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Allstar and his machine

The King of Kelp



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Written by:

Charles M. Howell, IV and Alan Burnett

Directed by:

Gerald Baldwin

Broadcast Information

NBC Premiere: December 9, 1984

Paired With

Whales Tales

"The King of Kelp" is the 25th episode of Season 1. Junior and Allstar compete in the Kelp Festival for the title of "King of Kelp," but Junior destroys Allstar's machine so he could win.

Plot Summary

Governor Wetworth is making sure everyone's getting ready for the big Kelp Festival. Casey, Daffney, and Tooter are busing doing decorations when Junior shows up in his Kelp Harvester. He thinks he'll be crowned King of Kelp, but Allstar shows up in his Kelp Picker, which is guaranteed to win the festival. The two compete over who's is the best, and Allstar's wins.

Allstar has Occy guard his Kelp Picker overnight. Meanwhile, Junior's making sure Allstar loses to Junior at the Kelp Festival. While the Governor tries on his kelp outfit, Junior gets out a box and puts it in Occy's playpin at Allstar's house. Out pops a purple female octopus, which Occy falls for as she lures him elsewhere. Junior laughs in response while he messes up Allstar' machine to make sure it's not functioning properly.

Snorks 125 2

Occy and the girl

It's the day of the Kelp Festival, and Allstar's machine is going bonkers. It flies out of control, almost hitting Willie and the girl octopus. Thankfully, Occy saves them in the nick of time. Occy notices Junior's getting ahead, so he cuts through the kelp and beats Junior. The Governor declares his son the "King of Kelp," but the girl reveals that Junior had taken all of Allstar's parts out of his machine. Occy is then crowned King of Kelp, and he chooses the girl as his queen. Junior learns that it "doesn't pay to cheat anymore."

Background Info

Memorable Quotes

Marina: *after Tooter bumps into her* My, everyone wants to get into the act.

Governor: Between the pins and the fish, I'm getting eaten alive! *fish try to eat some kelp on him* Eaten alive?! *runs for cover*

Governor: You can't crown an animal the "King of Kelp!"

Junior:Yeah, you can't crown a dumb animal!

  • The female octopus then shows the others Allstar's machine aprts*


  • Daffney called Marina "Auntie Marina" when she's Casey's aunt
  • When watching Junior and Allstar use their machines, Willie's entire outfit is purple
  • When decorating, the back of Casey's hair is missing


  • Junior sings a parody of Old McDonald Had a Farm when competing agaisnt Allstar



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