids: YAY!!!

Young Junior: Gee, thanks everybody.

Young Allstar: That a boy, Junior! I knew you could do it! Phew, eventually!

(flashback to present day)

Casey: Oh come on, Allstar, are you serious??!!

Allstar: It really happened. Cross my snork, it's the truth.

Tooter: *toots*

(Junior is trying to sell a giant walrus to Corky)

Casey: Well then how in the whirlpool did he get liek that?!

Allstar: Well when Junior stood up to Moose way back then, it was good news, and bad news. *flashback to younger times* You see, the good news was that now Junior didn't let Moose or anyone else push him around anymore. 

Young Allstar: Hey Junior, wanna come with us to play some snorkball?

Kids: Yeah, Junior, come on!

Young Junior: Now that I'm the bravest snork in Snorkland, you'll have to pay me to come along to be everybody's bodyguard!

Kids: *moan* 

Allstar: The bad news was that it went to Junior's head.

Young Junior: *picks up campaign sign* Besides, my dad's the governor now! I'm too important to play with all you lowly feasants!

Young Allstar: Uh Junior, isn't that peasants?

Young Junior: Yeah, whatever!

Kids: Oh, boy! *mumble*

(Young Junior later tries to sell stuff)

Allstar: As the years went on, Junior became obsessed with taking care of himself, and only himself.

Young Junior: *goes over to Allstar, who's having lunch with a young Dimmy and a young Daffney* Hey, it's all my old friends! Would any of you like to buy a limited collector's edition Junior button?

Young Allstar: No thanks, Junior. We're not interested in any of that stuff.

Young Junior: Well then how about an official Junior psoter? Or even an "I Love Junior" bumper sticker?

All: *shake their heads*

Young Junior: Okay, okay! I didn't wanna sell to you guys anyway! *leaves* 

(then return to present time)

Casey: So in other words, you created a monster?

Tooter: *agrees with her*

Allstar: Hey, it wasn't my fault!

Casey: Oh Allstar, you had to admit you had a lot to do with this!

Allstar: Well maybe a little bit, but --

Casey: But you had the right idea. The problem is, you never finished the job.

Allstar: What do you mean?

Casey: I say we finish what you started all those years ago!

Tooter: *toots in agreement*

Allstar: Like do what?

Casey: Well first of all, I've got this uncle, see, and we get him to fix Junior, and we get him to... *whispers*

Tooter: *laughs loudly, but Occy covers his mouth*


(all are with Professor Kelp, observing Junior in a far distance)

Casey: Shh, we don't want Junior to know we're here. Allstar, Tooter, Occy, this is my Uncle, Professor Kelp. He's a snorkiatrist. He knows all about how people think and act.

Allstar: *shakes his hand* Uh, nice to meet you.

Professor Kelp: Likewise, I'm sure.

Tooter: *toots*

Casey: If anybody knows how to fix Junior Wetworth, it's my uncle. *gives him her new telescope* Here, take a look at this.

Professor Kelp: *sees Junior still trying to sell stuff* 

Junior: Wanna buy a pair of cheap snorkball shoes? Only worn a few dozen times. Oh no, this is terrible! I better hurry up and sell all this stuff, it's getting late!

Professor Kelp: Oh my! Oh me! *goes to Junior* Say "ah."

Junior: Ah!

Professor Kelp: *feels head* Hmm, just what I thought. *checks blood pressure* Very interesting.

Junior: Hey, what's your problem, buddy?!

Professor Kep: Ah, I'm afraid to say that your friend has got snork selfish-itis.

Casey: *gasps* That's terrible! Uh, isn't it?

Professor Kelp: Oh, yeah! Very terrible!

Junior: Now hold on just a minute, everybody! Just what are you saying?!

Professor Kelp: You are a very sick boy!

Junior: Who, me?

Professor Kelp: Yeah, you. And to get better, you must do what I say. First of all, Junior, in our first test, you can take one and keep only one of these things. *to the others* I predict he'll take the money.

Junior: Let me get this straight, i can take any one of thsoe things?

Professor Kelp: That's right.

Junior: *takes the entire table* Okay, then I'll take this one table! *laughs*

(everyone's mouths drop in shock)

Professor Kelp: *jots down his notes* Huh? Oh my, this is going to be tough. *now with another test* Now for the next test. Junior, watch closely please. *reveals a catfish and dogfish in the same cage* Now, which would you do? Save this poor little kittne before the wall rises, or take these five sandollars?

Junior: That's easy! I'll take the sandollars!

Casey: Oh Junior, I can't believe it!

Occy: *growls*

Allstar: I never knew you could be so selfish!

Junior: Using one of my sandollars, I buy a bone to calm down the dogfish, save the catfish, and make a $4 profit on top of it all? *laughs* Does that answer your question, Smartypants? 

Professor Kelp: Oh my goodness, never in all my years have I seen such selfishness!

Junior: *smiles* Why thank you!

Professor Kelp: That does it! I didn't want to, but it looks like I have no choice! I'm forced to use the Polite Booth! 

(all are standing in front of a large machine)

Junior: You give me 100 clams if I step inside that silly machine?!

Professor Kelp: Uh huh.

Junior: *gets out a contract* Alright, then sign here to prove it!

Casey: Oh, Junior!

Junior: I just wanna be sure! *laughs as he steps into the booth* This is the easiest 100 clams I've ever made!

Professor Kelp: That's what you think.

(he turns on the machine, and it makes some noises and flashing lights, even scaring Occy into hiding behind Tooter)

Junior: *steps out, feeling refreshed* Ah, what a nice day it is today! 

Allstar and Casey: *look at each otehr in disbelief*

Professor Kelp: *with a bag of money* And here's your 100 clams I said I'd pay you.

Junior: Oh, I wouldn't think of it! Besides, I have plenty of money! 

Tooter and Occy: Huh?!

Junior: Here. *gives him a clam* Buy an ice cream clam for you and your friends. 

Tooter: *faints so Occy catches him*

Junior: Oh look! It's my good friend Daffney!

(Daffney is swimming by and doing some shopping)

Junior: Daffney, let me look at you! Oh, you look so incredibly beautiful today, that I must give you a kiss! *kisses her right on the lips* 

Daffney: *as he leaves, she checks herself out in the mirror and sticks her tongue out in disgust*

(newspaper articles are all over town about Junior being fixed)

Paper Boy: Modern Science fixes Junior Wetworth! It's amazing! It's incredible! Read all about it!

Allstar: Sea whiz! Junior's only been nice for an hour, and look how much better thigns are!

Casey: Yeah, no more pestering, no more rude remarks, no more cheap bargains. It's like --

(the townspeople are swimming from him)

Junior: Wait, come back!

Allstar: What's wrong with them?

Junior: Beats me. I was just trying to help them. *gasps* oh Allstar, you look so uncomfortable! 

Allstar: Huh? What? Where? *Junior gets out a lawn chair for him*

Junior: There, that's better.

Allstar: *takes the pipe out of his mouth* Junior, I was just fine, I don't need --

Junior: No, you must be comfortable! Oh Casey, you poor thing! 

Casey: What? What's wrong?

Junior: I've gotta bring all of these presents back to the store. You could get a bigger telescope, a more expensive ball! 

Casey: But Junior, I like my presents!

Junior: No, I insist! You deserve the best, Casey!

Allstar: Junior, you know what would help us the most?

Junior: What? Tell me! What?

Allstar: If you went somewhere else and help somebody who really needed it.

Junior: Huh? Okay, if you say so. Anything to help out my best friends! 

Allstar: Golly, he's worse nice than when he's bad. 

Professor Kelp: Yeah, you can say that again!

(everyon else sees him and swim away)

Junior: Hmm, I wonder who really needs some help around here. *bumps into Bigweed* 

Bigweed: DAH! Oh, I've been caught red-handed! Ah, go ahead! Call the Snork Patrol! Call the police! You'll never take me alive!

Junior: *sheskes his hand* Bigweed, old buddy! How are ya?

Bigweed: What kind of trick is this???

Junior: There's no tricks, I just wanna help you. 

Bigweed: You do?!

Junior: Yeah, and I know just what you want more than anything else in the whole world! *takes Bigweed with him*

Casey: Was that Bigweed?

Allstar: Uh oh. We better go see what Junior's up to now.

Junior: *takes him into city hall* Don't worry, he's with me. *has him sit in a chair* You've always wanted to be King of Snorkland, right?

Bigweed: Well yes, but --

Junior: *puts a crown and drape on him* Well don't worry. I'll help ya be king. 

Bigweed: *gulps* But um, uh...

Junior: Alright, everybody, repeat after me. "Hail King Bigweed! Hail King Bigweed!"

Bigweed: Shh! Keep it down, will ya? The cops are all over the place around here!

Junior: "Hail King Bigweed!"

Bigweed: YAAA!!! I can't stand it anymore! *leaves*

Junior: What's his problem?

(Professor Kelp and the others come back with the booth)

Professor Kelp: Oh Junior, uh, would you help us for a minute and step inside this booth?

Junior: Sure, anything to help you guys!

Professor Kelp: Now are you sure you want him back to normal? *they nod their heads* Okay. *turns it on*

Junior: *steps out of booth* Sheesh, that was embarrassing! *to Professor Kelp* Ahem, can I have my one seadollar back, Mr. Know-It-All?

All: *sigh and roll their eyes*

Professor Kelp: *gives it to him* Oh, thank goodness he's back to normal!

(everyone is back at the park with a "normal" Junior)

Casey: Well, we tried to make Junior nice.

Allstar: Like I always said, I guess there's no hope for that boy.

Junior: *returns with a small box* Gee, don't have too much fun, everybody. Anyway, Casey, this is for you.

Casey: For me?! How much is it gonna cost me?

Junior: Very funny! Why don't you just open it?

Casey: *opens it* Really? You bought me a present? *everyone else moves in closer*

Junior: Well, uh, sort of.

Casey: *gasps as she holds out several tickets* Oh, Junior! Five tickets to Snorky World?! 

(Professor Kelp, Tooter, and Occy gasp)

Junior: Just a little something I whipped up at the last minute.

Casey: Is that why you were selling all that stuff before? 

Junior: Alright, I admit it, I was!

Casey: *kisses him on the cheek, and his eyes get big* Thanks!

Junior: *gushes* Aww, cut it out!

(everyone is now riding the rollercoaster at Snorky World)

Casey: I guess we learned to try and not fix things that aren't broken, huh Junior?

Junior: You thought I was broken?! Ha!

Allstar: You know, Junior. I actually think you're getting better. 

Junior: Yeah, maybe. But don't tell everyone, okay?

Allstar: *laughs* Sure!

(all go down the big dip on the rollercoaster)

(c) 1988 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International