The Golden Dolphin



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Written by:

Evelyn A-R Gabai and Lane Raichert

Teleplay by:

John Bates

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Premiere: October 3, 1987

Paired With

Junior's Empire

"The Golden Dolphin" is the 8th episode of Season 3. Corky and Jojo plus Allstar and Casey follow a golden dolphin and try to return it to its family.

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The Golden Dolphin

Plot Summary

While the Snork Patrol is on duty, they hear noises coming through the sonar. They soon learn that it's a dolphin, and Jojo, who can speak "good dolphin," says that it needs their help. They take Corky's sub and swim over to it, and much to their surprise it's a baby golden dolphin who got separated from its family. Jojo tries to translate what it's saying some more, but they can't seem to understand each other.

A sailor up in dry space is on his boat with his crew members, and he keeps going on a maniacle rant about how he wants to capture the golden dolphin. He sees it, so he chases after the snorks for it. They see this, so they try to stop the human captain by jumping onto his ship and tying his shoes together as well as causing mayhem all over the ship itself via messing with the controls. But the captain wants to capture the snorks, and he actually does so until they escape upon rescuing the golden dolphin. The ship itself then floods with water, but the golden dolphin is back with his family.

Snorks 308 2

On lookout for the Snork Patrol

Background Info

  • This is the first reference of a golden dolphin in the series - in fact, this is the first dolphin-centered storyline in the show
  • Apparently, the snorks live near a river
  • Jojo can speak "dolphin"
  • Jojo can try to toot like Tooter as well
  • Interactions with humans on a boat won't happen again until Chills, Drills and Spills, an episode paired with this one during Boomerang airings

Memorable Quotes

Corky: They're no match for *horn* the Snork Patrol!

Dolphin: The Snork Patrol?!

Jojo: I have an idea - I will call on some friends to help! *toots like Tooter* Ugh, I was wrong - bad idea!

Jojo: He says he's happy, and he's glad we helped him, and --

Casey: It's okay, Jojo, we get the picture!

Jojo: Oh. *dolphin* Bye, bye!


  • When Corky says his first line of the episode, his mouth doesn't move
  • When the snorks shout "Oh no!" their pupils are massive
  • At times, the back of Casey's hair is missing


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